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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

[PA] Warnings ignored & Novotny hired as officer in Susquehanna

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[PA] I-SPY dv-charged, "resigned" Officer Novotny looking for new cop job
...He had been charged with assault by Dale Borough police after Glennda Smith, his then live-in girlfriend, told authorities Novotny had pushed her into a wall in October 2002. She later said she had been drinking when she fell and hit her head... "I knew that if I ever was going to apply to work as a police officer again that this case would come up. "I have nothing to hide"...

The Tribune-Democrat
February 12, 2008
NORTHERN CAMBRIA — Less than a week ago, Susquehanna Township supervisors were advised that they should not hire a former Johnstown police officer. But they did just that at a special meeting Monday. Supervisors Nancy Davis and Jody Stanick approved hiring Jeff Novotny, 35, who resigned from his city position five years ago in connection with a summary domestic violence charge... Davis said she and Stanick fast-tracked Novotny’s hiring because the township needed more police protection as soon as possible... [the township’s solicitor and board Chairman Kevin] Stanek, who is Northern Cambria Borough’s police chief, was absent from the special meeting because he already was obligated to attend Northern Cambria’s regularly scheduled meeting... Stanek said he would have voted against hiring Novotny, citing union issues. “My vote would have been ‘no’ to hire until this union contract would have been settled,” Stanek said. He said township Solicitor Alex Svirsko agreed that hirings should be postponed. “We don’t have any idea how much it’s going to cost in the future to hire more police without knowing what the contract will demand,” Stanek said. “And I think more information was needed from Officer Schilling regarding Novotny’s background and reference checks, and given to all of "the supervisors.” Novotny said he has not been given a start date yet. “I’m looking forward to being able to do my job again,” Novotny said. “It’s the job I love, and I’m excited about it.”

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