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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

[GA] Sgt. Park's wife crawled from their house

...Parks' wife crawled out of the house after officers yelled for her to exit. She told the officers her husband had "gone crazy and started shooting his guns in the backyard"... [Lt.] Harris stated he came over earlier that morning after Parks' wife called him for help...

CHAMBLEE: Officer arrested after shots fired at his home By Andria Simmons
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
[Excperts] A Chamblee police officer was arrested Sunday after he allegedly fired multiple gunshots outside of his Loganville home and pointed a rifle at a superior officer. Gwinnett County police officers were responding to multiple reports of gunfire on Eden Valley Court in Loganville about 4 a.m. Sunday when they heard a gunshot as they exited their patrol cars. They followed the noise to a nearby house and peered over a privacy fence to see two men —- Brendon Parks, 37, and George Harris, both of the Chamblee Police Department —- standing in the backyard, according to a police report. Police ordered the men, who were dressed in civilian clothing, to come outside and lay on the ground. Harris reportedly identified himself as a Chamblee police lieutenant and Parks as one of his sergeants. Police said Parks' wife crawled out of the house after officers yelled for her to exit. She told the officers her husband had "gone crazy and started shooting his guns in the backyard"... Harris stated he came over earlier that morning after Parks' wife called him for help because of her husband's actions. Harris told the officers he found Parks standing in the backyard holding a rifle. He said Parks pointed the rifle at him, but he wasn't afraid for his safety... Parks is charged with reckless conduct, discharging a firearm under the influence and pointing a gun at another. Police seized a rifle, a revolver and two pistols from Parks' home as evidence. Harris was released... Gwinnett jail records show he was released Sunday afternoon on $3,900 bond... "He is on administrative leave with pay until we complete an internal investigation," [Chamblee police Chief R. Marc] Johnson said. [Full article here]


  1. you are so full of shit they screamed for her to come out and get on the ground..she was scared more the Gwinnett then anything you need to get your story correct before you start making false statements.. How dare you !! Do you even know any of the story behind this . If he wasn't an Officer this shit wouldn't even be on the news.. there was no shot gun !!! NO ABUSE !!

  2. His dad died he lives in the country.. he wen out in his back yard and shot into the ground !!This is a human with feelings why do you have to make his family even more sad ?

  3. You forgot to say she was just inviting the Lt. over for tea, and that the Lt. is lying.
    You are a little high strung.
    Do you have weapons too?

  4. It amazes me that someone from so far away seems to know show much. You got all your facts from the media.?? Have you personally spoke to anyone involved or do you just throw stones at everyone due to something in your life. The media never gets the story right and when they do get all the facts the change them to make it more eye catching. I dont know any of the people involved but I AM SURE there is more to this than meets the eye. You choose to hate cops and that is your right. I choose to admire them and be thankful that there are still people in this crazy world that will take the job. Im sorry that you are a person that lives in some type of world that no one else does. Why not start a blog on the millions of good things police have done.? To think that someone hides behind a blog and declares them self a champion for justice.?? Indeed have another piece of cake and wallow in your poor sorry life..

  5. The only reason this story even made the news is because this individual is a police officer. Once people in the media think they have a story, they run with it, especially if it involves anyone in the public eye such as firemen, police officers, teachers or government officials. The reporter even admits that she does not know the entire story. But does that stop her from telling it? Of course not…because people like you thrive on news that has been skewed. Where in her report does she mention anything about abuse? So what if it says the wife came “crawling out?” Wouldn’t you if police officers were yelling, probably pointing their guns, and screaming at you to get out of the house?

    You do not know anything more than the rest of the public, but you choose to add this story to your blog. Why don’t you spend your time trying to find out what really happened before you make such bold assumptions?

  6. Sorry to hear about the death of his dad.

  7. Why was he shooting at 4am in the morning anyway? Regardless if his dad died yesterday or years ago, that was irresponsible, disrespectful and stupid, especially as a police officer. And yes police officers should act with more dignity and self control because us as people look up to them. And believe me, they do get special treatment.

  8. Somebody thinks there is no DANGER when someone expresses grief with a shotgun.

    Even if his wife was only concerned for him, many women have made that grave mistake.

    Shooting a shotgun multiple times in the silence of night - not caring the terror it could give all those who could hear - instead of just voicing his grief or crying could so easily be the prelude to tragedy. No one knows until it's over.

  9. True, shooting a gun in the middle of the night is irresponsible. However, I think that many people would agree that posting this story on this blog is also irresponsible because the person who did so does not know all of the facts. There could have been many reasons that contributed to what happened that night. No one knows.

  10. "All of the facts" are never known in any news stories.

  11. Ok Fist off his Dad died over 7 months ago and shooting a gun in the middle of the night is not a sain way of showing grief and I dont't think Loganville is condidered "The Country". Sure Cops get more publicity than others do in some situation but they also get a hell of a lot more slack in others so quit crying!
    Oh by the way if there was no shot gun than what did the neighbors hear a BB gun?
    I am not Anti Cop-I am just tired of some of them thinking they are above the law-They should be treated the same as you and I-this is the job they chose!

  12. Let's just face the facts. Police Officers think they can get by with murder. Most believe they are bigger and badder then everyone else. They should get treated the same as you and I. I don't care how long they have been in the force or how big and mean they are...tough titty, cry me a river, build me a bridge and GET OVER IT!

    Oh by the way...Don't you know that Officers don't like nor drink tea, they drink coffee and eat donuts.


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