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Monday, September 28, 2009

[NYPD] Officer Rupnarine killed girlfriend Guiatree Hardat and it looks like he's on his way to prison

murdered by NYPD Police Officer Harry Rupnarine

"...She was just too wonderful for words; there are not words in the Eng. language that would express the sadness and pain, that I'm going through right now; the nights that I can't sleep because I'm replaying our last conversation in my head; or the last time I saw her; or just everything ... that makes me cry until I have headaches, and swollen eyes..."

An ex-cop's testimony that he accidentally killed his fiancée while gunning for knife-wielding thugs drew mockery from the prosecution Friday. Taking the stand in his defense, Harry Rupnarine claims he pulled a pistol when a man jumped out as he walked in Queens with Guiatree Hardat...

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New York Post
By William J. Gorta
September 15, 2009
The transit cop charged with murdering the woman who spurned him, shot her point blank in the back of the head -- not in a vain attempt to protect her from muggers, as he had claimed, prosecutors told a Queens jury yesterday. Harry Rupnarine shot [Guiatree] Hardat in May 2007 on Atlantic Avenue in Woodside "at close range . . . which resulted in her immediate death," said ADA Jack Warsawsky. Defense lawyer Tammy Harris said Rupnarine was trying "to protect the woman he loved from two knife-wielding thugs who tried to rob her." [LINK]

New York Daily News
By Thomas Zambito
Saturday, September 26th 2009, 4:00 AM
An ex-cop's testimony that he accidentally killed his fiancée while gunning for knife-wielding thugs drew mockery from the prosecution Friday. Taking the stand in his defense, Harry Rupnarine claims he pulled a pistol when a man jumped out as he walked in Queens with Guiatree Hardat. "I saw a second guy from the corner of my eye and I turned," Rupnarine testified. "When I turned the gun went off... I didn't see her. All I saw was these guys took off." Prosecutor Jack Warsawsky heaped scorn on his account and suggested Rupnarine shot Hardat in the back of the head during an argument. "You don't know how she wound up with a bullet hole in her head?" Warsawsky asked... Warsawsky asked if Rupnarine shed a tear as paramedics tended to his dying lover on Atlantic Ave. in Woodhaven on May 10, 2007. "I don't know," Rupnarine said. "I was in shock." "Are you crying now or are you trying to cry?" the prosecutor asked. [Full article here]

R.I.P Guiatree Hardat

May 27, 2007
"the slideshow i made for my sister's memorial"

Youtube Comment from MassiveGT
May you soul rest in peace...
Just know Vishal still loves you gui...ur always in his heart....and always will be ...and he will never forget you... he told me this with tears in his eyes...the funny thing is that i didn't know and when he? told me all i could remember is when i first met you n u served me dhal n rice that was funny...
Love Carlos

Videos of 2007 News Reports here.


New York Post
By Lorena Mongelli, Philip Messing and Jana Winter
May 12, 2007
He was jealous, controlling and domineering. She was stunning, smart and motivated - and that drove him crazy. Harry Rupnarine, the NYPD transit cop accused of fatally gunning down his beautiful ex-fiancée, was the boyfriend from hell, constantly checking on his lover's whereabouts, even phoning her in the middle of the night as he worked on the Brooklyn Transit Task Force, her relatives said... When Sukhdeo Hardat got to the intersection of 82nd Street and Atlantic Avenue, he stumbled onto a scene of horror. "Harry was in handcuffs," he said. "I got this feeling that something nasty happened." Those fears were confirmed. "I later saw her body on the ground in a pool of blood," he said. His beloved daughter died at the scene, and the MTA bus mechanic was faced with the daunting task of going home and telling the rest of the family. "My baby's not coming home," he told them. Struggling to fight back tears, he described the Queens College student and aspiring math teacher as "dedicated, smart [and] quiet." He summed it up by saying, "She made me proud"... Rupnarine was arraigned in a Queens courtroom yesterday and charged with murder in the second degree... Prosecutors said he tried to blame fictitious thugs for the shooting - and even called 911 himself to report the fake holdup. "Two guys with a knife robbed me," he told cops who arrived at the shooting scene. "I turned around and shot her [by mistake]. I'm on the job. Please, get the guys who robbed me." But other witnesses who saw the 7:30 p.m. shooting fingered Rupnarine. His lawyer, Sanford Talkin, told the judge that he had several NYPD officers in his family who were eager to contribute their life savings for his bail. But the prosecutor argued that he should be remanded because of the seriousness of the charges. The judge agreed and ordered him held without bail... Over in Cypress Hills, her grief-stricken family struggled to come to terms with their new and painful reality. "We treated him as if he was in the family," said Vina Gonsalves, 53, Hardat's aunt... Gonsalves recalled the night he proposed, in front of Hardat's mother, father, and grandparents. There was the dinner dates, and the frequent times he generously took a handful of Hardat's young cousins to the movies. "I loved Harry," said the aunt. "It's really shocking"... Hardat's father said he noticed a change in Rupnarine the last time his daughter broke it off with him. "He was less arrogant, and had more humility with her," he said... [Full article here]

New York Daily News
By Scott Shifrel And Robert F. Moore
Saturday, May 12th 2007, 4:00 AM
The NYPD transit cop charged with killing his girlfriend on a Queens street tried to blame the fatal shooting on "two guys with a knife," according to transcripts of his statements to police... "I'm on the job," pleaded Rupnarine, who is assigned to the NYPD Brooklyn transit bureau task force... "Please get those guys who robbed me"... The disgraced cop's defense attorney, Sanford Talkin, argued unsuccessfully for bail, telling Judge Suzanne Melendez that his client, a Guyanese immigrant, had ties to the community and was not a flight risk. "He's not going to run," Talkin said, adding that cops in the courtroom were willing to post Rupnarine's bail... [Full article here]

Returns home to view daughter's body
New York Daily News, NY
Monday, May 14th 2007, 4:00 AM
A grief-stricken Brooklyn mom spent Mother's Day viewing the body of her precious daughter who was gunned down last week - and cherishing the Mother's Day cards that contained her daughter's last words to her. "Even though you are so far away, we love you. Come back soon," wrote 22-year-old Guiatree Hardat before sending her mom on a trip to her native Guyana last week... "He shattered my daughter's dreams," Dabby Hardat somberly told the Daily News at her Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, house before heading to a funeral home to see her daughter's body. The mother said she never approved of her daughter's romance with NYPD transit cop Harry Rupnarine, 37, who tried to pry her away from her family and ignored her parents' curfews - and who carried a gun for work. "He is not up to my standards, and not what I wanted for my daughter. This wasn't the guy for her," Dabby Hardat said. "I was always scared of the gun. It's a feeling a mother has for her daughter, whether or not something is good for that child. It was like a sign." She said she was afraid for her daughter, a beautiful Queens College nursing student who met Rupnarine when he asked for her number while working on a J train platform. "He was abusive to me on the phone," Dabby Hardat recalled. "He would tell me, 'I know you don't want me. I know you want to get another man for Guiatree.' And on two or three occasions, he told me, 'If I don't get Guiatree, then no one else gets her.'"... [Full article here]

New York Post
May 18, 2007
Wearing the white embroidered gown and tiara that she was to have been married in, a Brooklyn beauty was cremated yesterday - less than a week after her cop ex-fiancé allegedly gunned her down. About 100 mourners gathered at the Grace Funeral Chapel in Cypress Hills at a Hindu funeral service for 22-year-old Guiatree Hardat, who was laid out in an open casket, adorned in the dress her aunt had made. A black bruise still swelled under Hardat's right eye... [Full article here]


New York Post, NY - 2 hours ago
May 21, 2007
If his Police Academy instructor had had his way, the NYPD cop accused of gunning down his ex-fiancée with his service pistol would never have been issued the gun, The Post has learned. Harry Rupnarine, 38, was so disruptive during class as a candidate in early 2005 that his instructor tried to have him kicked out, a source said. But in a meeting with his superiors, the instructor was overruled, and Rupnarine graduated in July 2005... Rupnarine is charged with the murder of Guiatree Hardat, 22, whom he allegedly gunned down on May 10 at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and 82nd Street in Woodhaven, Queens. Cops said he shot the stunning Hardat in the face after she refused to get back together with him... Sukhdeo Hardat was one of the last people to hear his daughter alive. He called her shortly before the shooting - to see if she needed a ride home from her bus stop - and heard Guiatree screaming, "I hate you! I hate you!" He also heard a male voice, which Guiatree identified as Rupnarine's... [Full article here]

Guiatree's heartbroken parents, Dabby & Sukhdeo Hardat
"Why did the police employ him?" Dabby Hardat said. "When he was in a bad mood, he could have blown anyone away. I blame the city. If they didn't issue him a gun, he wouldn't have been able to shoot Guiatree. Because they're desperate for police officers, they hire anybody," she said.

New York Post, NY
By Erin Calabrese and Larry Celona
May 22, 2007
The parents of slain beauty Guiatree Hardat said the NYPD - desperate for new recruits - is partly to blame for the shooting death of their 24-year-old daughter, allegedly gunned down by her cop ex-boyfriend on a Queens street. The Post reported yesterday that Officer Harry Rupnarine's Police Academy instructor had tried, according to a source, to kick him out of the academy for disruptive behavior, but was overruled. A man like that, Hardat's mother said, should never have been issued a weapon. "Why did the police employ him?" Dabby Hardat said. "When he was in a bad mood, he could have blown anyone away. I blame the city. If they didn't issue him a gun, he wouldn't have been able to shoot Guiatree. Because they're desperate for police officers, they hire anybody"... Hardat's parents said they would not rule out a lawsuit. [Full article here]

New York Post (NY)
September 23, 2007
[Excerpts] ...A Post review of arrest records and agency data also shows that at least 80 of the 418 city workers locked up this year were NYPD employees. They include Officer Harry Rupnarine , who allegedly killed his former fiance with his 9 mm service Glock when she yelled at him, "Get away from me! I hate you." And many more cops might have been busted this year, but the NYPD refused to disclose its official tally... Questions raised by The Post about how the city learns of employee arrests and how it disciplines arrested workers revealed a flawed and inconsistent system... each department sets its on rules on the matter. Most require self-reporting of arrests. Some, like the Mayor's Office, don't... [Full article here]
...I couldnt even tell her sister it was going to be all right because deep down inside i knew it wasnt. I know things will never be the same without her...

Excerpts from Topix Comments:

Adriana Taylor
Buffalo, NY
Guiatree Hardat my cousin my blood my sister i lover so much..she didnt deserve this.And i strongly do feel that Rupnarine should be sentence to death and not a life time in prison.He took an innocent life someone who meant the world to many people he should be punished.What nonsense that he was robbed..how can you accidently shoot your love on a street that brights?No excuses he did the crime and he should be hung!!

Adriana Taylor
Buffalo, NY
She was smart,caring,loving,funny,hype r and someone u can always count on..now she's gone and he's living its not fair..He should be dead.The grief her dear mom and dad an lil sis Jyoti is going through no one would know the pain..but they are like my second family through thick and thin i love them all ......and now she's gone and i feel empty inside..such a beautiful young lady taken so quickly.you'll always be remember i miss yur smile and warm hugs ...I hope that guy dies!!

Nitin Ramkumar
Georgetown, Guyana
she was soo funn...she always use to help me out wenever i needed...i loved her...and ill miss her alottt...hope that idiot whoever did this is sentenced to death... he killed someone that wudda madee such a different in this world...well all miss u guiatree and my sincere condolences to family.. and jhoti jus hang in there its gunna be ok

Shafeeza Ibrahim
Georgetown, Guyana
...im so sorry for her..she seriously didn't deserve this..that boyfriend has a cruel mind...if i ahd de chance i'd kill myself...i would like too extend my dseepest sympathy to all the relatives and friends of the Guiatree Hardat in this their time of grief..may her soul rest in peace..from the Ibrahim's family Essequibo Coast, Guyana

Buffalo, NY
I miss u still cant believe it but every one keeps saying yes i dont want to accept the truth but reality is your gone and we really love u and miss you.

Prashant Rambaran
Georgetown, Guyana
This is by far a tragic and demoralizing moment for all who have known this wonderful being. Guiatree was a lovely person. Extremely friendly and always full of life. It is the worst thing for a young and vibrant person as guiatree was to come to such an abrubt end. The heartless, ignorant, ruthless, cold blooded killer responsible for taking guiatree's life deserves only the harshest of treatment later resulting in death. My sympathy to her family especially Jyoti. Hang in there. Guiatree would want all to be strong and hopeful..
Rest in peace Guiatree

Rishi Georgetown Guyana
Georgetown, Guyana
Guiatree and I worked together for a couple of months at NBIC before she migrated, and the short time I knew her she was very fun smart and always smiling this is very sad and hard to believe she will be Missed dearly by me and Sherry. Rest in Peace.
My sympathy to her family. HE SHOULD BE HUNG !

Shane Ali
Balintore, UK
I went to school with Guiatree and consider her a sister. I met her whole family last year in NY when i visted her. She is in my thoughts everyday. This guy didnt even deserve to breathe the same air she did. My god i hope he gets life. I am still in denial. I remember her always smiling, us poking fun at each other, or going to have a chinese. I love her so much. and i am taking this hard. May her soul rest peacefully. I know she has taken a peace of us with her because she contributed so much to our own lives. Guiatree we will miss you dearly.

Victor Wilkinson
Jamaica, NY
Even though I didn't know Guiatree that well, I'm still heart broken. I hope this murderer gets whats coming to him.
Jyoti, sweet heart, I'm here for you, stay strong baby. Mr. and Mrs. Hardat my prayers are with you. Never give up. I love you all.

Asia Lansing
Alvada, OH
Guiatree was a really nice girl. Her dad and my mom are cousins. I met her for the first time in florida during august last year...her parents and everyone welcomed me and my mom and brother with open arms..i loved being with them and jyoti..i love them both very much and when i heard what happened i couldnt function properly in school.. i jus kept crying and crying. i coulnt believe it..she was soo nice and pretty and i loved her soo much... everytime i think about it i just feel like crying.. i still can't believe it happened... she was a terrific person...

Garry Boodhan
Edgewater, FL
Well people I dont know where to start... First and formost, on behalf of all of guiatree's family and friends.. i would like to thank everyone who has paid their respect to her. Funeral arrangements are being made for Thursday. As soon as i find out the address i will post it. Guiatree is my cousin. Even though prior to her moving to the US from Guyana I didnt know her personally. For the short time we did spend together they were very memorable ones. It's very sad that this happened to her out of all people... Out of all the people in this world why her?? She had brains... She had beauty.. She had a huge heart.. She had a good head on her shoulders and most of all She had a plan.. She was making the most of her family's journey to the U.S. Me and Guiatree grew up on 2 totally different parts of the earth so lifes roads were taking us in 2 totally different directions but deep down inside we were the same!! Guiatree, Without a doubt you will be missed by many. I wish i could hug ur boney little self right now.. Harry whatever your last name is, You should be hung!! But honestly death would just be a easy way out for you. It would just be an easy esacape for the coward he is. He deserves to spend every last minute of his life behind bars scared for his life!!! He deserves to live in fear for the rest of his life because of what he has done to my cousin!! I hope his stay in NYS correctional facility is as bad as they say it is!!... I just feel like cursing. I wish I could see him. This is the worst feeling in the world!! It sucks knowing that no matter what I do, it cant change what he did. I couldnt even tell her sister it was going to be all right because deep down inside i knew it wasnt. I know things will never be the same without her.

Amelia Guyana
Georgetown, Guyana
I still cant believe what has happened she was my close cousin and she didn't deserve to die like this. My entire family is grieving and her family 2. I miss her so much that words cannot describe. I wish it wasn't at all true but life goes on. We, her family in Guyana are all missing her. I still cant believe. There so much that I want 2 say. We will always remember her especially her smile. She had the biggest smile.I'm praying 4 d family Miss u cous R.I.P. Gui We will always remember her. Don't have the strenght to say anything else. Take care of my aunt & uncle Jyoti. Missing u Gui. R.I.P. Cous

Ranie NY
Queens Village, NY
My deepest sympathy goes out to the Hardat family. I was a friend of Guiatree and met her last Sept...She "never" missed an occasion to call me, Christmas, my bday, Valentine's Day...she was so very sweet and thoughtful... and will be missed. I hope she finds a peaceful place in heaven to rest...

Garry Boodhan
Orlando, FL
this was a mass email sent out by her sister Jyoti.
This is Jyoti Hardat, the little sister of Guiatree Hardat. I am just writing this little note to let you all know of the events that have happened. Guiatree was fatally shot on Thursday, 10th of May, 2007 by her fiance. She is no longer with us. God please bless her soul and let her rest in peace. The viewing of the body will be held on Tuesday 15th of May and the funeral will be the following day. I will keep you all updated concerning the time and place of the events. You can reply to this email because i will be checking it regularly. or you can reply to me directly at preti_angel@hotmail.com At this point in time, I cannot say much more. The wound is still fresh in my heart and mind.
Jyoti Hardat

Jyoti Hardat
Brooklyn, NY
May 14, 2007
I'm Gui's sister. Thank you all for your comments and condolences. it means alot to us..gui was indeed a very blessed individual and it was a blessing jus having her in our lives. her life was short but the lives she has touched are countless. i love u gui..so much... my big sis, my guiding angel... i love u from the depths of my heart. u were my life, u r my life and u will always be my life.
R.I.P Tweety(Gui)...i love u

New York, NY
I couldn't believe this and I'm still having a hard time...Gui was one of my dearest friends...she has always been there for me...always made me smile...hmm she always had a smile on her face! We would say the nuttiest things to each other and be down right blunt and honest and know it's ok to do it..anything I had bothering me I could approach her and expect to hear something to make me feel better...and she could have done the same. I don't know what to say...but I hope she gets justice!... this guy should feel every ounce of pain & guilt possible... death is too much of an easy way out for him!... We will all miss you Gui... so much... you'll remain in my heart...

Nina Brooklyn NY
Queens Village, NY
This is such a sad story, but also to common. Since when does a man feel that he has the right to hurt the woman he is with. Why do we women have to live in fear of the person we are suppose to be in love with. Be a man and if you are in pain take yourself out of it ! Kill yourself !!! Not the person that does not love you anymore. This guy does deserve the death penalty ! He does not deserve bail I hope the judge does not grant bail he needs to live the rest of his life in jail.

Alberttown, Guyana

Kavita - Guyana
Georgetown, Guyana
My Sincere condolences to Aunti Debbie, Uncle Hardat, Jyoti and the rest of the family and friends.I share in your moment of grief. My prayers are with you. Have faith, god is always in charge.

Cristian Russo
Buenos Aires, Argentina
I can only send my condolence to the family. I know Guiatree´s father, Sukhdeo , who´s a fine working man, and father who deserved not, this tragedy. I hope this whole thing lays into God´s reason.

Shellown Persaud
Los Angeles, CA
Gui and I have been close friends for many years and in the past week I've felt every emotion from shock, anger, frustration, and sadness for this tragedy and what it has done to her parents, sister, family, and friends, hate for the monster who took her away from us all, and appreciation and joy to have had such a wonderful friend. I have given up trying to understand why this happened because it's God's will. Somehow knowing that this is all God's will doesn't provide any comfort at this time. My condolences go out to all those who lost Gui. I love you sweetheart. May you rest in peace.

Shiv from Radioguyana
Toronto, Canada
I knew guiatree since she was at QC. very smart and happy person. She does not deserve this. IT really hurt me to know gui had to go this way. I remember calling GUI and pretending to be a radio Dj just to keep her smiling. Only fews days before she died she signed my guest book and she was so happy i finally got to be a real one. WHEN i am down she always there to talk to...GUI was a real friend who i will miss... MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE>>>> WILL MISS YOU "SAPODILLA BROWN" GIRL....

Shakti Singh
Toronto, Canada
Gui and i went to high school together. She was like a really really good friend of mine. We beacame closer when i returned to guyana in 2005. She was always such a fun loving happy person. I can hardly ever remember a time not seeing her smiling. Gui you will be dearly missed. I am still in shock. I totally cannot believe that someone would do something like this to such a nice person. He should be hanged and done twice over again. i hope he gets the death sentence..
We will all miss u dearly ... u ma gurl

Mohalani Chatterdeo
Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago
I met Guiatree when she first started Queen's College in Guyana. I was in my fifth year, we were preparing for the QC Hindu Society's Phagwah Programme. Gui found me on hi5 a few months back and her words were: "I don't know if you remember me?" I did. I know she looked up to me... and I pledge to make something good of my life in her name and put a smile on her face. RIP Guiatree. You touched so many lives with your charm... you have no idea the impact your death has had on people all across this globe. My prayers are with you, your family and your friends. Justice will be served, even if we don't get to see the justice we want, I know that your murderer cannot run from his Karma.

Ange R - Guyana
Tunapuna, Trinidad and Tobago
Gui was one of TWO of my best friends, and in some respects we will always be, because there is no one that can take her place. She has a special place in my heart that she will keep forever. She was just too wonderful for words; there are not words in the Eng. language that would express the sadness and pain, that I'm going through right now; the nights that I can't sleep because I'm replaying our last conversation in my head; or the last time I saw her; or just everything ... that makes me cry until I have headaches, and swollen eyes ...(sighs)

I just want to APPEAL to all you guys that are advocating that the f-cker should get death. STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Don't you see that's what he wants, he wants to die without paying his debt to society; he doesn't want to face the tons of lives that he has ruined; he wants to die like a coward.

A coward that doesn't tell a beautiful YOUNG WOMAN of 22, that he's so old he'll be collecting pension soon. NO, MY FRIENDS IN GRIEF, let him live on to face all the torment and grief that we are feeling now, and will be facing on our quiet days years from now.

LET HIM LIVE. DON'T MAKE THIS EASIER FOR HIM. PLEASE.'Cuz we all know that if he ever comes out of jail, someone wil drop him, better one of us than them?....

Gui, Chicky, I love you and miss you so much. I hope that there is some cosmic interruption in the universe and you are returned to us all ...

Dillon DeRamos nyc
Brooklyn, NY
To the hardat family, my deepest condolences and i just hope that in time you can mend things and keep on moving forward because thats the only way gui would have wanted it. Gui was a spectacular person, funny, bold confident and just a plain ole sweetheart. Her passing has left a void in many hearts that can never be filled. The most moving and sad part about this entire incident is simply the fact that gui never knew how important she was and how many lives she touched by just being herself, Gui...you were so loved and needed by so many..... If only we could turn back the hands on time and change things. I know so many people who would have gladly taken a bullet for gui and i'm one of them. To her parents who she would always refer to as pops and mudds, me and ange both know how much she loved you guys and appreciated everything you did, of course Jyoti was her little starlet. Please dont have any regrets about gui coz she treasured you all and would have never traded you guys for anything. she adored you all and whereever she is, i know she'll be smiling and looking over you until you all meet again, til then i wish you the strength to continue on and plz Jyoti if you read this feel free to contact me if you need anything.. anything at all.. me and ange are here for you..plz dont ever be shy
Unlike most people i'll hold back from commenting about that monster.. he's not worth my time.

Kiran Mattai
Georgetown, Guyana
Guiatree was a fun loving and friendly person, and whatever happened to her makes one question the phrase- 'everything happens for a reason.' I knew Guiatree through Jyoti when she would come to dancing,and then at QC as well. For the week that we all stayed together In NY, it was more than just being friends....it was fun, sisterly and definitely a memory worth keeping. There was never a time she didnt have a smile on her face and that's been the general consensus about Guiatree. Im glad that I did meet Guiatree and for the time I, as well as my sister and entire family knew her, we are grateful for such. We hope her soul rests in peace and that her family be able to achieve some comfort in knowing that their daughter and sister, for the short time she lived, lived with FULL energy. we are all still shocked here, but we pray that the justice system places a penalty on this man who so mercilessly and in a moment of selfishness, took this girl's life, as well as a family's dream. RIP Guiatree

Sheena P
Georgetown, Guyana
I met Guiatree thru Ange, Im one of Ange's best friend too... I was so shocked when I heard the sad news and up to this day I still can't believe that happened to her. She was so beautiful. I remember I would tease her about Sapodilla Brown as her screen name. I remember how she was so caring, everytime I had a depressing screen name up she would be one of the first to ask me whats wrong, if Imran and I are ok... Imran, my bf.. went to skool with Gui and everyday I would print out the news and give him to read. He too just cant believe that she's gone. Guiatree, don't worry dear... if the law doesn't give that mo'fo what he deserves, god will... its a pity though you had to go this way but we all know god takes his good children to be with him and you're in the sweet and loving arms of the lord. To the family of Guiatree..her mom, sister Jyoti, Dad and other friends and family.. I just want to say I deeply regret this sad moment and my deepest sympathy to you.

Iasha B
Georgetown, Guyana
well..i met guiatree through my cuz ange when i used to visit her millions of times at Q.C...ange and gui were inseparable most of the time and gui has a sense of humor that was out of this world...she had so many jabs and low blows for everyone..jus a wonderful young lady...i know how much ange loves her and she will be missed by so many people...who wouldve thought that out of all the people in the world...it would be our dear fren guiatree...i will surely miss those days when she used to pop up at the court and we would go walkin all over town...hmh...time will heal the pain and hurt we all feel but you will always be remembered Gui..i know where u r..u are goin to be well taken care of..and for the bastard that did this...he cannot run from Allah's punishments...i assure you....justice will be served...love n miss u gui...

Kelvin B-Guyana
Georgetown, Guyana
I must admit that i'm very sadened by what happened to my good friend.. i have known her since first form and we came all the way to sixth form together.. and this is not the way we expected her to go... we were supposed to grow old together then pass away from some natural cause..however, im very angry at that raksha who took the life of my beautiful friend ... we'll miss u Gui.. u always be remebered.. to your family i pray that God give u the health and strength to move on after such a tragedy.. God bless.. and i hope that justice is served.

Jamaica, NY
I was a witness to everything that happened. However, I saw it from afar as I was in moving car and was unable to do anything. I tell you that she tried to get him off her, if this is any kind of relief to the family she fought him. I saw when he pointed the gun to her face and she tried to fight him as she screamed and he shot her, but by the time we drove in reverse to try to help or stop him it was to late, we just happen to find her body cover with blood to her head. I must tell you that she was a courageous individual and I offer my deepest condolences to the family. I can[n't] bear to pass by the place she was murder, even though she was a stranger to me I am extremely sadden as she was a strong soul, whose life was robbed. Once again my condolences, especially to her mother, it must be ea difficult time for her.

Alberttown, Guyana
Guitree was a very sweet girl. She always had a smile on her face and was always a pleasant person to be around. On behalf of my colleagues of Centralised Support Unit (Angie, Marcella, Carlos,Sunil, S avi ,Indi, Ava, Denese, Michelle, P arasram and many others whose lives she had touched), we extend our heartfelt condolences to Guitree's family and her loved ones. She will be missed. Worry not, Justice will be served if not by the people then by God. MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE.

Brooklyn, NY
I still cant believe shes gone. We go to the same mandir. He dad thought me much about being a camera man and he sister, Jjoyti thought our youth group how to dance and perform during fund raiser's. I cant belive Harry did this. He seemed like a nice nice guy when we talked in mandir. But i guess you never know what someone is capable of until its done. Guiatree was robbed of her future. Who knows how great of an individual she would have been. I miss her dearly.

Stone Mountain, GA
Guitree is my cousin and I will miss her very much. This is the worst experience any family should have to go through. But my friend used to say to me, if god brings you to it, god will bring you through it. We all pray that her soul rest in peace and hope that my uncle and family will get throught this much stronger in will. They will need it for the trial.

Ashwini Nagreadi
Georgetown, Guyana
Guiatree was my cousin. She was a very sweet and unique individual just like everybody else but there was just a different touch of life when it came to her. You would only be able to know that if you were around her and had dealings with her. Her smile and laughter was one that could have turned any sad atmosphere into an unforgettable one. She was always of help to me and my sister. She was just the type we loved to be around, fun, smart and most of all knows her boundaries. Guiatree, you may have left us, but with momories that we will always cherish and will never ever be able to forget. You were and will always be sweet to us. We love you Guyo and we always will. Sincere condolences to my Aunty Debbie, Uncle Sukh, my sweet cousin Jyoti... stay sweet and hang in ther.... This is from the Nagreadi's Family wishing you all the best and try to live on for whatever has happened has happened but ofcurse we will never be able to forget. Guiatree was sweet and will always be. As for Harry i am not God and do not have the right o determine what will happen to him but i do hope and pray that he finds himself in such a situation in life that he lives to regret and grieve for what he has done to my very sweet and adorable cousin. R.I.P Giuatree.... love ya!!!!

Georgetown, Guyana
Guiatree was such a sweet, caring and fun loving individual. I still cannot believe her life was snatched in such a cruel manner. She was truly one of a kind. My first friend in high school, Guiatree made me feel welcome in a place where I knew no one else. She was very special and it's sad to talk about her in past tense, but the little time she spent with us we will forever remember for she touched our lives in such a special way. To Uncle Hardat and family you guys are in our thoughts and prayers. May her soul rest in peace.

DS - New York
Flushing, NY
I have known Guiatree for couple of years. I first met her and her sister when she came to NY from Guyana to acommpany her sister for a show. She was a great person who was always there to listen to what you have to say. She have touched many lives including mine. I just want Jyoti to now that i still remember you guys and when i heard what happened to gui i was shocked and hoped that this guy is sentenced to death. RIP Guiatree aka tweety or cowtree

Anil Ramnath
Georgetown, Guyana
Guiatree my cousin and sister always wear a smile even on a bad day. What has happen is very tragic and heartbraking for the family and friends and its something that will never overcome by this family..knowing that Harry has ripped many hearts in this family. She was too good for him and thats what he can't accept. Now that this dreadful act has been committed, i trust and hope that justice will prvail and Harry will get what he deserved for such an act beacuse Guiatree can not be replaced for us especially to her mom, dad and sister. Justice must be given!!!!
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  1. My prayers are with Guiatree's family. I am so sorry.

    God bless,



  2. Neva & Rishi HaroldSeptember 30, 2009

    I had the greatest pleasure of meeting Gui at High School. She's one of the people with the biggest heart and the brightest smile. Even though we were not in the same class, she'd never pass me on the corridor without smiling and stopping for a brief chat before running off to class. She's a true gem of a person and someone that the world needed. She will be terribly missed but NEVER forgotten. I am sure she's in a better place watching over us all. My deepest and heartfelt condolences to her family. I hope justice is served both by law and the Almighty. May her wonderful soul rest in peace.

  3. Having worked in the precint for few years, it took a devastating toll on my attitude and family and overall friends. I have to agree that these people who work for any police organization are really time bombs themselves ready to go off at any time or moment. I am out after doing 5 years in the precinct and now live life as a human being than rather as a person who has to be really strung out with politics and brutality to innocent people. I am glad that the idiot got what he deserved and may he rot in hell and think of gui every single moment of the day. It is no wonder his parents left early from this world, they knew that satan was their son

  4. ANa gonsalvesNovember 20, 2009

    Imissher :( R.i.p. guiatree ; iloveu mamaa _yur stinker :( (tears)

  5. imissu babee !!!! r.i.p guiatreee ; iloveu _ you stinker !

  6. Truely sad. I hope that coward gets what he dxeserved in prison and i hope he stays in there.

  7. AnonymousJune 04, 2010

    I read the story and just found out about this crime in 2010 June 5th. THoughts and prayers go out to the victims families. Burn in hell officer for what you did. My family is from Guyana and they are very nice people i'm sure this girl was very nice too. But bad things obnly happen to good people it just isnt right. Im so sorry to hear what happened RIP

  8. I am shocked that the cop got charged with second degree murder...he should have received first degree which will have entitled him to life without parole because no one robbed him and he did it!! Everyone saw it! However, everything plays out in court and everthing is like a bargain. Nonetheless, This page is absolutely beautiful and its a great story of how great Guitree was to others.

  9. Continue to Rest dearest Gui.. <3
    You are still in our thoughts "Sapodilla Brown" :)


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