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Thursday, August 28, 2008

[WV] Ex-Deputy Balog pled guilty to dv battery, and will take a class

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[WV] Lt. Balog charged with domestic battery of girlfriend

Wood Co. Sheriff's Deputy Pleaded Guilty
Posted: 6:33 PM Aug 26, 2008
Last Updated: 6:33 PM Aug 26, 2008
Reporter: Allison Rhea

A former Wood County Deputy Sheriff will now have to complete an anger management course, after he pleaded guilty to Domestic Battery.

Donald Balog was arrested after an incident on June 17th when he allegedly got into an argument with his girlfriend at the Comfort Inn in Vienna.

Balog appeared in a Wood County courtroom Monday and pleaded guilty to one count of Domestic Battery.

He will now have to complete an anger management course, he cannot have contact with the victim and he cannot possess or own a firearm.


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