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Thursday, August 21, 2008

[TX] Cop Hageman say's he'll beat the rap

Dallas Police Department treated Hageman's previous incidents lightly and now he's (allegedly) shooting at people on the highway? Who benefits? Dallas? I don't think so.

...His records indicate a pattern of questionable off-duty behavior that started not long after his hiring
... he told Garland Police Lt. Cesar VanCleave that he thought he would be indicted and then fired, but that he would beat the rap and then get his job back...

Dallas Morning News, TX
Crime Blog
Aug 20, 2008
[Excerpts] Sometimes I'm surprised when cops get in trouble. Other times I'm not. After reviewing the internal affairs records of Senior Cpl. Daniel Hageman, a Dallas police officer accused of shooting at a woman's vehicle in Garland, I'm not surprised. His records indicate a pattern of questionable off-duty behavior that started not long after his hiring in 2001. In 2003, then-Apprentice Police Officer Hageman got a written reprimand after he used his in-car computer to check the background of a woman he was thinking about dating. The woman told police that she was frightened because he tracked her down and showed up unannounced at the home of her parents. "Officer Hageman used poor judgment throughout this incident. He is a young officer and hopefully the lessons learned as a result of this will serve him well," Sgt. J.L. Hein wrote at the time. In 2004, a DART bus driver complained to investigators that several cars appeared to be racing and that the driver of a white Corvette cut in front of him and then began following him. "I thought this guy was some kind of maniac"... That same year, a former girlfriend told police that he showed up at her workplace and harassed her after she had told him to leave her alone and being instructed not to contact her by a supervisor. In the Garland case, Cpl. Hageman has denied shooting at the vehicle. According to Garland police records, he told Garland Police Lt. Cesar VanCleave that he thought he would be indicted and then fired, but that he would beat the rap and then get his job back. "Hageman added that he would then be labeled as one of 'those guys' that gets fired and then gets their job back"... Officer Joe Harn, a Garland police spokesman, said the third-degree felony deadly conduct charge against Cpl. Hageman has been dismissed, but that police are having some evidence sent off for testing and they expect to refile the charge... [Full article here]

10 Jul 2008
[Excerpts] Garland police on Wednesday arrested a Dallas police officer for allegedly shooting at a vehicle during a road rage incident. According to Dallas police, Sr. Cpl. Daniel Hageman turned himself in to Garland police at about 6 p.m. on Wednesday... They said Hageman was off duty when he opened fire at a vehicle, hitting its right rear tire. A woman and passenger who were in the vehicle said a man drove up behind them, started yelling and then fired several shots... The victims were later able to identify Hageman in a photo lineup... He has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by the Internal Affairs Division. He is out of jail on a $5,000 bond. [Full article here]


  1. Woah
    This guy is in a PhD program in Clinical Psychology, don't people do background checks anymore?

    1. Yeah, at the University of Phoenix- big deal. Also, he's since been fired for sexual harassment at another job. What a winner. His family is so lucky to have him.

  2. Which school?

  3. Walden University

  4. Hey anonymous, why don't you post who you are if you are going to talk about someone. Do you know this guy? Have you seen his exemplary arrest record? Do you even know the story of what actually happened, or are you judging the always-reliabel news media? Do you know anything about the chick that is alleging this incident? What about the fact that the Grand Jury, although all they needed was PROBABLY CAUSE, laughed it out the door and No Billed him? You should understand what and who you are talking about before you start digging on someone - especially since he is a decorated cop who is getting an advanced degree. What have you done with your life?

  5. Decorated cops have killed their whole families. What's your point with that argument? That cops who do good things can't have melt downs at home or in their private life?
    Or is that if they have done good things at work they should not be held accountable to the laws?

    I don't get it.

    If you are familiar with police, AND I THINK YOU ARE, you know that just because people are enamored with cops as heroes and lean toward helping them keep their jobs - does NOT mean that they did not commit the act they are charged with.

    I don't know this guy - I am commenting on your logic.

    I'm trying to picture this laughing Grand Jury and just can't.

    Did the victim cooperate? He's accused of being very scary and intimidating. If a victim doesn't feel supported, she knows only a couple of ways to increase her chances of surviving something like this. They usually recant or disappear.

    Chances are he knows his local system and just like he said - beat the rap.

    Who doubted that?

    Your argument implicates him rather than exonerates.

  6. I knew of Daniel before he became a cop. Based on the recent news, his questionable judgements seem to follow him around. He wasn't intentionally a bad guy, but what I knew of him there always appeared a need for him to have some internal checks and balances...especially now that he is a law enforcement officer.

  7. Yeah, I know this guy too.

    I've read several news stories on this and all of them give the "she said," but not the "he said." There seems to be a real bias against Daniel Hageman.

    I have heard his side of it, from him. Anybody else listen to his side? How about asking his wife?

    I realize that this blog is dedicated to dealing with bad apples within the law enforcement community, but I don't believe that Daniel Hageman is one of them. Not every case that looks ugly on the surface is really what it seems.

    Why don't we let him have his day in court? Or do we still believe in "innocent until proven guilty in a court of law"?

  8. I'm curious what his wife has to say . . . after all, according to the police report, Daniel initially told police that he was driving "his girlfriend's" dodge charger and he thought the other car was trying to get him to race. Daniel later changed his story and said that he was driving his wife's Murano. Whoops. Hope that one doesn't come out in court.

  9. AnonymousMay 19, 2009

    you should get your facts straight, the girl he took to her senior prom is his wife, and he was only 25!!! daniel is a good husband and father, and was recently baptised at his church. i think he is being persecuted because he is a cop. there are alot of haters out there.

  10. AnonymousMay 21, 2009

    I guess as long as he's been baptised he couldn't be guilty, right? I mean, people who are baptised aren't capable of committing crimes.

  11. I hope that he is found guilty. The vibe I picked up is from having met him.

  12. I know Daniel and I don't have much to say about whether or not he's guilty or innocent. I don't know the ins and outs of his entire life. Besides, I am just some ignorant moron how has graduated from the same online school he attends only because I can afford the tuition, not because I actually have a brain. It sounds to me like whoever posted that comment got rejected from the school and has issues to settle not only with Daniel but with people who may actually be smarter than they are. If you don't know the entire story stay out of it. Daniel may be guilty and if he is I hope he gets what's coming to him, but if he isn't, than I hope this site posts that as well to show that sometimes things aren't as they seem on the surface.

  13. I always post it if I find out about it so if you see that I miss it, please send it my way. Thanks.

  14. Any new updates?

  15. whatever happened with this guy?

  16. He works at safelite in Plano tx off Plano parkway

  17. I blocked a comment because of a slur - but if you want to take that off your comment and resubmit it you can.

  18. Any updates on Hageman? Any idea when his trial is? I know they keep pushing it back and back and back. I wish they'd just get it over with already and send him to jail. I strongly believe he is guilty and I hope the jury agrees.

  19. He was fired from that last job b/c a female co-worker complained that he was making inappropriate sexual comments to her and was forwarding her nude pictures on the internet.

  20. Because of a tasteless comment today that I am not going to approve, I read over these comments and deleted about 5 of them. Be civil and don't accuse anonymously unless you provide me with substantiation. People were getting carried away with the accusations. Chill.

  21. HAHAHA!!!! fired for forwarding nude pics??? You guys sure are getting creative with the hate. He was let go because he called 911 for a guy having a seizure - after his manager told him not to (because he was ignorant enough to believe they would foot the bill through workman's comp). He also got a 3-month severance package. How does a company fire for cause and issue a severance??? The bottom line is, this guy may have turned a few people off here and there - as we all probably have - and everyone LOVES a target for their hate. This case is so weak the GJ threw it out, and only accepted it AFTER Dallas BEGGED for the indictment to fire him because of all the bad press. Why has it been sitting in the court for 3 years?? Because Dallas knows they have no case, after doing a 6 month internal investigation and finding NOTHING. But Kunkle wanted a platform to be Mayor, and decided "cleaning up the department" would get him elected. Too bad 70% of the officers he fired appealed and were given their jobs back - because he has a history of firing everyone that makes the news - even though he leaks most of the stories to his 7th wife himself. But I digress...

    Daniel moved on from law enforcement and never wants back. He is making a fine living, supporting his family, almost done with a PhD, and waiting eagerly to get his day in court to clear his name. I asked him about these types of blogs and what his opinion is. His response? "I feel sorry for people who don't know the facts, but feel the need to pass judgment. It makes me wonder what kind of unresolved issues they carry on a daily basis, diluting their own quality of life." If we could all be so forgiving...

    So go on haters, vent away, without knowing the facts. You aren't bothering him one bit, have nothing personally vested in this situation in the first place, and I find your made-up stories an amusing demonstration of the ignorance and hate mankind is capable of.

  22. Daniel Hageman Internal Affairs Investigation
    Internal Affairs Investigation

    Internal Investigation
    Control Number 08-215
    Februaiy 4, 2009



    Allegation #l - Police Officer Hageman engaged in adverse conduct - "SUSTAINED"

    Allegation #2 - Police Officer Hageman engaged in adverse conduct - "SUSTAINED"...

    ...4.3 No employee shall engage in any conduct which adversely affeas the morale or efficiency of the Department or which has a tendency to adversely affect, lower or destroy public respect and confidence in the Depanment or officer.

    Officer Hageman violated this rule on May 9, 2008, when he engaged in adverse conduct which resulted in his arrest for Deadly Conduct Discharge Firearm Vehicle.

    Based upon the documentary and testimonial evidence collected during this investigation, Allegation #2, that on May 9, 2008, Police Officer Daniel Hageman, #8134, engaged in adverse conduct when he became involved in a road rage incident, is classified as 'SUSTAINED'...

    By Stacy Morrow
    Monday, Apr 6, 2009
    [Excerpts] Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle is giving some officers the ax. A disciplinary hearing Monday ended with the termination of four Dallas police officers accused of engaging in bad behavior. Road rage led to the demise of Officer Daniel Hageman's career, according to the Dallas Police Department. He was indicted on March 30 on charges that he fired his weapon at a moving vehicle in Garland last May. Hageman had been with the department since November 2001 and was assigned to the Central Business District... Chief David Kunkle has fired some 66 officers since taking over the department in June 2004... [Full article here]

    Dallas News
    By Tanya Eiserer
    Mon., Dec. 27, 2010
    [Excerpts] A reader asked for an update on fired Dallas police officer Daniel Hageman who was fired in April 2009... The third-degree felony indictment accusing him of deadly conduct in the May 2008 incident is still pending in a Dallas County court, records show.... Within days of a scheduled trial date in September, Hageman's attorney filed a motion seeking to put off his trial in the aftermath of an incident in which other Dallas police officers were accused of beating a fleeing motorcyclist... "In addition, because the allegations against him are violent in nature, defendant believes it would be impossible at the present time and on the date this case is set to get a fair and impartial jury thereby depriving him of a fair trial." District Judge Jeanine Howard granted the motion. [Full article here]

    Dallas Police Department
    Police Media Relations Unit
    April 6, 2009
    Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle terminated four officers... Police Officer Daniel Hageman, #8134: 1) engaged in adverse conduct when he allegedly became involved in a road rage incident and discharged his weapon into a moving vehicle. 2) engaged in adverse conduct which resulted in his arrest for violating Section 22.05, of the Texas Criminal and Traffic Law: Deadly Conduct Discharge Firearm Vehicle. Officer Hageman was indicted on March 30, 2009, for said offense... [Download .Doc here]

  24. I am not a hater but some things should be clarified. It is Daniel's attorney, not the DA, who has been repeatedly delaying the trial due to concerns that Daniel won't get a fair trial given the amount of negative attention Dallas police have been receiving. I also have first hand knowledge that he was fired from his last job for sexual harrassment - I've seen the pictures that were forwarded and I know the woman who complained.

  25. Does anyone know if there are any updates in this case? I'm curious because I saw on facebook that he and his wife are trying to raise money to go to Kenya for a mission trip. I didn't know that you could move out of the country if you had a pending felony charge?

  26. And just to clarify, they are planning on moving - not just going for a short period of time.

  27. AnonymousJune 02, 2013

    Check out his previous history- this is just one of the MANY incidents that he has been involved with

  28. Now he is supposed to be getting off and getting away with it all... The court is reported to be dropping the case within the next few weeks. This dangerous man will be free to do as he pleases while still feeling like he is ABOVE THE LAW again. In response to the post above about them moving overseas... they reportedly decided not to go because it wasn't going to work good for them. They are back here and now according to facebook ( his page) he is having a very open affair with a woman in Austin and has moved away from his wife and kids. Another great example of his character. I wish the district attorney's office would press this case and let the court decide. The official police report even says that a bullet was missing when they confiscated his weapon and ammo/magazines. Please let justice be served and let the courts process the case, DON'T let it be dismissed without due process...

  29. Case appears to be dropped. Former officer is now divorced and happily involved with a former flame. No PhD and no job, but he looks great and is working out a lot. he might yet get hired on at another dept.

  30. Dallas Police Chief Fires Officers Accused of Misbehaving
    By Stacy Morrow
    Monday, Apr 6, 2009
    Updated 5:43 PM CSTView Comments
    Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle is giving some officers the ax.
    A disciplinary hearing Monday ended with the termination of four Dallas police officers accused of engaging in bad behavior.
    Road rage led to the demise of Officer Daniel Hageman's career, according to the Dallas Police Department. He was indicted on March 30 on charges that he fired his weapon at a moving vehicle in Garland last May. Hageman had been with the department since November 2001...

  31. He just proposed to my mom so he's here with me in Houston. Cool info to find tho.

    1. AnonymousJune 26, 2020

      Get him away from your mom. Ask him about his time at SHSU as a professor 2019/2020 and what really happened there. Hopefully he is no longer with her. Hageman is great at the "personable" facade. Don't let that fool you. He knows what he's doing, and it's been the same story for nearly 20 years, as its obviously brought to light here. As much as he loves Marvel, he's no Captain America. Sorry Hageman, your mistakes will forever follow you.

    2. I had Hageman as a professor in 2019 and he was creepy to say the least. He told the class about a time when he thought his girlfriend was a pathological liar so he put bugs on her phone, laptop, and car and listening devices in her home. When I said that that seemed to cross some ethical boundaries he justified it by saying that it was just a "psychological experiment." He also made strange comments to female students about how beautiful they are and expressed his fear of being labeled a predator because of "this crazy Me Too movement"

      He got fired as soon as the school realized how unstable he was and how poorly he was teaching our class.

    3. Any updates?

      I also had his a professor at HHC in Houston and can confirm the stories about the girlfriend he stalked. He def had a weird vibe from the 1st day I met him in class.

    4. I also had him as a professor for research methods in 2019. The study he had us work on was humor's effects on first responders, for short. The study idea was actually an interesting one, but he made it so weird. He would tell us stories about how him and other officers would make fun of peoples weight/looks/intelligence over their dead body. I recall him talking about how hilariously fat one guy was. His explanation "it's dark humor" and that it actually is healing for the officers.


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