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Sunday, February 17, 2008

BOGUS Myspace police domestic violence site

Sent out to Myspace folk yesterday:

One myspace presence is a set-up to strike out for money falsely again under the pretense of services offered to victims of officer-involved domestic violence victims. She's done it before.

A few months ago I emailed a few of you - but she is reactivating her efforts. So I will too.

Her 2 Myspace Pages:

"Officer Involved Domestic Violence"

Her other account. Though she has denied that she and the NAAPDV are both hers - they both are:


Her off-myspace page:
"National Alliance Against Police Domestic Violence" [NAAPDV]

There IS no National Alliance Against Police Domestic Violence - at least not operating.

She has nothing original that she has put together pertaining to victims. She just follows me using all of my work to make herself look like she cares. She has copied my list of officer-involved domestic violence links to her off-myspace page, but AMENDED it to add HERSELF to the list. She has used my annotated victim photos to validate both her myspace and her off-Myspace NAAPDV website.
That would be fine if she was real.
Anyone is welcome to any work I have done - you don't even need to ask because it is for victims - but to use it in a fraud is not alright.

She WAS a member of a private police domestic group I moderate. One of our group members sent me a link to her (not myspace) website. I felt like I went into a reality warp as I saw my work and research on almost every page. I was trying to decide if I should feel flattered until I came onto her donation page. She was asking for donations USING the slain Tacoma Police Chief's wife Crystal as her HOOK - pretending to offer services that were not within her means to offer.


Link to image full size: DONATESCREENCAPTURE2.jpg
ALL BO-gus!!!! She is not providing any of those things -

And although THOUSANDS of articles were written about this Tacoma WA murder-suicide where I live, if you run a Google search for "Crystal DeEtte Brame" - the name she uses above - you will get ZERO results because this woman is so disconnected from it - that she couldn't even get Crystal's name right when she misused it for her own personal gain. I notice she doesn't mention the city it happened in either. (Does she know?)

That was November 2007. After that there was static between us in emails - and her explanation was that she set up the website for ME. (ME!) She claims to have selected the name for ME as well. I was angry - since I didn't know about this website for ME until someone else sent me the link to show me she was using my graphics and Crystal's name to get MONEY for herself. So somewhere amid the enraged emails - she took the site DOWN,

well, all of the pages except for one - the donation page. (Pictured above.)

I emailed to her:

"You KNOW you left the donation page up - skipped over it when you took the other pages down... I am asking you to take that "Crystal DeEtte Brame" page down that takes money under false pretenses. If you don't it is my responsibility to try whatever I can to stop you..."

Finally she took the donation page down. But I thought - she's not done.
And I was right.

It was at that time she came to MYSPACE and set up her "Officer-Involved Domestic Violence page that has "NAAPDV" in the page address. She of course went picking through my friends here to send friend requests to.

I am writing this because now she has also resurrected her off-myspace page. This time without the donation page,
but I am watching her - because I already know what she wants.

I am concerned that by gathering reputable friends on her friend list here on myspace - like charms for her bracelet - she will begin to be able to ask for money (here or there) for this non-existent service for victims. She has set out to try to look reputable by the company she keeps.

Everyone has to make their own decisions.
MY responsibility is to not stand by silently.

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