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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

[TN] Ripley Police show officer-involved dv is taken seriously

Those abused in relationships with law enforcement officers are often told that no one will help them or listen to them because the officers that the victim will try to report it to are the accused perpetrators co-workers, loyal family.

Too often that is true, but sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's an illusion created to keep the victim from trying to get help. If the victim believes it, illusion or not, it still keeps that call or report from being made. But how can someone who is fearful or being hurt know?

Ripley Police website front page shows a link: "* Officer Involved Domestic Violence **" which takes you to this page: http://www.ripleypolice.com/dv.html

That's a first.

If I was in need and saw that I would think it's okay to call.

The display on the page shows that officers are killed too in domestic situations. When the law enforcement community embraces that those losses could be better prevented, perhaps then there will be more progress.

I think I'll add a section to our list of officer-involved domestic violence links tonight called,
Law Enforcement agencies that acknowledge officer-involved domestic violence on their websites.

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