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Monday, March 15, 2010

[CO] Colorado Police Officers and permanent restraining orders

From the original article: "If a police officer in Colorado is found guilty of domestic violence in a criminal court, he or she will lose their job. But the news Investigators have learned that may not happen if the domestic violence is uncovered in a civil court...."

Video regarding case of officer with the Denver Police Department and his ex:

I learned through this that there does not have to be proof in order to get a permanent protection order in Colorado. I looked it up and the requirement guideline is "if the judge believes" there is a danger he or she can issue a permanent order. That's deep. Are most states this way? We hold it against judges if they don't believe the victim, but there has to be a balance too. A cop could lose his job with no proof. Can't they add lie detector tests?
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  1. Why didn't you put Jason Dale's name in your post?

  2. Long story, but i can't justify not letting you do it. :)


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