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Monday, September 14, 2009

[MA] Deputy Police Chief Nolan charged with assault and battery of "woman"

Milton Deputy Police Chief Paul Nolan has taken a sudden 6 week paid medical leave.

The Patriot Ledger
Sep 11, 2009
[Excerpts] Quincy police plan to seek an assault and battery charge against a deputy police chief on the Milton Police Department who allegedly struck a woman in the face late Thursday night. Quincy Police Chief Paul Keenan said the woman sought and was granted a restraining order Friday afternoon in Quincy District Court against Milton Deputy Chief Paul Nolan. According to Keenan, the woman made several 911 calls around midnight Thursday while driving in a vehicle with Nolan. The woman alleged Nolan had struck her in the face. During an interview later, police saw her face was bruised. Initially the woman said she did not want to press charges, Keenan said, and she made inconsistent statements. The decision to bring charges came after a follow-up interview on Friday, Keenan said... Nolan, a spokesman for the department, notified reporters on Thursday morning that he would be on medical leave beginning Monday and hoped to return to duty in six weeks. [Full article here]
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  1. They continue to keep crossing the line....Justice must win the day.

  2. To the person who is trying to comment here - for the second time - to post unsubstantiated further crimes committed by Deputy Chief Nolan - I can't post that here. Call the County Sheriff, the next county's Sheriff if you don't trust the local Sheriff's Department, or the FBI. I really can't heap any coal on this man right now that isn't official by approving accusations.

  3. yes i am the person that you will not post my comments i will contact the patirot ledger i am shure they will be interested in that scumbag he should be in jail i will give them the story you WILL NOT LET ANYONE SEE

    1. AnonymousMay 14, 2014

      you know this guy? I know this is really old but if you come back on line and find this post will you get in touch with me?

      Thanks. This is, hands down, the dirtiest and most corrupt cop. The fact that he is also a lawyer says a lot about Massachusets.

    2. You want someone from 5 years ago to get ahold of anonymous?

  4. When they post it I will. I'm not trying to break news. They have the resources to investigate it before they print it - and they will NOT print it unless they investigate it. I can't do that here. I don't have the connections to your area that they do, their expertise, or the right to post what you sent.



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