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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

prayer after day 2 of ex-cop bobby cutts' death penalty deliberations

Lord bless the Lives of these Survivors who are waiting now for the verdict of men - not Angels. Let them feel your Presence and renew their Faith in the unseen and in forevers. Stand by their side now in a way that can be felt - as near to them as their own Breath. Uphold them. Help them to accept whatever decision comes, and cradle their broken Hearts in Your Love until they can See again Your Stars - still there in their Perfect Places beyond this human storm. Assure them that Life, Death, and Justice
all belong to You, and are Yours alone. Send the Peace that surpasses all human understanding. Amen. (So be it.)

Jurors must deliberate more Wednesday on ex-cop's fate in murders
February 26, 2008
A jury deliberated all day today without deciding whether to recommend the death penalty for a former Canton police officer who killed his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn daughter. Jurors began deliberating this morning in the case against 30-year-old Bobby Cutts Junior. They broke for dinner without reaching a decision and must try again tomorrow. A sobbing Cutts appealed to the jury yesterday to spare his life. It was the same jury that convicted him earlier this month. Assistant Stark County prosecutor Dennis Barr told jurors today that the state had met its burden to prove that Cutts deserves to die. But defense attorney Fernando Mack said today that execution would be inappropriate because it should be reserved for the "worst of the worst," including serial killers.

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