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Saturday, September 26, 2009

[CA] GUILTY: Ex-Sheriff's Sgt. Rodriguez facing 60 years to life

Ex-San Benito County Sheriff's Office Deputy "Mike" Rodrigues faced trial for domestic violence, the rape of four women, and suspicion of unlawful sexual penetration.


Hollister Free Lance
By Colin Mcconville And Kollin Kosmicki
Sep 25, 2009
A jury this afternoon found former sheriff's Sgt. Michael Rodrigues guilty of raping three women.
Jurors convicted Rodrigues, 48, on four counts of rape, while they came down with not guilty verdicts on four charges related to one of the accuser's allegations. The jury convicted Rodrigues for raping the three women... Overall, there were four guilty verdicts and four not guilty verdicts. The not guilty verdicts were related to a rape allegation and other accusations from a woman who contended he assaulted her several times in 2007. With the four rape convictions, Rodrigues faces a possible sentence of 60 years to life in prison, while jurors also came down with guilty verdicts on three special allegations that could enhance the penalty... "We're satisfied that the jury came back with what they thought were the right verdicts," said [Deputy District Attorney Patrick] Palacios, the prosecutor. "We hope that this helps the victims move on with what they've been dealing with over these last years." Rodrigues' defense attorney, however, vowed that the convictions do not end the matter and he reiterated outside the courthouse he would pursue an appeal in the case... [Full article here]

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  1. Couldn't happen to a worse person. Several more criminals live & work in SBSO.

  2. Let get all the bad pigs out! But remember we do have some good police officers out there!

  3. Hope he gets what he deserves in prison POS


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