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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Starting to Twitter police officer-involved domestic violence

I studied the benefits and may back out later - but for now I'm giving Twitter a try - as if I don't have enough internet projects going already. [http://twitter.com/Cloud_Writer] I can see the benefits and the potential. Let me know what you know about streamlining all the social networking sites. I did find Digsby, and for now that will do. And if you know some Twitter tricks or have some ideas, please share.

My most recent "Tweets":
I am so deeply sad for this Mississippi deputy's girlfriend: http://tinyurl.com/bb24th

The 11th Annual National Survivors of Suicide Day will be Nov. 21, 2009. http://tinyurl.com/3bubzg
II'll add it to the comments of this post as I go.

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  1. Firefox Extension Search Cloudlet Brings Integrated Tag-Based Search To Twitter
    by Robin Wauters on March 13, 2009


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