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Thursday, March 12, 2009

[AR] Officer Nathan Coy - fired for dv from one department & hired by another says, "Watch This!"

...Prior to working for Johnson police, [Nathan] Coy was employed as a corporal for the Fayetteville Police Department. He was terminated from the department in May of last year, following an altercation involving a woman at his residence... [Timothy] Shepard has been employed by the Fayetteville Police Department for about a year. He was previously employed by West Fork police... During an interview with investigators, Shepard stated that Coy had been driving at the time of the accident... Shepard said Coy said, "Watch this." Coy then accelerated rapidly, the report stated, before crashing his vehicle into a tree... The occupants of the vehicle had fled...

Johnson Police Department thought hiring a cop fired for criminal acts was a good idea? If they think that could a woman abused by Coy call the local police for help? Absolutely not!

Which department will hire him next?

(UPDATE: Castle Hills Police Department did.)

POSTED: March 11, 2009
UPDATED: March 12, 2009
[Excerpts] Two area police officers are under investigation on suspicion of their involvement in a hit-and-run crash. Fayetteville Police said Fayetteville officer Timothy Shepard, 26, and Johnson Police officer Nathan Coy, 31, were in a pickup truck that hit a tree on Gregg Street near Frisco Avenue in Fayetteville early Wednesday morning... "Obviously police officer holds a higher standard whether they’re on duty or off duty," said Greg Tabor, Fayetteville Police Chief... Coy was the driver... The day after the accident, Coy resigned from the Johnson Police Department citing personal obligations. Coy is also a former Fayetteville Police officer and he was terminated last year after he was accused of domestic violence. [Full article here]

Northwest Arkansas Times
March 11, 2009
[Excerpts] A Fayetteville police officer is under investigation and a part-time Johnson police officer resigned last week after being involved in a hit-and-run accident in Fayetteville while they were off-duty. The Fayetteville Police Department is conducting an internal investigation to determine if officer Timothy Shepard violated any laws or policies when he fled the scene of an accident. "Our officer was obviously off duty, as was the driver," Fayetteville Police Chief Greg Tabor said. "He hasn't been placed on administrative leave as of now." The driver, 31-year-old Nathan Coy, submitted his official letter of resignation from the Johnson Police Department on March 5. "He was not forced to resign," Johnson Police Chief Vernon Sisemore said. "He did it on his own accord due to personal obligations and the fact that he was thinking of relocating to get away from this area"... Witnesses reported that a black 2004 Toyota Tacoma struck a tree and was blocking traffic... The occupants of the vehicle had fled the scene prior to officers' arrival... both the driver and passenger doors of the truck had been left open. Officers reported finding a large amount of blood in and around the driver's seat of the vehicle. The trail of blood led officers to the South Creekside Apartments... Upon further investigation, officers learned that the tags on the suspect's vehicle returned to Coy. "Apparently he had an accident and caught a ride home from his girlfriend," Sisemore said... During an interview with investigators, Shepard stated that Coy had been driving at the time of the accident... Shepard said Coy said, "Watch this." Coy then accelerated rapidly, the report stated, before crashing his vehicle into a tree... Police later located Coy at his home. He had suffered lacerations to his face and head and was transported to the Washington Regional Medical Center. Police said they asked to conduct a blood-alcohol test, but Coy refused. "I'm not sure if he was drinking at the time of the accident or not, but I do know he had some alcohol after he got home for some reason," Sisemore said. "Our involvement in this case was minimal since it happened in Fayetteville"... Prior to working for Johnson police, Coy was employed as a corporal for the Fayetteville Police Department. He was terminated from the department in May of last year, following an altercation involving a woman at his residence on May 6. The incident prompted the woman to file for and receive a temporary order of protection against Coy. An internal investigation conducted by the Fayetteville Police Department found that Coy was in violation of the department's policies, rules and procedures regarding private life, unbecoming conduct and integrity. The investigation further found Coy's conduct in violation of the Fayetteville Civil Service Rules and Regulations for violating any department rule and or a federal, state or local law. Fayetteville city prosecutor Casey Jones and Washington County prosecutor John Threet concluded that Coy's involvement in the altercation contained elements for a potential filing of domestic battery charges. Coy appealed his termination to the Civil Service Commission, but commissioners upheld Tabor's decision... Shepard has been employed by the Fayetteville Police Department for about a year. He was previously employed by West Fork police. [Full article here]
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  1. Obviously you've either been arrested before or you have nothing better to do with your life. Coy had an outstanding record with the FPD and JPD. The FPD and news failed to mention that the supposed domestic "victim" in whom you mention was very emotionally unstable and she was vindictive. Ummmm.....did you KNOW THAT SHE LIED! She provided ON HER OWN VOLITION a SWORN NOTERIZED AFFIDAVIT SAYING THAT SHE HAD LIED ABOUT THE SITUATION AND THAT SHE NEVER WANTED TO FILE ANY CHARGES. SHE JUST WANTED HER BELONGINGS OUT OF THEIR HOUSE. I HAVE SEEN THIS AFFIDAVIT. It is FOI'able as well. FURTHERMORE, you just answered your own question about why Johnson would hire an officer if he had committed or was suspected of domestic violence. THEY WOULDNT you idiot! The state would take away his certification as an officer and he would not be allowed to be an officer anywhere. Hummmm, I wonder? Additionally, I have the inside about the accident. It was just that. AN ACCIDENT. You only know half the story my brother. Go smoke your weed and hide behind your computer.

  2. It is beyond me that Coy was able to hold a badge in the first place. Investigation after investigation found him guilty of shrude conduct while employed by Fayetteville P.D. He has a well known reputation for being a hot head on the job and off. How any rational person can defend this guy is beyond me. We all benefit from this guy finally being exposed....thank god he didnt get someone killed for it to happen.

  3. this is for John. You, my friend do not see the obvious problems this Coy had and the potential of future problematic behavior he had. Also you sound as though you are defending the said perp; why? seems like a not so clever remark posted by a VERY ABUSIVE PERSON. You sound vindictive,angry,and above all a hater of women. YOU are the idiot,not the writer.get your facts straight.You genuinely are in need of extensive psychological intervention. I truly hope someday both your friend Coy and yourself get the help you need

  4. I was involved in an altercation with
    this lowlife idiot on dickson st.last
    Year. He is a punk and I am astonished
    That he was hired by any police force.
    Coy was off-duty at the time of the fight
    but proceeded To call for backup after having his
    Having his Rearend spanked like a baby.
    The cops did arrive 7 in all, and the
    All had the same thing to say...Coy is
    An idiot and a disgrace to the dept.
    To my buddy officer Coy: I am sorry
    I had to knock you out in front of your
    Girl, maybe you will think next time
    You open your mouth. See you around.
    P.S. I was never charged with assault
    And battery on a police officer like
    Coy threatened.

  5. AnonymousJuly 13, 2009

    I know Nathan, not that well but well enough to steer clear of him. An egomaniac, I've seen him display his hot head many times, for which he deservingly has a reputation. I've also seen him carried out of a bar at least twice for drinking beyond his limit.
    I last heard that Nathan has relocated to San Antonio, where he probably has become or is attempting to become a policeman once again. For his sake and for the safety of others, I hope he enrolls in anger management therapy and perhaps AA as well.

  6. You know, from my experience, I have dealt with Nathan on several occassions on professional basis. He was always nice and never out of order. He was an excellent police officer too. I think he hit a rough spot. Sometimes people have it hard and I think it's time to move on.

  7. I thought he was an outstanding police officer.

  8. I know Nathan very well. He has been a part of my life for a long time and I know him to be a very compassionate and wonderful person. Yes, he has made mistakes in the past but he is human and there is nothing he has done that is unforgivable. People mess up from time to time. It's only natural. But people also learn from their mistaks and become better because of them. I know for a fact that the accusations against Nathan were false. I know the woman who accused him and I have heard her reasons for filing the false report. Again, it was a mistake and something done for the wrong reasons. You cannot believe everything you hear.
    Nathan has proved himself in my life many times. He has been there for me and I have seen him be there for many others as well.
    I never believe gossip and this blog is one of my reasons why.

  9. DOC has some felony warrants for his arrest in reference to his "altercation". Good luck DOC!!

  10. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    I have close ties to Fayetteville PD. I did not know Coy personally, but i do know enough to know that on the night of the accident, he had been drinking BEFORE he crashed the vehicle.
    On a side note, Officer Tim Shepard has been in trouble for kicking in an individuals door in a drunken stupor near one of his friend's apartments. Both of these guys are a far cry from anything upstanding or representative of a civil servant. Fayetteville PD has a fair amount of corruption and political dealings. I assure you all, I'll be the first to defend an officer who is innocent, unpopular as it may be. However, I will also be the first to call out an officer who believes he is above the law and can hide behind his badge.

  11. AnonymousMay 04, 2010

    In response to John, you seem to like using logic to justify why Coy never lost his certification. I'm going to use logic too. If the "accident" were actually an accident, two seasoned officers of the law would NOT have fled the scene. They would have no worries about calling their fellow officers for help. Do you think it was merely coincidental that he "began" drinking AFTER he arrived home? Just in case I have confused your simple mind, the answer is NO!! Coy was drinking and driving. It's obvious. How many times have you been sober, and said "hey, watch this!" and accelerated into a tree? I never have. Coy went through emergency vehicle operations in the state of Arkansas. So have I. An officer doesn't do something stupid like that being sober. Nathan Coy was drinking and driving. I hope he never works as an officer again. If so, it is a disgrace to officers everywhere.

  12. Your a bunch of loosers with nothing better to do. Nathans a GOD!!

  13. That would be funny if it weren't so pitiful.

  14. AnonymousMay 02, 2011


  15. Castle Hills council eyes street, drainage fixes
    By Edmond Ortiz
    April 20, 2011
    [Excerpts] The city of Castle Hills... Later last week, the city announced the winners of the “Biggest Loser” contest and fitness/endurance challenge in which several city employees competed for prizes... Police Officer Nathan Coy placed first among men, winning a gift card to Apple Annie's restaurant and six hours of comp time...
    [Full article here]

  16. I didn't post that to poke at weight. I could lose some pounds myself. It's just the only article on the web that confirms he works Castle Hills.

  17. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    Your retarded for writing this post. Stupid liberals.

  18. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    It should be *you're retarded". It's a contraction of "you are."

  19. It was just a matter of time...

  20. Nathan Coy is back in Arkansas-Benton County- and has resumed police work in the area. Cave Springs police dept and Benton County have hired him. It appears he has found himself on the other side of the law yet again. The mother of one of his children has filed against him due to large amount of back child support that is in the felony range per Arkansas Law.

  21. Nathan Coy is now back in NWA as an officer of the Cave Springs Police Dept.. Hired by his friend Mayor Travis Lee, also an ex-cop. Coy is now the Code enforcement and animal control officer.

  22. code enforcement officer coy is a thug with a badge that is empowered by the mayor of Cave Springs. He only wants power and authority over people and should be working at some other profession. The new administration should be ashamed and embarrassed by allowing him to work here.


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