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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

[GA] Sr. Officer Oliver and his wife Virginia charged for dv

...Oliver was charged with criminal trespass (family violence) and disorderly conduct, while his wife was charged with battery (family violence)...

Metter Advertiser, GA - 2 hours ago
[Excerpts] Senior Patrol Officer Ryan Oliver has been placed on administrative leave with pay from Metter Police Department following a domestic dispute on Thursday evening in Bulloch County. Police Chief William Hooper stated that Oliver will remain on leave with pay until an internal investigation is completed and until criminal charges are settled... "If the inquiry reveals that there were any violations of departmental or city policy, we can act on those. However, as to the criminal accusations, we cannot run a criminal investigation concurrent or jointly with an administrative hearing." The Bulloch County Sheriff's Department reported that Oliver and his wife, Virginia Oliver, were involved in a domestic dispute when deputies were called to the scene around 7 p.m. on Thursday. Oliver was charged with criminal trespass (family violence) and disorderly conduct, while his wife was charged with battery (family violence). All charges were misdemeanors. Both parties have been bonded out. Under POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) protocol, Oliver was required to notify POST of his arrest within 30 days and has already fulfilled that obligation... "Many citizens do not know or understand that it is a very complex issue, even in Metter, to simply suspend or terminate a police officer. Although something may have a very simplistic solution, to legally get there and protect the city from litigation for violation of due process, Garrity Rights, and privacy is very complex. Police officers are held to a higher level of accountability, but we run into human frailty, just like anyone else. The biggest obstacle, regardless of the outcome, will be restoring community faith." [Full article here]

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