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Thursday, February 28, 2008

[MA] Ex?-Officer Shafer: His dv charges seem to vanish & his parents fear him

[Though he was fired - THEN resigned, as I post this he is still listed as the Community Service officer for his department]

Former Lawrence officer arrested - again
By Jim Patten
February 28, 2008
A police sergeant who quit the force last year [BUT JUST "RESIGNED" LAST MONTH] after he was arrested on drunken driving charges has been picked up again — this time on assault charges for an incident involving his parents. Former police Sgt. Ryan Shafer, 32, was arrested Tuesday after a 911 call brought police to his parents' Barnard Road home. Officers found Shafer's parents inside their locked car with Shafer standing in front of it, blocking their escape. Shafer's father said his son was banging on the windows of the car and threatening to kill them. Shafer ran from police and was found hiding behind a shed on nearby Rita Lane. A Lawrence District Court judge ordered Shafer to spend the next 30 days being evaluated at Bridgewater State Hospital, following his arraignment yesterday on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and threatening to commit a crime. An emergency restraining order was also granted, ordering Shafer to stay away from his parents' home. According to police reports, Shafer appeared to be intoxicated... The parents became so fearful of him that they were forced to flee from their home and lock themselves in their car...


90 mph chase on I-495 lands sergeant in state hospital detox program
By Jim Patten
June 22, 2007
A drunken Lawrence police sergeant led Methuen officers on a 90 mph chase on Interstate 495 early yesterday before being arrested, police said. Police Sgt. Ryan Shafer, on leave from his job for undisclosed medical reasons, was picked up by fellow Lawrence officers at his home. The 31-year-old officer was charged with drunken driving and ordered by the court to spend the next 10 days in a detox program... While in the back seat of the cruiser, Shafer apologized and said to Raso, "I'm sorry. Don't do this to me." Shafer's demeanor changed in the booking room and he became abusive and called his colleagues names... Shafer had been on leave for about two months for medical reasons he declined to divulge... In addition to the drunken-driving charge, Shafer faces charges of failure to stop for a police officer, driving so as to endanger, speeding, failure to stay in marked lanes, a red light violation and emitting harsh and objectionable noises from a motor vehicle... Besides the 10 days in the treatment center, Shafer was ordered held on $500 cash bail. His driver's license also was revoked for 180 days for his refusal to take a breath test... Shafer was arrested in November 2002 and charged with assault and battery on his girlfriend. The assault occurred during an argument between Shafer and his sister. He was placed on paid administrative leave until the charges were resolved and he was returned to duty.

Police sergeant fired after drunken-driving arrest
By Zach Church
July 21, 2007
Police Sgt. Ryan Shafer was fired yesterday by Mayor Michael Sullivan, one month after fellow officers arrested him on charges of drunken driving and leading police on a high-speed chase. Sullivan, in a July 18 letter to Shafer, cited that the arrest, as well as a February restraining order and a 2002 assault arrest was "conduct that calls into question your ability to comport yourself in accordance with the laws you have been sworn to enforce... The mayor and Chief Romero set very high standards of conduct for the members of the Police Department," Michael Sweeney, the city's planning director and an aide to Sullivan said. "There are just types of conduct that can't be tolerated." Shafer, 31, an eight-year Lawrence police veteran, can appeal the firing and a hearing for him to do that has been scheduled for Aug. 16... Shafer had been on administrative leave from the Police Department since February, when a Lawrence woman obtained a restraining order against him. In asking for the order, the woman said that on Feb. 25 Shafer slashed the tires on his own Mercedes-Benz while screaming profanities at her. Shafer also stood outside the woman's boyfriend's house, screaming from 4 to 6:30 a.m., the woman wrote in an affidavit. The woman also accused Shafer of looking at her phone bill history and recent text messages and driving by her house and the homes of her friends. Shafer was charged with assault and battery in 2002. Police said he assaulted his girlfriend during an argument with his sister. The woman later dropped the charges, but Shafer served a two-day suspension from the Police Department...

Facing drunken driving charge, police Sgt. resigns
By Zach Church
January 17, 2008
Police Sgt. Ryan Shafer resigned last week on the day he was to defend his job against a drunken-driving charge...


  1. You know, Mr. Shafer has been a very good friend of mine for a long time. He is the type of guy that would lay down his life for you...which is probabley why he was a plice officer! i can;t even begin to mention how many times this guy has stood up and defended me from numerous threats. So what, he has a drinking problem. that doesnt mean he needs to be made a mockery of! hes a good guy and will always be there when you need him!! Good luck Ryan!!


  2. AnonymousMay 16, 2008

    Easy Mike F. We know you want to be a cop.

  3. He definitely doesn't deserve to be a cop what so ever. If he's a threat to his own siblings who brought him to this world, imgine the threat he may be to society, those who he don't even know. He "suppose to be" the law, but yet has no respect for it. I mean, you tell it, "officer" Shefer. Really? Picture yourself trying to enforce a law you've broken numerous times. Or laws. Thats going to feel so right setting a great example as the law the you impose to be. But who am I right. Definitely not the law. Or someone higher then you to be trying to put yourself in the publics perspective. I'm just someone living under the same law you try to enforce. Should I feel safe? Hmm?


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