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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

[CA] 7 years after retired Deputy Hogan did what he did -

Michelle Morgan (Hogan) McFadden
March 7, 1997 – March 26, 2002

In March of 2002 retired Santa Clara Deputy John Hogan timed his arrival at his ex-wife's house to be while she was out jogging. He entered the house - no one is sure how - he left a multi-page list about his bitter life on a bathroom sink, then shot and killed Christine McFadden's 3 children from a previous marriage - Melanie, Stuart, & Stanley Willis. Last he shot his own 5 year old daughter Michelle Hogan, and himself.

Stuart Richard Willis
August 31, 1987 – March 26, 2002

It was mentioned in news articles that he knew exactly how to kill them all quickly - exactly where to shoot. His moodiness and explosive temper are mentioned in those articles, a past protection order against him, fear of him, and his new profession as a private investigator - details repeated so often in this blog.

Over and over again.
Stanley Edward Willis
July 19, 1986 – March 26, 2002

And of course there is the "nobody saw this coming" and "no one could have known"... but there was voiced concern that he might harm himself - not the children. He loved his daughter Michelle, they say. He had access to her five days a week and alternating weekends. He didn't have to pay child support. He took little Michelle fishing and had a collage of her on top of his computer.

I will say, for the future what I have repeatedly said in the past - that any man you know that you think is capable of killing himself - consider him able to take others with him.

Could this have been prevented? I can't imagine a way.
He didn't warn anyone.
He used his stealth.

Melanie Lorraine Willis
November 14, 1984 - March 26, 2002

If you want to know more about this tragedy, here is the link to a Google search.

A couple of things:

Tom Willis, the dad of the three oldest murdered children is clinging to his faith - and hopes to forgive John Hogan one day. He is grateful that his children were Christians
The Modesto Bee
Chris Togneri
Monday, June 23, 2003
...Without his faith, Tom Willis said he would not have been able to handle the loss of his children. "From the moment that I got the news, what I clung to was that my kids had known the Lord Jesus Christ... It's that hope that keeps me going. I can't imagine not being a Christian and going through this. I'd be on the floor... God has sustained me through this terrible crisis. Without God I would have a hopeless outlook. With God, I have hope"...
What the children's mother Christine McFadden has set up - The MSSM Scholarship:
Dedicated to serving the community as Melanie, Stanley, Stuart, and Michelle would have.

One Friendship Scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior graduating spring 2009! Scholarship Applications will be accepted January 1, 2009 through April 15, 2009 - all applications must be post-marked on or before April 15, 2009. Who is eligible? Every student accepted into a four-year college. No GPA requirement. No sports / student clubs / special interests required. No income requirement – ANY student is eligible. Preference will be given to a Merced Union High Applicant, however. The HEART of the Friendship Scholarship: First, an applicant must demonstrate friendship qualities. These qualities are described through the applicant’s personal letter on the meaning of friendship, and what it has meant in their life...

MSSM Friendship Scholarship Foundation
PMB 121
3144 North 'G' Street #125
Merced, CA 95340
Donations: toll-free (866) 387-FSFS (3737)
Info: (209) 722-MSSM (6776)
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  1. Though a horrible, horrible tragedy you should check some of what you posted above as it is not fact. There is quite a bit to the story you are missing.

    1. What facts are not true here? What are the missing pieces here? What should the world know about this man and the tragedy? There are more lessons to be learned here... aren't there?

    2. I would have to agree with the Anonymous post above. There are many facts that were held from the media and a number of your statements are incorrect (no offense). NOTHING can excuse what he did that horrible day, just know that sadly he was driven to this breaking point and it could have been prevented. I would want nothing more than for all of them to still be alive today.

  2. You know the truth and think the truth should be known. Yet you come telling me to go somewhere else to find it?

  3. BTBW,

    If you were told the truth, would you allow it to be posted?


  4. I won't post anything that will further hurt the children's mother.

    She's had enough pain for 100 lifetimes.

    So it would depend on the information.

  5. If it sounds like a snake, moves like a snake, and smells like snake - then I'm not surprised when it lunges. I will not post your last contribution, and I BET you are a relative of the triggerman.

    Do whatever you have to do to live with this act of horror, but my advice is to do it quietly, in your head. ONE person is responsible.

    Don't bother write again because I won't post anything more from you and this is the last time I will respond.

  6. From what I have seen mr hogans friends seem to support him. I too knew him and the family. There is no excuse for what he has taken away from that amazing mother and this world. There are alot of articles out there as well as t.v. Shows about this story that do not tell every detail. If u truly are closely related to this story as I am, I am possitive u do not want alot of details out for others to suffer the knowing of. I think the point to this article is based on domestic violence in which this situation may or may not have been thought of that way but in alot of ways and to alot of people is thought of that way. Without exploiting the childrens memories and what they would have brought to the world, think about the messages they can give now and forever. Living on and making a difference. Mr hogan does not deserve any more publicity for what he has done. But if the publicity is an example of what not to do, so be it. He made a very very bad mistake he can not take back, let's not have this happen anymore to other promising children out there. In this day and age, we need them to help people like you. :)

  7. Btw- clarification, it was a domestic matter and was so violent and disturbing that it went national. I think it fits the term "domestic violence". Believe it or not, it is what it is and he did what he did.

  8. It's hard for me to hear these murders referred to as a "bad mistake." But I am not God and can't know where a person's head would be who could do such acts. If I think too hard trying to figure out if this could in any way be termed a mistake - I just start to cry. This is just too sad and awful and unimaginable - but real.

    So I will agree with you on this for sure - let's not have this happen anymore.

    God bless you, and this mama.

  9. Your right, wrong choice of words on my part. My point was he made a bad choice. One that he can't fix or take back. Domestic violence is a bad choice. People have no right to do it. People do not have the right to make choices for others, as he did in this case for 6 directly involved people.And I use the term "choice" because people know right from wrong. Before you pull the trigger you can choose to call for help. He chose to hurt as he stated in his letter. Now, for others out there who are considering hurting themselves or others, maybe this article will help them make a good choice and get help.

  10. To the person who tried to send a comment through - it must be painful for you to deal with this as I can see by the fact that you put blame every where but where it belongs -- but as I posted here in the comments back in 2010: "I won't post anything that will further hurt the children's mother." I can't approve your comment.

  11. My heart still goes out to this mother and family and their tremendous loss. God Bless.

  12. I am really sad that someone from the father's side of the family would try to comment today to continue the pain and try to cause even more destruction. Forgive him, forgive yourself, and anyone else you are holding a grudge against. There is no blaming others. There is nothing anyone could have done that deserves this result.

  13. Out of all the stories on this blog, this is the hardest one to get comments from the perp's people, defending his actions. I don't let them through...


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