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Monday, March 30, 2009

[FL] Officer Olenchak accused of raping a FAMILY MEMBER next to his drugged "zombie" wife

Officer Stephen Kenneth Olenchak

Men Charged In Separate Cases
Just News
March 27, 2009
[Excerpts] Two Davie police officers have been arrested in the last eight days in connection with separate incidents. Stephen Olenchak, 34, a 12-year veteran of the Davie police force, was arrested Thursday. He faces charges of sexual battery on a person over 12 years old... Olenchak's wife told police that her husband had on several occasions fondled a girl in their home, once allegedly drugging her... Olenchak has been released on bond... [Full article here]

Victim says officer's wife was present, 'looked like a zombie'
South Florida Sun Sentinel
Rafael A. Olmeda
March 27, 2009
[Excerpts] A Davie police officer has been charged with two counts of rape for allegedly attacking a woman in bed while his wife lay asleep next to them... According to the complaint, Olenchak got his wife a Crystal Light soft drink before bedtime, and she fell asleep "earlier than usual." Olenchak then got the victim something to drink. Coyne said police are investigating whether drugs were used in the drinks. The victim said that while the sexual assault was taking place, Olenchak's wife got up and went to the bathroom, but she "looked like a zombie," the report states... [Full article here]
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  1. what a sick fuck

  2. AnonymousJuly 01, 2010

    Still at large, what's the deal with this a-hole?
    Be a man and admit to what you did, the child will forever be affected you bastard.

  3. DAVIE OFFICER HEADING TO TRIAL ON RAPE CHARGES: Stephen Olenchak could get 30 years in prison if convicted
    Sun Sentinel
    By Susannah Bryan,
    9:28 p.m. EST, November 14, 2010
    [Excerpts] He was an officer in good standing. A father of four. Happily married. All that changed for Davie Officer Stephen Olenchak one Sunday night in March 2009. That night, Olenchak allegedly raped a female family member while his wife and 4-year-old son slept next to them in the same bed, according to police interviews with his wife and the alleged victim, who was 19 at the time. Olenchak's trial is set to begin on Tuesday... Olenchak's wife and the alleged victim both say he drugged them that night... He got his wife a Crystal Light drink and she fell asleep. Their son had also fallen asleep... Olenchak brought the alleged victim a glass of milk and told her to drink the entire glass so she would sleep better. Soon, she felt "out of it," as if she was in a trance, she said... [Full article here]

  4. Heard he had done this before and was never caught or accused. Now it's time to face the jury, let's see you worm your way out of this!

  5. In court now you would think that btter wouldn't melt in your mouth, not like the butch a-hole in this picture. You sure will spend the rest of your life atoning......thankfully behind bars buddy.

    Guilty as charged punk.

  6. [FL] Officer Olenchak's wife: "He's telling me how my life is going to be ruined ... If I report him he can't be a police officer anymore."

  7. To the person who tried to name a number of family victims of sexual abuse and violence, you have no right to make that decision for victims.

  8. So take out the names. The facts are still there. Check public records. You let someone post that he had did this before. Is that a fact? Just saying..... By the way, you know he's going to beat this case. Are you going to delete all the insulting comments when he wins?

  9. Anyone who would list victims names on a public space has no credibility.

  10. He lost the case and then it mistrials...Suspicous much?

  11. Hm. I hope the courts and media together can show that the jury agrees that they in fact DID have prohibited info in the jury room, and that the court clerk can't just say they did after everyone has gone home.

  12. Save the tax payers money and stop clutching at straws, you were lucky to get charged on the lesser count, risky to go to tial again, hope you get thity next time. You admitted on the stand molesting her, stop dragging it out, accept your fate.

  13. Anybody notice that the press reported that he has a girlfriend???? How does that work?

    "Hi, I'm a suspended cop, recently divorced with 4 kids who is on trial for molesting a girl, which I admitted in court. Can I buy you a drink? Ha, just kidding. Get it? Seriously, what are you doing later?"


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