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Friday, February 29, 2008

[GA] LaFayette Asst. Chief Dunn & teenage son struggled over his weapon

The younger Dunn, 17 year-old Robert, is who was arrested and he's whose mug shot was in the news. He's a kid (and honestly I'm just not convinced yet of the official very short story). The older Dunn struggling for this service weapon - in the only article I found about the incident, says that he's "second in command" at Layfayette Police Dept. I poked around and he's referred to as Assistant Police Chief or Deputy Director of Public safety in every article but this one. They call him Skipper, so it took some tweaking of searches before I found other references to him. (This is the same police department of fired Sgt. Sam Parker now charged with his wife Theresa's murder.) The younger Dunn "grabbed" his big pops weapon - from where? A table or his dad? The article doesn't say. I know who thinks they have more to lose but I am fighting off this fear that this story would serve up the son as the only one at fault. Maybe that's so, but surely I know by now, maybe it's not. Prayers go out to the family because no matter which way I flip the script, it's still sad news & hard times.

Officer's Son Arrested
WTVC, TN - 19 hours ago
February 28, 2008
A 17-year-old is arrested after police say he got into a heated argument with his dad, who's an officer. Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson says the teenager grabbed his father's service weapon. Now, Robert Dunn III is charged with obstructing an officer and simple assault. Sheriff Wilson says the young man had been arguing with his father, who is second in command at the Lafayette Police Department. At one point, investigators say the boy took his father's gun. The father was able to get the gun back and no one was hurt.

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