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Saturday, March 13, 2010

[NC] Update: Trooper Scott says he should have been disciplined, not fired

...In administrative court papers filed late Thursday, Anthony Scott says he should be disciplined but not fired... On Feb. 5, Scott sought to resign under duress, contending that his supervisors' conduct was unlawful, corrupt and unethical. [N.C. Crime Control Secretary Reuben] Young did not accept the resignation and fired Scott four days later...

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[NC] Trooper Scott investigated for his proximity to brutal domestic assault

Friday, March 12, 2010 
[Excerpts] A state trooper who was in a Pittsboro home August 15 when a real estate agent allegedly choked and pointed a gun at his estranged wife has been fired. The North Carolina Highway Patrol refused to give a reason for Trooper Anthony Scott's dismissal citing privacy laws. A spokesman confirmed N.C. Crime Control Secretary Reuben Young terminated Scott last month after hearing his appeal on a demotion and reassignment... The woman's husband, 41-year-old Eric Andrews, was charged with felonious assault by strangulation, felonious second degree kidnapping, assault by pointing a gun, assault on a female, and communicating threats. [Full article here]

The News & Observer
By Dan Kane
Mar 12, 2010 05:18 AM
[Excerpts] ...N.C. Crime Control Secretary Reuben Young dismissed Trooper Anthony Scott last month after hearing his appeal on a demotion and reassignment. Neither Young nor the patrol would explain why, saying the information is confidential under the state's personnel law... Jennifer Andrews, a lawyer, told police that her husband, Eric, showed up at her home with a gun and threatened to kill her, Scott and himself after being told she was having an affair with Scott. Eric Andrews, 41, a prominent real estate agent, faces kidnapping and assault charges from the incident... Eric Andrews' brother, Ryan, has said that Eric Andrews saw a Highway Patrol car in the garage when he confronted his wife. There is no indication in police records that a trooper took action during the confrontation. Scott, a 15-year member of the patrol, could not be reached for comment. In December, Highway Patrol Commander Randy Glover demoted Scott and reassigned him to the Charlotte office. Glover would not explain the move. A day after The N&O reported the demotion, Scott was again put on administrative duty for what the patrol called a separate matter. The patrol would not provide details, again citing the personnel law...The patrol has had more than two dozen cases of trooper misconduct tied to allegations of sexual misbehavior since 1997. But state officials have been reluctant to release details in those cases, citing the personnel law. The personnel law keeps private all but basic information regarding state employees, but it allows department heads such as Young the discretion to release nonpublic information when an agency's integrity is in question. The N&O has repeatedly asked Young to release the information regarding Scott under the integrity exemption. He has declined... [Full article here]

The News & Observer
By Dan Kane
Mar 13, 2010
[Excerpts] A former trooper fired last month for reasons the Highway Patrol won't explain says in court papers that he lost his job for having an extramarital affair and failing to respond when his paramour was allegedly attacked by her estranged husband. In administrative court papers filed late Thursday, Anthony Scott says he should be disciplined but not fired. He denies neglecting his duties when he was at the home of Pittsboro attorney Jennifer Andrews on Aug. 14. Scott contends N.C. Crime Control Secretary Reuben Young's decision to dismiss him was excessive. Scott cites the discipline given to Commander Randy Glover 23 years ago when he was a young trooper as an example of unequal treatment... Scott's filing provides details of several claims he said the patrol made against him that have never been officially acknowledged... Scott said he visited Jennifer Andrews' home because the attorney was helping him with legal work connected with his separation from his wife... Scott confirmed that he and Andrews began a "deeply loving relationship" in June that became sexual by month's end... He said he was at the home when Jennifer Andrews' husband, Eric Andrews, unexpectedly drove up with the couple's children in his car. Scott, 39, said he "prudently left the house through the back door and walked a distance away to avoid being observed by Mr. Andrews"... Scott said he did not witness the alleged attack. Eric Andrews left the home... Scott said he heard the sound of a car leaving and returned to the house, where he saw Jennifer Andrews "in her condition of stress and physical injury." By then she had called 911 and her father, who is a former assistant fire chief in Chapel Hill. Three days later, the patrol accused him of having an off-duty extramarital affair. A subsequent internal investigation also accused him of neglect of duty over the Aug. 14 incident, continuing to have contact with Jennifer Andrews while the internal investigation was being conducted, failing to activate his patrol car video camera from June 30 to Aug. 15, and using the patrol's communications network to obtain a criminal and driving record history at Jennifer Andrews' request... On Feb. 5, Scott sought to resign under duress, contending that his supervisors' conduct was unlawful, corrupt and unethical. Young did not accept the resignation and fired Scott four days later... [Full article here]
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  1. Gleaned from comments:

    ...His argument is the equivalent of me saying OJ got away with murder, therefore I should not be guilty of the same act...

    ...On one hand the officer should be heavily disciplined but FIRING him I too feel is way over the top...

    ...Actually if you are in bed with someone else's wife when you are supposed to be patrolling the NC hwys, I think it IS the state's business!! Why should taxpayers have to pay someone for fooling around? Who's getting screwed in that case?...

    ......Ex-trooper is full of BS. He should have been fired for having an affair, just as Glover, Perdue's pretty boy, should have been fired. If members of the HP cannot be moral and ethical they have no place being a highway patrolman....

    ...What can you expect when the head of the highway patrol had an affair some years ago. What starts at the top comes all the way down the ranks. Come on Bev, what are you going to do now since you condoned an adulterer to be the head of the HP and all of the soldiers under him have learned you can do it - they learned by the example set before them...

    ...He will sue to get his job back! His logic.... "all the other troopers are doing it"...

    ...The personnel law is used to hide incompetence in state management and should be abolished...


    ...Adultery, is nothing new to the S.H.P.. All Scott has to do now is get a job where all fired troopers get a job. The Wake Co Sheriff's Office, where adultery is actually condoned...

    ...At least the N.C. Crime Control Secretary, Reuben Young conducted a thorough investigation. SBI Criminal Specialist Kim Heffney, an arson investigator assigned to the Northern Piedmont District in Greensboro, NC was reported to his superiors in January 2010 by two different females for using his state issued Ford Five Hundred as his personal taxi to transport liaisons to medical appointments in Raleigh, NC and an assortment of eatery while on duty for the taxpayers of NC. Agent Heffney used the taxpayer’s vehicle to transport liaisons to and from his home for personal entertainment and to purchase alcohol with a liaison while on a week-long business trip in Raleigh. Agent Heffney had an inappropriate intimate relationship with a convicted felon while on intensive supervised probation in which he aided and abetted her in breaking. He discussed an subordinate’s confidential personnel and medical circumstances, to include details of the agent’s award of workers’ compensation for post traumatic stress disorder.Agent Heffney continues to receive his state salary of $72,423 while an alleged investigation is on-going; however a retired police major who witness the misuse of the state’s vehicle for personal use has yet to be interviewed...

    ...What do we want?
    When do we want it?

  2. You know it is true that having an affair should have nothing to do with the job. Having it while on duty and violating the polices of the department is a whole different matter. If half of what is alleged is true I know I would have been fired from my department with or without the affair.

  3. What is the world coming to when you can't trust those that are sworn to uphold the law especially SBI agents. SEX AND MONEY IS THE DOWN FALL OF MANY! If the facts prove that any reported misconducts are FACTUAL FIRE THEM IF IT'S A THREAT TO PUBLIC SAFETY IF IT'S A TRUST ISSUE OR VIOLATION OF POLICY DEMOTE THEM WITH A BIG DECREASE IN PAY!!!!

  4. Let's be thankful that Ex Trooper Anthony Scott was terminated and not allowed to serve the great state of NC anymore. Young did the right thing by not allowing him to resign. Let's bring people on board that will bring honesty and respect back so we can all feel safer in our communities and highways. The only thing besides the onboard camera that's been shut "OFF" is the potential bright light and future this former state trooper could have had going for him had he not been so turned "ON".

  5. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    Yes, let's expect these officers to be robots and not human. Let's expect them to be perfect folks that don't drink alcohol, don't curse, don't look at a Play Boy magazine, don't speed, don't litter, and just don't do a damned thing but serve you. It's ashamed that someone may risk their life to protect you all and when they get off work that can't do a damned thing but isolate themselves from society because they are constantly judged. Oh it's OK for the president to get a blow job at work but not ok for someone to have an affair off duty. Is it morally wrong? Well yeah, but leave folks alone with their private life. If it does not affect their work performance and it does not occur at work then it's just that...their personal, private business. You would not want everyone in YOUR private business. But then again I'm sure the majority of you that have posted have NEVER cheated on anyone because you are so perfect or have a job other than Law Enforcement where it's ok to cheat. Get a life and stop judging.

  6. New release: An administrative law judge reinstated fired Trooper Scott today saying the NC Crime Control Secretary overstepped his authority. Finally, good decision making by an impartial official who has access to all the facts.

  7. "No one is angrier or more frustrated by this latest news about misbehaving troopers than I am," Perdue said, according to a written statement. "You know me as the governor working to set government straight - and I can tell you one thing, this has to stop."

    Not a good decision, keep the corrupt troopers out and bring ones that really have integrity.

  8. How is it that the taxpayers pay the salary of cops yet everything about their conduct, disciplinary actions, why they were fired etc. are kept secret? If a scumbag cop does something wrong the people who pay their salary should be the first to know. They fight harder to keep their dirt hidden than they do for the public.


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