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Friday, December 18, 2009

[CA] Now-fired Deputy McClain torture-of-wife-&-man goes to trial in March

The Orange County Register
By Sean Emery
December 17, 2009 6:55 PM
IRVINE - The jury trial of a former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy accused of torturing and sexually assaulting his wife and another man at an Irvine apartment has been set for late March. Robert McClain last year pleaded not guilty to torture, mayhem and sexual assault charges stemming from what authorities described as a brutal, nine-hour attack. After more than a year of pre-trial hearings and continued arraignments, McClain's jury trial will begin on March 22 in Orange County Superior Court. Prosecutors allege that McClain tortured his wife and her alleged suitor after learning that she was planning to leave him for the other man. Prosecutors contend that McClain persuaded his wife to introduce him to the other man at his Irvine apartment, and then convinced the two to go with him to an empty leasing office, where they say an argument turned physical and McClain allegedly beat the two victim's, slashing the younger man's face with a knife, forcing his wife to cut the man in the groin region, then forcibly sodomizing her. McClain's attorneys have not commented on the case, but his relatives have claimed that the other man attacked McClain first. [LINK]

  • [CA] Deputy McClain charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, domestic violence & fired - ...Lt. Rick Handfield said that there were puncture marks near the victim's groin, but stressed that "any characterization of an attempted castration is way exaggerated"...But one law enforcement source said the assailant had attempted to castrate the 23-year-old male... the young man's father, was told by an emergency room nurse that a castration attempt had been made... the nurse warned the father that his son had been beaten so badly that "you won't recognize him"... The wife remains hospitalized...
  • [CA] Deputy McClain's aggravated mayhem on wife and man - The ordeal, authorities said, spanned nearly nine hours... Los Angeles sheriff's Deputy Robert McClain was charged with one felony count each of aggravated mayhem, torture, sodomy by force with great bodily injury, along with sentencing enhancements for personal use of a deadly weapon, great bodily injury to a sexual assault victim and the use of a deadly weapon during a sexual offense...
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  1. It's been 3 years since these incident happened. I got to be the person who found the victim apparently uncouncience. I'm looking for the victim Michael, in any one knows how's to contact him please respond to the comment. Ill really appreciated. I got traumatized for over half a year but at times I still get some flashbacks and still feel fear. I believe if I see him once again, hopefully in better conditions, would help me out to kinda forget the way I remember him that morning in September.
    Any way how to contact him will be appreciated, thank you.

  2. Do we have a verdict, sentence yet? This was one of the most horrific near death assault I have ever heard of and occasionally search for a status on the case. I also pray that Michael has recovered and is well.

  3. Appeal from the United States District Court for the Central District of California

    Submitted June 9, 2011
    Pasadena, California


  4. Trial date set for ex-deputy torture case
    December 17, 2009

    IRVINE - The jury trial of a former Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy accused of torturing and sexually assaulting his wife and another man at an Irvine apartment has been set for late March...



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