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Saturday, February 2, 2008

[MI] Officer DeKleine murder of wife Lori: Despite confession pleads not guilty

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DeKleine pleads not guilty
Trial of police officer accused of killing his wife at her home is scheduled for June

HollandSentinel.com, MI
Megan Schmidt
February 2, 2008
[Excerpts] The Holland police officer accused of killing his wife last month has pleaded not guilty for the charge of open murder... A jury trial has been scheduled for June 24. DeKleine, 44, was taken into custody the day after his wife, Lori, 43, was found dead in her Calvin Avenue home's basement Jan 10. The couple had separated and were going through a divorce before Lori's death. [Ken DeKleine's defense attorney Floyd] Farmer declined to comment on why DeKleine might enter a plea of not guilty despite having previously confessed to police that he committed the murder... The church and some individuals are working to put together a fund in the coming weeks for the children's education. "They have lives to continue to lead and school and no source of income to do it"...

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  1. Remember Lori DeKleine as a brave and resilient woman
    Holland Sentinel
    Letters to the editor Opinion
    January 19, 2008

    There is shock, confusion and overwhelming sadness reverberating in numerous and various ways throughout the many small communities that exist within the greater community of the lakeshore. We've been stunned by the events of Lori Meulman DeKleine's death and are left wondering what preceded it.

    As for what will follow her death, one can only hope, for the sake of Lori's family, Ken's family, and those who invested deeply in caring with and for her, that the voyeuristic anticipation of the unveiling of the "juicy details" will somehow be controlled.

    In order to escape the guilt that must be shared corporately for ignoring the signs of abuse, we tend to blame and explain. However, "Did you know ...?" or "I heard that ... ," only crucify the truth and intensify the pain. Malicious lies were spread for a long time before Lori's death, and perpetuating the existence of such lies is not only destructive and unjust, but it dishonors Lori, her family, friends and this community.

    It is time to put the focus where it belongs.

    On Jan. 8, two nights before she died, Lori shared her hopes for the future. At the monthly meeting of the FOCUS+ adult ADHD advocacy group, of which she was a member and leader, Lori shared her deep faith and confidently challenged the group to see obstacles as opportunities. Her resiliency and relentless tenacity for finding solutions to problems, encouraged the listeners who were there that night.

    Diverting attention from herself, she asked us to consider, "What's on your plate? What are you carrying?" She then handed each group a paper plate to pass so each person could share the obstacle she wanted to turn into opportunity for growth in 2008.

    Lori's contagious optimism, profound and expressive writing, quick wit and sparkling smile were gifts to those who knew and loved her and will carry us through dark nights ahead.

    Ruth Evenhouse




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