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Friday, August 22, 2008

[ME] Arrested for dv, 911 Chief Miclon out of jail in 45 minutes

...released from the Oxford County Jail on $500 unsecured bail about 45 minutes after he was booked... An executive session will be held...

How does the family figure out if they should even consider HAVING a safety plan when he's out in 45 minutes? Proximity matters.

I'd still be trying to stop shaking after any kind of family violence.

(Before becoming Chief of The Oxford County Regional Communications Center (RCC), Captain James Miclon was an Oxford County Sheriff's Department Criminal Investigation Detective. RCC is responsible for receiving and dispatching calls for service for all but four of the Law, Fire and Rescue Agencies in Oxford County.)

Mike Webster
The director of Oxford County's communications center has been arrested on a domestic assault charge. Forty-nine-year-old James Patrick Miclon of Woodstock, a former Oxford County deputy sheriff, was arrested early Thursday and released on $500. Sources say state troopers were called to Miclon's home Wednesday evening and determined that an altercation had taken place involving Miclon, his wife and 17-year-old daughter. Police say there were no injuries requiring medical attention. [LINK]

Sun Journal
By M. Dirk Langeveld
August 22, 2008
[Excerpts] ...James Patrick Miclon, 49, of Curtis Hill Road in Woodstock, was released from the Oxford County Jail on $500 unsecured bail about 45 minutes after he was booked. Lt. Walter Grzyb of the Maine State Police said in an e-mail that police were called to Miclon's home around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Grzyb said Detective Terrance James and Trooper Paul Casey responded and determined that an altercation had taken place between Miclon, his wife, and her 17-year-old daughter... An executive session will be held Friday between the commissioners and their labor consultant to determine if any disciplinary action will be taken against Miclon... According to Sun Journal archives, Miclon began working for the Oxford County Sheriff's Office in 1978 and became an investigator of serious crimes. He became director of the communications center in 2006... According to the jail booking sheets, Miclon is scheduled to appear in South Paris District Court on Sept. 11. [Full article here]

8/23/2008 UPDATE:

Miclon placed on paid leave

Sun Journal
By M. Dirk Langeveld
August 23, 2008
An Oxford County employee and former sheriff's deputy has been placed on administrative leave... James P. Miclon, director of the Oxford County Regional Communications Center, will be on paid leave for an unspecified time... The teenage girl was assaulted... County commissioners David Duguay of Byron, Caldwell Jackson of Oxford and Steve Merrill of Norway made the decision about Miclon's leave Friday morning after a 50-minute executive session... He is not to return home and is not to have any contact with either his wife or his stepdaughter... Lt. Walter Grzyb of the State Police said there were no injuries that required medical attention... Details of the altercation were not being released before Miclon's arraignment Sept. 11 in a Paris court [Full article here]


  1. This is the only criminal arrest for Miclon on record, but google him or search the archives on SunJournal.com and his name comes up like 108 times. Negative as well as positive, but read the negative ones. Miclon was a named defendant in a civil [wrongful death] trial for fatally shooting a man. He allowed drunk teenagers to drive home from a party. He must feel like the laws don't apply to him and that he has better judgment than others to make decisions from them. So, I am sure he assaulted his 17-year-old step-daughter and hopefully he gets the punishment he deserves and the family get protected. (By the way, "paid leave" from his cushy job isn't punishment.)

  2. I guess the United States Constitution is something that need not pertain to people whom have dedicated their lives and careers to protecting that very same document and the constitutional rights that go along with it.
    Oh by the way, the young lady who made the false accusations again Miclon, shortly after and still to this day has apologized for making the false allegations against Miclon. Did not see that printed in any newspaper, or on TV.
    As for the civil suit in the deadly shooting, I guess you did not read that either, as Miclon was sitting with the mother and sister five miles away when the young man was shot. That suit was dropped. The young people allowed to drive intoxicated was all a bunch of crap, he never, I repeat never allowed anyone to operate a motor vehicle intoxicated.
    So let get all the facts before you condemn the man, who by the way is doing just fine, and has recovered very well from all this garbage.

  3. So you say.

    Miclon to return to dispatch
    Sun Journal. Lewiston, Me.
    By M. Dirk Langeveld Staff Writer
    Published Oct 30, 2008
    Last updated Nov 21, 2009
    ...Commissioners voted unanimously after a two-and-a-quarter-hour executive session on Monday to take James P. Miclon off administrative leave... He said he did not intend to strike the girl's face, but may have done so accidentally. The report states that the incident occurred outside the residence when Miclon was walking two dogs and the girl's puppy. Miclon pulled on the leash of the puppy to make it stop jumping on his wife... According to court documents, Miclon's bail conditions were amended to allow him to return to his residence and have contact with his wife... http://www.sunjournal.com/node/569842

    Miclon case filed
    Sun Journal. Lewiston, Me.
    By M. Dirk Langeveld Staff Writer
    Published Nov 04, 2008
    Last updated Nov 21, 2009
    PARIS - A criminal complaint against the director of Oxford County's emergency communications center will be dropped in a year if he continues counseling and takes prescribed medication, Justice Thomas E. Delahanty II ruled...


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