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Friday, February 29, 2008

[TN] Ex-Officer Hickman killed during service of domestic violence warrant

...On that warrant was an attachment from the Magistrate warning officers to use extra caution... There was also a statement from a family member attached to the warrant that said Hickman told them he would make family members "famous" if they ever called the police...

Blounty County deputies shoot and kill Maryville man believed to be armed
Man struck by five of 12 gunshots fired by deputies
By Jessica Stith
Feb 25, 2008
[Excerpts] Twelve shots were fired - five shots made contact. A former Maryville police officer was killed by rounds fired by two Blount County Sheriff's deputies after he pulled a gun on them Sunday night. Leroy "Jerry" Hickman Jr., 61, Grove Street, Maryville, was pronounced dead shortly after the incident in front of his residence... Blount County Sheriff James Berrong said Monday that Hickman pulled a gun on deputies while they were serving a domestic assault warrant on him at about 11:15 p.m. Sunday. He said Deputy Paige Craig and Sgt. Doug Moore fired the shots as a result of Hickman's threatening actions. Berrong said the warrant was filed against Hickman by a family member Sunday morning, after an incident at his residence Saturday night. He said the sheriff's office had information that Hickman could potentially be violent, due to information from his family members. A magistrate wrote "use extreme caution" on the warrant that was filed, Berrong said. There was also a statement from a family member attached to the warrant that said Hickman told them he would make family members "famous" if they ever called the police. "He said he has an arsenal and he will not let the police take him," a family member wrote in the statement. "He will shoot until he is out of ammo and will then take his own life." Berrong said deputies met an hour and a half before they served the warrant to make a plan and "map out the area of the house" because Hickman was "a threat to law enforcement" and those living at his residence... "After he was shot, he fell in the ditch beside the road," Berrong said. "The officers went to his side and secured him with handcuffs to make sure he was not a threat anymore." Berrong said a loaded .380-caliber automatic handgun was found underneath Hickman's body. He said a total of 11 weapons were found in Hickman's residence, including nine long guns and two handguns... Berrong said they "feel for the victim's family," and at the same time, "we feel for the family of the sheriff's office"... According to a sheriff's office report, one of his family members reported that she was assaulted by Hickman on Saturday evening. The woman said Hickman, "became enraged for no apparent reason and grabbed her by the head with his hand and shoved her against the kitchen cabinets hitting her head." A witness said Hickman threatened to kill the woman during the alleged assault...

Blount deputies shoot, kill man believed to be armed
Robin Murdoch
[Excerpts] The Blount County Sheriff says a Maryville man shot and killed by deputies had weapons in his home and made them aware he would not let police take him. Sunday evening, deputies went to serve 61-year old Leroy Hickman Junior a domestic assault warrant after an incident with his wife the night before. On that warrant was an attachment from the Magistrate warning officers to use extra caution... Deputies had information Hickman had a large cache of guns and that he would shoot until he was out of ammo... Investigators said an investigation will hopefully reveal whether Hickman wanted police to kill him... Hickman did not have any kind of criminal record. Neighbors say they never had a problem with him.... The Blount County Sheriff's Office and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation are investigating.


  1. From comment section of Youtube video

    Just protecting my account there. I don't normally approve comments this angry but someone is dead so I also don't feel I have the right to hide what they have to say.


    Pangle69 (1 hour ago)
    And if you speak out about any of this corruptness, Nick Berrong (the sheriff's brother) wil put his employees up to aggravating your mother at their golf course.
    Nick, if you've got a problem then come and find me. I am easily fond and available for anything.

    Pangle69 (23 hours ago)
    Read where some of your thugs busted into some guys house without a warrant under the false claims of looking for someone else. When the guy ordered you from his home your thugs tazed him.
    He would have been within his rights to cite the 2nd amendment and defend himself.
    I'm telling you folks, this sheriff is bad news and none of his employees are any smarter than him.............unless they are Columbus diploma mill graduates.

    Pangle69 (1 day ago)
    Not a comment, just some questions.
    1) You "coerced" this individual outside based on second hand knowledge that was nothing more than heresay that your office to believe that he was dangerous?
    2) Your deputies normally show up without their firearms "locked and loaded"? That's "general operating procedure"? Sounds like the same thugs that showed up at my house with Townsend Officer Bill Allen to start a fight based on lies and heresay.
    3) What was the criminal warrant for?
    4) Since your office believed that he was currently "unstable", don't you think that the intelligent thought would be that there might be a better time to serve this warrant since you are so concerned with everybody's "safety"?
    5) Your employees fired 12 shots at point blank range and only hit the guy 5 times? 12 shots??? 5 times? And one of them had a shotgun??? Seems way over the top when one shot would have incapacitated the guy.

    Pangle69 (1 day ago)
    GOOD JOB JIMBO. Instead of dealing professionally with someone who was obviously troubled, you guys just bully and kill them.
    Hope this helps your party sell some real estate.

    rebeldog72 (23 hours ago)
    5 SHOTS IN THE BACK THAT IS! You did know that, right?

  2. This was an alleged assassination by police state death squad. Dead cops tell no tales. This sheriff's family allegedly has a habit of burning down houses of crooks who don't make their payoffs on time, even if that means tying the person to a chair first.

    "I’ll burn your house down, set your dog on fire and there won’t be a member of your family left, do you understand me? I won’t hire it done, I will do it myself! Do you understand me?”
    -Blount County TN sheriff James Berrong, United States Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit, Nuchols v. Berrong, No. 04-5645, July 11, 2005 (promising to murder his secretary)

    Tennessee Auditors Arrive - 48 Blount Sheriff cars missing


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