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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

[OH] Officer Bobby Cutts murder trial is live on the web

Jessie Davis
See the trial live on NewsNet5 here
The site is also doing very detailed court blogging.
Court Blog Day One - February 4th
Court Blog Day Two - February 5th
Check in there until the trial is over.

It isn't like me to not say much. I'm disgusted and holding my breath.
Blessing to all the friends, family members, law enforcement personnel involved, jurors, attorneys, and to the judge.

Jessie Davis and baby Chloe are beholding God.
Baby Blake will remain always in my prayers.

Somebody needs to sue Canton police department for hiring an officer that had a domestic violence incident in his past, for keeping him as he continued to perpetrate, and for letting him work while under domestic violence protection orders.

It is only through lawsuits that Canton can change. It is only under fear of liability that Canton will care. For all victims everywhere, it is only through litigation that other cities will see, count the cost, and put strict officer-involved domestic violence policies in place to keep batterers like Bobby Cutts from donning a badge, carrying a city-issued weapon, and thrilling them with powers of arrest. Stop costuming them with the appearance of respectability and trustworthiness.

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  1. Direct link to the mp3 of Richard Mitchell relaying that BC said "I'm a kill that bitch and throw her in the woods."

  2. On InSession
    JBL said:

    So 3 girlfriends, 2 pregnant and 1 wife on Wednesday. By Friday 2 girlfriends, 1 wife, no one pregnant. His toddler son found home alone. To date, no girlfriends, no wife and sitting in jail after leading the police to his girlfriends and daughters body dumped in a field.

    His friends were subjected to being on the stand, another one to be serving a prison sentence leaving her daughter motherless and now to put his ex-wife on the stand? What the 'ell is he thinking? What's his lawyers thinking?



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