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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[CA] Officer Weinrich accused of domestic violence "brandishing a weapon" and other felonies

...[Sacramento Police Officer Bryan David Weinrich] was booked on suspicion of domestic violence, brandishing a firearm, kidnapping and false imprisonment – all felonies... Weinrich's girlfriend told officers Weinrich had "physically shoved her down" and brandished his service weapon... The girlfriend had evidence of physical injury...

Does "brandishing" mean waving it around, pointing it at her, holding it to her head, or holding it in his hand for intimidation - and were there words? Terroristic threats? Suicide threats? I am God threats? A friend of mine had her teeth broken as her deputy husband shoved the gun into her mouth. This blog is full of women both dead and alive who have had the gun to their heads. So what does brandishing here mean? ALL and any threatening with the weapon is equally lethal. I just wonder if there aren't some missing charges.

R. Kennedy
SACRAMENTO, CA - A Sacramento police officer has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. According to Galt police, Officer Bryan David Weinrich of the Sacramento Police Department was arrested in Roseville Friday morning after a woman reported to Galt police that she had been physically assaulted and that Weinrich had brandished a handgun... Weinrich and the woman had an argument that turned physical when Weinrich reportedly assaulted the victim several times. Weinrich then left the Roseville residence but then returned Thursday morning and he and the woman drove to Roseville, Uptegrove said. According to Uptegrove, another altercation took place during the car ride where the victim stated she was held against her will when she tried to exit the vehicle... Once the report was taken in Galt, Roseville police officers went to Weinrich's residence and took him into custody without incident... Weinrich was booked into the Sacramento County Jail for corporal injury to a spouse or co-habitant, brandishing a weapon, kidnapping and false imprisonment. Weinrich has been put on paid administrative leave... [Full article here]

Sacramento Bee
Kim Minugh
Saturday, November 21, 2009
A Sacramento police officer was arrested Friday morning on suspicion of felony domestic violence and brandishing his service weapon during an argument with his girlfriend, according to authorities. Bryan David Weinrich, a 23-year-old patrol officer who works downtown, was booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail at 11 a.m. and later released, according to jail booking records. He was booked on suspicion of domestic violence, brandishing a firearm, kidnapping and false imprisonment – all felonies. Galt Police Lt. Jim Uptegrove said the charges stem from an argument that began Wednesday night at the couple's Galt home and lasted through Thursday... Sacramento Police Department spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong said Weinrich has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the case. "We take the allegations seriously, and we'll be conducting a concurrent internal investigation," Leong said... Uptegrove said Weinrich's girlfriend told officers Weinrich had "physically shoved her down" and brandished his service weapon Wednesday night. The girlfriend had evidence of physical injury... [Full article here]
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  1. Sacramento cop quits, won't face weapons charge
    The Sacramento Bee
    Jan 9, 2011

    Prosecutors dismissed charges Friday against a former Sacramento police officer who had been charged with brandishing a weapon during a domestic dispute with his live-in girlfriend.

    The District Attorney's Office released a statement saying it agreed to drop the misdemeanor case against Bryan David Weinrich in exchange for his quitting the Sacramento Police Department.

    Police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong confirmed Friday that Weinrich resigned from the force.

    Prosecutors said that they had dismissed the case in the interests of justice.

    "The charges were dismissed," defense attorney Tom Johnson said in a statement. "We are grateful for that and we don't believe charges should have ever been filed."

    Weinrich had been booked on suspicion of four felonies after his Nov. 20, 2009, arrest in Galt. Sacramento prosecutors said they did not file two of those possible counts -- kidnapping and false imprisonment -- because the alleged offenses took place in Placer County.

    Authorities in Placer County said they never received a referral on the case from Sacramento.

    The district attorney's statement said the final disposition was "appropriate because the prosecution case against Weinrich involved certain evidentiary matters that made conviction at jury trial uncertain."

    Citing the privacy concerns of the victim -- who is still a Sacramento police officer -- the statement did not discuss what the shortcomings were.


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