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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

[OR] Allowed-to-resign Deputy Claggett got 7 years - after 6 of his domestic charges dropped

...[Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon] Claggett’s ex-wife told the judge she fears for her life – especially after Claggett is released... "I fear that after serves his time he will come for me again," she said. "What ever sentence he gets, I feel is adding to my life expectancy"“...

His ex is not safe while he is prison. Maybe it's time to get into the address confidentiality program somewhere else and get settled into a new life.

I have to wonder how things would have gone if he had been charged or held accountable by his department ealier - for touching teens, sending photos of his penis from inside his patrol car on duty, yada yada.

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Judge adds two years post-prison supervision and a no-contact order
The Sandy Post
By Jim Hart
Mar 16, 2010
[Excerpts] In a Clackamas County Circuit Court Tuesday afternoon, Brandon Claggett, 38, a former Clackamas County Sheriff’s deputy who had patrolled the mountain villages area, was sentenced to seven years in prison and fined $1,300. He will get credit for the eight months he has been in custody, and serve two years of supervised probation after prison. He also is not allowed to contact his ex-wife or her boyfriend, and must forfeit all firearms. A couple of months ago, he pleaded no contest to four of the original 10 offenses that sent him to jail last summer, including two counts of unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm, all felonies, and misdemeanor criminal mischief... Claggett’s ex-wife told the judge she fears for her life – especially after Claggett is released. “The murder-suicide note he wrote is one of the most chilling notes I have ever come across in nearly 17 years as a deputy district attorney,” said prosecuting attorney Scott Healy. “I told the judge it is clear he’ll be a future danger. (His ex-wife) will be looking over her shoulder for the rest of her life.” Claggett was arrested twice in 2009, accused of using a gun to threaten his estranged wife and hold her hostage... Claggett was defended by attorney James J. McIntyre. He has been in custody since July 2009, held on more than $1.1 million full bail. [Full article here]

The Oregonian
By Steven Mayes,
March 16, 2010
[Excerpts] ...His ex-wife testified Tuesday that [Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon] Claggett will always be a threat to her. "I fear that after serves his time he will come for me again," she said. "What ever sentence he gets, I feel is adding to my life expectancy," she told Clackamas County Circuit Judge Robert D. Herndon. She said Claggett twice tried to kill her and a man she started dating after the couple separated. "(Claggett's) conduct was clearly premeditated and calculated," said Scott Healy,  senior deputy district attorney.... Claggett was arrested again in July for taking a gun and a knife to a Sandy residence where he believed his wife was staying. Claggett resigned from the sheriff's office in 2008 after an investigation found he took a teenage girl on unauthorized ride-alongs and e-mailed sexually explicit photos to her while on duty. [Full article here]


Change of heart sets aside six of 10 charges, leaving three felonies and one misdemeanor
The Sandy Post
By Jim Hart
Jan 19, 2010
[Excerpts] ...His case has been delayed because [Clackamas County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon] Claggett spent several months at the state mental hospital. He was evaluated during the summer, and a psychologist told Circuit Court Judge Thomas J. Rastetter Claggett is “currently incapacitated as a result of mental disease or defect, and is not fit to proceed (with a court trial).” The same psychologist reported Claggett had “major depressive disorder, severe, with psychotic features”... Claggett had been arrested twice in 2009... an April 20-21 incident in which he allegedly held and threatened his estranged wife at gunpoint and later retrieved his children from his mother’s home in Salem. The most recent arrest came after cutting off his home-detention electronic bracelet and allegedly driving from his Oregon City home to where he thought he would find his estranged wife in the Sandy/Boring area. He allegedly had two weapons in his vehicle at that time as well as his son... His return to the Clackamas County Jail, even though months later than expected, proves hospital staff members believe he is now competent to aid and assist in his own defense. After a 14-year career with the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office, Claggett resigned in the fall of 2008 after an extensive misconduct investigation by the Oregon Department of Justice allegedly connected him with sexual flirtation and inappropriate touching of teen-age girls during ride-a-longs as well as sending and receiving inappropriate sexual images by cell phone.  
The district attorney, however, decided not to charge Claggett with a crime after his resignation. 
[Full article here]
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