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Monday, February 18, 2008

[WI] Officer Bramlett's stalking ex-jailer husband faces felonies

Man accused of using GPS to track wife
The Capital Times, WI
Steven Elbow
A Madison man allegedly stalked his wife, a Madison police officer, by placing GPS devices in her vehicles, using sophisticated computer software to track her movements through her cell phone and hacking his way into the Madison Police Department's human resources computer program to learn her work schedule. Dustin M. Farberg, 38, a former corrections officer who now works as a human resources assistant for UW's School of Medicine and Public Health, faces charges on felony counts of stalking, identity theft and vehicle theft and a misdemeanor computer crime for the alleged three-month-long stalking of both his wife and another police officer with whom she was having an affair. According to a criminal complaint, Farberg began stalking his wife last fall, and she discovered tracking programs on her computer... After separating from her husband, she became alarmed that her husband, during frequent calls to her cell phone, was aware of her whereabouts. She later found a GPS device clipped onto her car's battery... The complaint also details several incidents during which Farberg allegedly harassed his wife and the officer she was seeing... The complaint also alleges that Farberg, using a program that recorded his wife's keystrokes, was able to use her user name and password to access the Madison Police Department's human resources program, where he discovered that his wife and the other officer scheduled the same vacation days. A search of his workplace found that Farberg also had accessed his wife's e-mail account
[Full article here]

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