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Monday, September 14, 2009

[MI] Maybe Officer Kacmarsky's wife will be charged for shooting him. Maybe she won't.

Lansing Police Officer Colin Thomas Kacmarsky

...Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Sauter said today that his office will delay a decision on whether to charge the wife of a Lansing police officer accused of shooting him... Officers “had probable cause to arrest her that morning, but the shooting victim refused to make a statement to ECSD investigators,” Sauter said, adding that there was evidence that the woman had been physically assaulted prior to the shooting...

Excerpts from the last couple days of news:


Landing State Journal
Kathryn Prater prater@lsj.com
September 12, 2009
[Excerpts] A Lansing police officer was shot early this morning in an incident the Eaton County Sheriff’s Office said “appears domestic related.” Colin Thomas Kacmarsky, 33, of Dimondale was shot at 3:10 a.m. today... his condition was not available. Sheriff’s deputies arrested a 25-year-old woman who also lives at the home, police said. Officials would not identify the relationship between the two... [Full article here]

Sep 12, 2009 11:27 AM
The Eaton County Sheriff's Department says the woman taken into custody in the shooting has been released without charges. ORIGINAL STORY: Investigators are searching for answers after a Lansing police officer is shot... The officer is 33-year-old Colin Kacmarsky... 6 News talked to one woman who heard the whole thing. She says a woman was screaming and she heard a man's voice. She heard one loud scream and then a pop... And while detectives think they know who did it, they still don't know why. Sheriff Mike Raines Eaton County: "I don't know if it was an accident, self-defense, or intentional. We don't know that 'til we talk to the victim and sort the whole thing out"... [Full article here]

Tim Gillette
Sep 14, 2009
EATON COUNTY - The Eaton County Sheriff's office confirms that the woman who was detained after the shooting of an off-duty Lansing police officer has been released without charges, pending further investigation. She was released Sunday. 33-year-old Colin Kacmarsky was shot in his home in Dimondale in the early morning hours of Saturday. He remains hospitalized in stable condition... On Saturday Sheriff's deputies said the incident appeared to be a domestic argument. No time frame was given for the conclusion of their investigation. [Full article here]

Landing State Journal
Matthew Miller mrmiller@lsj.com
September 14, 2009
Eaton County Prosecuting Attorney Jeffrey Sauter said today that his office will delay a decision on whether to charge the wife of a Lansing police officer accused of shooting him.... He remains in stable condition at a local hospital, according to the Eaton County Sheriff’s Department... Officers “had probable cause to arrest her that morning, but the shooting victim refused to make a statement to ECSD investigators,” Sauter said, adding that there was evidence that the woman had been physically assaulted prior to the shooting. “Consequently, I decided to release her from custody and review the facts after the investigation is complete,” Sauter said. [Full article here]
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  1. The justice system seems just as abusive as Colin Kacmarsky in making this poor wife wait for a decision on if she will be sentenced or not. She is living one nightmare after another, Eaton Co. prosecutors need to close this case. This cop beat the hell out of his wife, and she will pay for that emotionally forever.

  2. You know for a fact that Colin "beat the hell" out of his wife? Were you there? Does that give her the right to shoot him? Absolutely not! She should be charged with attempted murder....not self defense. Who knows how long Colin was laying there before she called the police. The "poor" wife may have staged the whole thing. All I know is that Colin will have to live with what his wife did to him forever. He is now paralyzed from the chest down. She needs to be charged with something.

  3. Shes a known psycho with a history of abuse towards him as well as be known as an avid hunter with sharp shooting skills. I know both of them very well. HE is the victim and has been for years. GET THE FACTS

  4. This is a site that brings attention to police officers who abuse others, and cover it up. They always protray the s.o. as "psycho" The facts will come out and I don't think he is a victim.

  5. This site is for any domestic situations that involve an officer (firefighter, or official) and sometimes - not usually - but sometimes the officer is the victim. But yes, I've seen that line of thinking called the NUTS AND SLUTS defense. Almost every accused offender who contacts me via email says their ex is a psycho or whore - who is violent. That's what abusers do.

    That has to be true sometimes, just not usually.

  6. Thank you for the clarification, and as you have explained the typical situation of an abuser, it seems that Colin fits this perfectly.

  7. I like how everyone thinks they know who did what to who. Lets see facts known SHE SHOT HIM. It doesn't really matter who did what prior. You don't pick up a gun and shoot some one no matter what.

  8. No matter what?

    I absolutely disagree.

  9. To the person probably expecting to see your comment here - you'll have to post that elsewhere.

  10. god for bid someone who actually knows the situation, get to have the real story out there. You should change your name to Rupert Murdoch since you only report one side.

  11. And have you ever though about what Colin and his family thinks and feels about all of what you are saying on here? He is PARALYZED forever because of this girl on top of trying to recuperate and he DOES have the internet in his hospital room in grand rapids. Let me remind you, you have ONE side of the story, and one only. He was under too heavy of sedation at the time the police wanted to get his side of the story, and was advised against giving a statement by his lawyers. That is THE ONLY reason why she was released. I suggest you be respectful not only for her side. So unless you happened to have been a fly on the wall in their house at the time of the incident, or during their entire marriage, keep your mouths shut. His friends and his family and quite possibly Colin himself, are in-fact reading this.

  12. I agree with the above comment. How can you people post such horrible things about some one that you don't even know. Only two people know the truth and it will come out in due time. In the meantime people need to just keep to themselves. 99% of police officers are really good people only the stupid media won't do any stories about them because it is not news worthy.

  13. Because he is paralyzed everyone feels sorry for him? Yes she was released but should have never been in jail in the first place. The entire story cannot be told at this time because charges are still pending for both sides. So go ahead and feel sorry for a person who is inovolved in domestic violence against his wife and is sneaky enough to hide the truth. He has everyone of you fooled.
    When the story does come out you all will be pretty embarrassed you stood behind this person, Colin is a clever person, and knows how to manipulate situations and people.

  14. If Colin doesn't like what he is reading then don't read it, this poor girl has had to be subject to much cruelity over and over again becuase he ended up paralyzed and has the sympathy card. Karma seems to have caught up with him.

  15. When will Colin Kacmarsky be charged for the attempted murder of his wife? Pictures of his wife (showing the the results of his violent attack against her) were taken at the police station and at the hospital by two different parties. These pictures tell you exactly what happened that night. Again... when will Colin Kacmarsky be charged for the attempted murder of his wife?

  16. The public needs to know the truth about what happened in the Kacmarsky home last September. All the public knows is that "a woman shot her police officer husband." Now that the prosecuter is taking action, finally the public will know exactly who brought the two guns into the domestic situation. Finally the public will know that it was Mrs. Kacmarsky that witnesses heard begging for her life that night. Finally the public will know the multiple serious injuries sustained by Mrs. Kacmarsky. Finally the public will know that Mrs. Kacmarsky was choked out and left for dead by her husband that night. Finally the public will know that Colin Kacmarsky will be held accoutable for his actions and the attemped murder of his wife.

  17. It's about time! I am so sick of people thinking because she knows how to use a gun, that she is guilty. I am looking forward to the entire truth being told!!! And hoping that he gets what he deserves, which is prision!

  18. Exactly....Everyone knows that Kathe knows how to use a firearm - it's a fact. It is also a fact that Colin knows how to use a firearm. His profession calls for specific, intense training in the use of firearms. It is also a fact that Colin is the person who brought the two guns into the domestic situation. He has admitted that to the police.

    It is also a fact that there is documented history of abuse in that home - there have been several 911 calls from Kathe asking the police for thier help and to come to their home because of his abusive episodes against her.

    The facts will come out, and the public will know the truth.

  19. And...Do you really think people in Michigan find it "shocking" to learn that someone hunts? There are most likely people reading about this case who are avid hunters, or know or are related to avid hunters. No... I suspect the people in Michigan will find Colin Kacmarsky's dark side "shocking."

  20. AnonymousJuly 03, 2010

    Justice prevailed, no charges will be pressed against Kathe!


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