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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[OH] Patty Porter forgives Officer Cutts - again - for killing Jessie & baby Chloe

...I serve an amazing God, Bobby, a God that forgives and heals and restores people...

Ex-Officer Sentenced To Life In Prison
Feb 27 2008 7:02PM
[EXCERPTS] The mother of a pregnant woman killed by her police officer lover says she knew from the start that he was to blame for the death but she has forgiven him as he heads to prison for at least 57 years. "I never in my heart wanted to believe you could hurt her, but in my soul I knew you had... I would have never been able to raise Blake and hate you... I serve an amazing God, Bobby, a God that forgives and heals and restores people. I want you to know today that I do forgive you and I know that's only through him I'm able to do that. I pray you find him and you find that forgiveness that nobody else in this room can give you... Your honor, I may not have a family to go home to after this, but I pray that you make a way for this man to someday be able to get out of there and begin a new life, and to hold his son, maybe as a man... And I hope and pray I'm able to raise him to forgive you. He knows what you did. You would not believe the stories he's told us"...


  1. OMG we are on the same page when you wrote that somebody needs to sue Canton PD for hiring and maintaining the dangerous instrumentality of Bobby Cutts.

    Look at Bruce McKay from Franconia again vis a vis the Violence Against Woman Act, in light of the Restraining Order Angela took out on him.

    And look what I recommend, a Class Action lawsuit.

    You've done a fantastic job documenting this tragedy -- keep in touch and watch for the upload of various documents from the McKay files that the town was compelled to release after I sued them under Right-to-Know.

    You guys can sue for Cutts personnel file too if you don't already have it because Ohio's Sunshine Law is so open -- it's the antithesis of New Hampshire, which protects the privacy of police officers to an unwarranted degree.

    A police officer, in the commission of his duties, is entitled to absolutely zero privacy in my book, especially if he's on psychotropic drugs which I have VERY strong reason to believe Bruce McKay was.


    Hang in there and keep on keepin' on.

  2. AnonymousJune 14, 2008

    King is an interloper and agent of misdirection of the first degree. Be careful.

  3. Dear Editor:

    While this tool was buy trash-talking I was busy gathering information in Franconia, which you can read about in my posting for today:


    And that's all I need to say to that. The townspeople told me not to even worry about tools like this.

    Moreover, none of the townspeople and the retired LE who are helping out on Liko's case post on Topix anymore where the 4:18 troll hangs out because as noted in an email:

    Re: Blawg
    Thursday, June 12, 2008 4:38 PM
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    "Topix is insane at this point and I have stopped posting myself. Hope all is well with you.

    Take care.....[name withheld]"


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