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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[IL] I refuse to post more ex-sgt. Drew Peterson news or pictures of his external face until he is arrested

...He is out there sticking his foot in his mouth...

I tired a long time ago of Bolingbrook's ex-Police Sgt. Drew Peterson. His antics, his face, the stupid, cold-blooded things he says - while his wives deaths push into the background as props to his real-tv drama. I have posted too much here on him already - unintentionally adding in my own small way to his celebrity status. Blah, blah, blah - he's still free! I won't post any more details on him here until he is under arrest, or done in some other way. I will continue to cringe that he has custody of his dead wives' children - adding insult to injury for the living relatives of the slain. Their young lives teeter in the middle of this madness.

But this IS a cop domestic violence blog - so this post is to say that there have been some developments that are pushing (pushing, pushing) this case maybe in the right direction. He is out there sticking his foot in his mouth. And someone else is sticking it to him here.

I'll die believing that he did murder Kathleen Savio, and that he did murder his next wife Stacey Cales Peterson. I will also always wonder about Stacey's missing mother Christie Marie Cales / Toutges. Yes, I know about the timeline but I imagine this man is sick enough to commit an earlier crime and then pusue a twisted course. What can anyone be sure of with this man?

This has all gone too far for too long.

A site to watch: Justice Café

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