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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

[IL] Unnamed Robbins Officer kills ex-wifes husband. (No charges.)

Robbins police officer is not charged in fatal shooting on Chicago's South Side
Chicago Tribune
February 19, 2008
[Excerpts] An off-duty Robbins police officer was released without charges Sunday after he fatally wounded a 35-year-old man on the city's South Side, Chicago police said. The Cook County medical examiner's office Monday identified the dead man as Cornel McKinney... The shooting occurred after a quarrel between the two men during which McKinney reportedly drew a gun... After announcing he was a police officer, the Robbins man fired his weapon in self-defense, Banks said. An investigation ended with the off-duty officer being released, Banks said. The quarrel was domestic-related...

No Charges For Robbins Cop In Deadly Shooting
Feb 18, 2008
[Excerpts] An off-duty Robbins police officer allegedly shot and killed his ex-wife's husband at his South Side home Sunday night after the husband was reportedly being "heavy handed" disciplining his kids. The officer was released early Monday without being charged... About 8 p.m., police responded to a possible domestic-related shooting... Upon arrival, police found McKinney's body on the sidewalk outside his Woodlawn apartment... McKinney was allegedly being "heavy-handed" disciplining his children, "waving his pistol around." In response, his wife, who also lives at the apartment, called her ex-husband, an off-duty Robbins police officer, who came to the apartment... The two men began arguing and McKinney claimed the officer had no right to tell him how to discipline his children and threatened the officer. He then allegedly put the pistol in the pants near the small of his back, but drew it again and allegedly pointed it at the off-duty officer... Prior to the shooting, the cop announced he was an officer... The wife and the off-duty police officer's teenage daughter, who lives with McKinney and his wife, witnessed the shooting...


One Man Killed, Police Officer Wounded In Shooting
State Police Will Handle The Investigation
by Mai Martinez
Nov 18, 2006
[Excerpts] A man is dead and a police officer is recovering Saturday after a morning shooting. It happened in Robbins... State police spent hours at the Robbins housing complex investigating a shooting which happened around 4 a.m. The agency was called in because a police officer was involved in the shooting, which left 33-year-old Philip Lloyd dead. According to witnesses, Lloyd was visiting family in the area when a Robbins police officer approached him. "They was talking, or whatever, arguing or whatever, and then I heard gunshots," said witness Tanya Lewis. Robbins police chief Johnny Holmes did not want to speak on-camera, but by phone Holmes said the officer was at the complex responding to disturbance calls. Philip Lloyd's family and friends, however, say the officer was harassing Lloyd, who according to them, was in the midst of a legal battle with the City of Robbins concerning another police shooting two years ago, involving the same officer they believe shot Lloyd this morning. "This is the second time they shot my friend. The first time they shot him, they shot him in the back. It messed his stomach up. Now they shot him. He dead now," said witness Derrick Ford... Lloyd's family and friends say adding to their devastation is their belief that Lloyd could have survived the shooting had he received immediate medical treatment. "No ambulance, no nothing. They didn't bring nobody up to see him or nothing to try to resuscitate him back or anything," Hill said. State police say ambulances were called to the scene. One witness who did not want to appear on camera says Lloyd was alive after the shooting, but paramedics were prevented from treating him...

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