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Thursday, March 12, 2009

[PA] Trooper Foley on Trial For Killing Girlfriend's Husband, Dr. John Yelenic

Dr. John Yelenic
...Yelenic was one day away from divorcing his wife, Michele. She was living with Foley while she was divorcing Dr. Yelenic...

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Pa. Trooper Kevin Foley Charged With Killing Girlfriend's Husband
WTAE Channel 4 Action
POSTED: 10:41 am EST March 4, 2009
UPDATED: 5:10 pm EDT March 11, 2009
INDIANA, Pa. -- WTAE Channel 4 Action News reporter Jennifer Miele is covering the Indiana County trial of former state trooper Kevin Foley, who is accused of killing Blairsville dentist Dr. John Yelenic. Miele will be posting blogs as often as possible from court. These are the raw notes that were sent on her mobile device... The divorce papers splattered with blood. Yelenic was one day away from divorcing his wife, Michele. She was living with Foley while she was divorcing Dr. Yelenic. [Full article here]

PA. TROOPERS TESTIFY AGAINST THEIR OWN IN DENTIST'S SLAYING Kevin Foley Accused Of Homicide In Dr. John Yelenic's Death
WTAE Channel 4 Action
March 11, 2009
[Excerpts] With no weapon and no blood-stained clothing, prosecutors are largely relying on circumstantial evidence to convict Pennsylvania state police Trooper Kevin Foley of Dr. John Yelenic's death - including testimony from co-workers at the Indiana barracks. Four troopers were called to the Indiana County Courthouse Wednesday to testify about a scratch they noticed above Foley's right eye when he came to work in the days after Yelenic's brutal slaying at home in Blairsville. Senior Deputy Attorney General Anthony Krastek said Foley likely got the facial mark while struggling with the dentist, whose bloody, nearly decapitated body was found in April 2006, but defense attorney Jeff Monzo said Foley reported the injury happened playing hockey... Trooper Deanna Kirkland, one of Foley's co-workers at the Indiana barracks, testified that Foley often played with a knife at work, flipping the blade open and closed. Foley once told her that he prayed that Yelenic was dead, and on another occasion, he said he wished the dentist would get into a car accident... "If you know someone, and they're talking like that over and over again, don't you report that to somebody?" said Yelenic's cousin, Mary Ann Clark. "Don't you intervene? Don't you step in and say, 'We need to address this issue, there's some kind of problem?'" Cpl. Randall Gardner gave the jury a list of things that were taken from Foley's home in a search warrant six months after the killing. There were no bloody clothes or knives found. Prosecutors said Foley had plenty of time to ditch those items, but defense attorneys said there was nothing to find because Foley is innocent... When the trial continues Thursday, forensic experts are expected to testify about a limited amount of DNA found under Dr. Yelenic's nails after his death. Foley's defense team says it's not a foolproof method of convicting their client. [Full article here]
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  1. John Yelenic was my sisters best friend. He was a strong amazing man, who was fighting hard to end a troubled marriage. It never should have come to this. It is an example of a police officer who thought he could never get caught for his wrong doing. Rot in hell Kevin Foley.

    1. By what I have seen on this case I don't think Tpr Kevin Foley did this. 1 thing is what does he have to gain? Did anyone ever check Foley's car for the dentist blood on the floor mats? I don't live far from the prison Foley is at and every time I drive by it I think to myself Tpr Kevin Foley should not be there!

    2. YEA right...He needs to stay in. The rest of the Indiana pa office will be with him soon.

  2. You seem to guessing with not one fact. Why bother?

  3. The brutally of this case still haunts me. John Yelenic was a kind caring man and the utmost professional. He woukd be turning 50 years old on Feb 20 2017. So sad that a state tropper ruined the life of this young man. He cant be here to celebrate his milestone birthday and spend time with his son. Foley us where he deserves to be. He is guilty of the murder and letting wacky Michelle Yelenic fill his head with lies about John. Im sure he learned the hard way that Michelle was the problem. DNA under the deceased nails of Foley. Plenty of evidence to convict.


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