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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

[MA] Domestic Violence Detective Josey arrested for assaulting girlfriend

...Police received a 911 call from the home that was disconnected. A second 911 call, on a cell phone to State Police, was transferred to Randolph. The first call was disconnected after the phone wire was ripped out...

Domestic violence cop is accused of assault
The Patriot Ledger, MA
Feb 6, 2008
[Excerpts] A Boston police detective assigned to the domestic violence unit was charged with assaulting his girlfriend at his Randolph home. Detective Windell Josey, 50, pleaded innocent to charges of domestic assault and battery and intimidation of a witness at an arraignment... He was released on personal recognizance. His girlfriend has obtained an emergency restraining order against him, and his personal firearms were turned over to Randolph police. The Boston Herald reported that Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis immediately placed Josey on administrative leave. Josey turned in his department-issued firearm... Police received a 911 call from the home that was disconnected. A second 911 call, on a cell phone to State Police, was transferred to Randolph. The first call was disconnected after the phone wire was ripped out...

Charges sideline 2 police officers
Davis vows to revamp policies on steroids, domestic violence

Boston Globe
By Maria Cramer
February 6, 2008
[Excerpts] They were disciplined for the very crimes they are paid to prevent. A Boston police narcotics detective was suspended after officials said he tested positive for steroids on the same day that a detective in the domestic violence unit was arrested in an assault on his girlfriend... Kevin Guy, an 18-year veteran of the Boston Police Department, received a 45-day suspension Monday after drug tests he took about two weeks ago came back positive for steroids... Randolph police arrested Windell Josey, 51, after his girlfriend accused him of assaulting her in their Randolph home, police said. Josey, a 23-year veteran of the Boston force, has been charged with domestic assault and battery and intimidating a witness. "I'm extremely disappointed in their actions," Commissioner Edward F. Davis said in a telephone interview yesterday. "They both certainly know better than to be doing these activities, and I think that what's important is we're taking corrective action immediately." Davis said Josey has been stripped of his department-issued firearm and has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation of the charges. Police said Josey's girlfriend did not *immediately*[?] seek medical attention... Jack Parlon, president of the Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society, said the union stands behind the detectives. "I have every faith that everyone will come out on the shining side of this," he said. "They're both great. They're good detectives, very credible, very capable guys." Davis said he is planning changes in the department's policies regarding domestic violence and drug abuse. Officers are not tested for steroid use in their annual drug exams... Davis said he has been working with Jane Doe Inc., a statewide coalition against domestic violence and sexual assault, on ways to improve the department's policy for officers accused of domestic abuse. Davis said he recently mandated that officers who are accused of domestic violence immediately surrender their guns. The weapons are returned only after charges against the officers are resolved. Davis said he also wants to review whether accused officers are receiving proper counseling and treatment.

Cop allegedly assaults galpal
Was on BPD's domestic violence unit

By O'Ryan Johnson
Wednesday, February 6, 2008 - Added 10h ago
[Excerpts] ...Police said the victim was not hospitalized for her injuries. The arrest comes three weeks after the Herald reported 11 Boston cops had internal complaints for domestic violence lodged against them in the past two years... "It's extremely disappointing that an officer who understands this issue and has been involved in it deeply, and actually has been a good investigator in this area, lets this happen," Davis said. The 11 Boston police officers who have been punished internally for domestic violence in the past two years received suspensions ranging from five to 45 days. None of the cops were fired. Davis said a more strict domestic violence policy went into effect in 2006, under which police officers can be fired for domestic violence even if they are acquitted in court. Josey's union defended him. "He's a very capable detective and he has our support and we'll see how this works out in the end," said Jack Parlon, president of the Detectives Benevolent Association.

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