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Thursday, February 21, 2008

[CA] Ex-Detective Lentz arrested again - intimidating the witness, his ex-girlfriend

...The man was seeking money to cover his bail and attorney's fees and demanding to know why she continued to press charges...

Previous entry:
[CA] Ex-Detective Lentz charged with attempted murder
I don't know why San Bernardino Police Detective Paul Lentz is no longer a detective but someone somewhere is still having to contend with him, even though his former department does not...

Retired San Bernardino police officer jailed again
The Press-Enterprise
February 21, 2008
A retired San Bernardino police officer already was on bail and facing charges of beating and threatening his ex-girlfriend when Redlands police arrested him this week on suspicion of intimidating her as a witness in the original case... Paul Robert Lentz, 48, of Redlands, was first arrested on New Year's Day for investigation of attempted murder in connection with the beating of his 38-year-old former girlfriend... Prosecutors reduced the charge to assault with a deadly weapon and added another charge of making felony threats. During that dispute, Lentz allegedly hit the woman with his fists while threatening to kill her. A wine glass was broken during the fight, and both Lentz and the woman were cut. The dispute ended after she grabbed a revolver. "She fired one shot at him," Baker said. "He ran out of the house, pulling on a pair of pants. They were not his pants -- they were hers." An off-duty Redlands police officer found Lentz, covered in blood, several blocks away. Lentz, who is retired from the San Bernardino Police Department, was free on $100,000 bail Sunday and under a judge's order to have no contact with the woman when he began calling her, Baker said. The man was seeking money to cover his bail and attorney's fees and demanding to know why she continued to press charges... Tuesday, Lentz showed up at the woman's door about 10 p.m., but she refused to let him inside. He left after she phoned police... An officer went to Lentz's home and spotted him driving away, police say. Because the woman had said Lentz had been drinking, the officer made a traffic stop. "Lentz ... began walking toward the officer with his hands behind his back," Baker said in a written statement. "After Lentz refused commands to stop and show his hands, the officer used his Taser." Lentz was arrested for investigation of intimidating a witness, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and committing a second offense while on bail.... Lentz is scheduled to appear March 3 on the original case...

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