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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

[CT] Winsted Officer Hebert arrested again, different woman

Excerpt from November news and today's news -

Winsted cop in court for arraignment
The Register Citizen
[Excerpts] A Winsted police officer allegedly told a doctor Sunday night that he was going to use the four knives he had with him to scare his wife... The admission reportedly caused concern among hospital staff at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital and they called Torrington police. Robert Hebert, 33, was arraigned on charges of disorderly conduct and carrying a dangerous weapon in Waterbury Superior Court... He posted a $250,000 bond shortly after his arrest Sunday and appeared with his family and attorney Danielle Rado for the hearing. Judge Raymond Norko ordered Hebert to undergo an evaluation for substance abuse. Norko also issued a protective order prohibiting Hebert from going to the victim's home or employment, having any contact with her and staying at least 100 yards away. Hebert is on administrative leave... In September, his wife's attorney filed a motion requesting Hebert have no contact with her, or her co-workers and supervisors, according to court documents...

Winsted officer arrested again
Waterbury Republican American, CT
January 29, 2008
[Excerpts] A Winsted police officer free on a $250,000 bond for allegedly threatening his wife was arrested over the weekend after arguing with another woman. Robert Hebert, 33, of Terryville, was arraigned in Waterbury Superior Court Monday on charges of second-degree reckless endangerment and breach of peace. He was arrested Friday afternoon after a verbal dispute with 36-year-old Dawn Kiesel, of 187 Lovers Lane. Torrington police said they were called by neighbors around 4:20 p.m. An argument escalated when Hebert tried to leave and Kiesel grabbed the steering wheel of his car, police said. Hebert continued driving for a short distance, dragging her alongside the vehicle. She wasn't seriously hurt and was not taken to a hospital, police said. Police found Hebert, of 23 Fairview Ave. in Terryville, in the basement of Kiesel's home. He was released on a $2,500 nonsurety bond...


  1. These monsterous so-called police officers are only the ones that are obviously very mentally ill. There are many more that the public will never even know about! It is so obvious that the power of being a police officer has gone right to their heads! On the streets they have all the powers of a God! When they get home (In their minds) they can't even shut their wives up.... Thats it in a nutshell as far as the demestic violents.

    Some of these criminal police are criminal minded right from the start, I mean who else would want to deal with criminals besides criminals and power happy poopbrains that can't keep from going crazy with power. The criminals or even citizens like myself that don't even have a parking ticket for a record are constantly abused, violated, defamed and slandered simply because police think they are above the law!

    I think we should start making new laws so these monsters that wear badges are punished twice the norm NOT the opposite! These people have sworn an oath! Look what the police did in New Orleans! They were the worst criminals of all! And the few that weren't looting and killing themselves ran off & left the city helpless!

    In my town of Thomaston, CT the police harrased our citizen so often that the Waterbury court system threw out the town of Thomaston and now people getting charged have to drive all the way to the Bantam, CT court. When I asked our new chief, Chief Gene Torrence, about it he told me it was corruption that cause it! LOL Well the townspeople and the local newspaper reported "Micky mouse arrests" cause Thomaston to be thrown out of Waterbury court system!

    Heck in 2007 our State Police even got caught by investigating NY State Police in illegally stoping motorists and falsely charging them with DUI just because they had a contest going on as to who can make the most DUI arrests! They also found that State Police stole money and commited so many other crimes and once again no officers were ever punished..
    I think its so obvious that these police all have so much dirt on each other that finger pointing will follow if any get punished!

    I bet most people reading this comment dont even realize that the person responsible for all those serious arson fires in Southern CA was commited by the chief of arson investigations who was the top teacher that taught the courses on it! It is often the ones we hire to protect us that are the worst criminals!

    But when police get caught for stuff like "that" it is always hidden from the public! The police here in my town of Thomaston, CT have commited so many crimes and no officers are ever punished!

    When police catch their buddies (& it seems all the drinkers are their buddies) drunk driving here in Thomaston they often let them go!!! It's so common, you can sit in any establishment and listen to the towns people brag about how they were let go! Recently retired Thomaston police Officer John Knox's wife was FINALLY arrested for dui & did time in Niantic womens prison "ONLY after she caused an accident" one "afternoon"... And of course she had to of gotten caught many times in other towns or they wouldn't have made her do prison time. Thomaston Officer Steven Cahill has been seen drinking beer while driving around town with the police cruiser! His family insists he is an alcoholic! I can tell you personally he lies on police reports & manipulates witnesses statements as almost ALL Thomaston police have done! Officers here often commit crimes while off duty even like choking children (Jesse Label in Reeves Field Park) because he used foul language in front of the off duty officer's child. When Mrs. Label called police to report this crime she first was ignored and then was harassed by the officer that arrived. I believe it was Officer Madden and sounds just like him!

    Thomaston Officer Randy Graham discharged his weapon while it was pointed at a suicidal man and missed! The accompanying officer Roberts didn't even draw his weapon at all & simply walked up to the man & took the pistol away from the man who was pointing it at his own head & Roberts said "give that to me" as he yanked it away from the man! No officer was ever punished...

    I have filed law suits against the following Thomaston CT police officers for slander and defamation, violating my civil rights (doctoring police reports etc) and harrassment: Sergeant Gary Roberts, Sergeant Jeffrey Madden, Sergeant Blaine Rogozinski, Sergeant Detective James Campbell, officer Michael Gagne, retired Police Chief Edward T. Grabherr, Chief Gene Torrence, retired Officer John Knox, Officer C. Gallo, Officer Jarred Savron, Officer Keith Koval, retired Officer Terry Duffy, Dog Wardon Cheryl Waldron! What a job to find a lawyer that would handle a case against the police! After much trouble I finally got the famous Atty John Williams on my case with the help of my father & brother who are also attorneys (gen practice only NOT defamation rights violation attys) after dumping Atty Igor Sikorsky (yea famous father for helicopters but NOT law, he is not the tiniest bit of his father either!!!) but now Atty Williams wants to sue only two officers for the latest which was the police illegally stopping myself & my witnesses on the street and making us put our hands on the hood of the police cruiser LOL! What a world! After 8 years of harassing my witnesss & myself, defaming & slandering us (all of us are free of any criminal records!) the new lawyer wants to sue only for the latest...... Is there justice in this world?
    I can tell you already that this country is NOT the country we have been taught to believe it is! All cops that commit crimes should be held accountable at twice the normal punishment AT LEAST! Now I know why people are moving back to europe! We are losing our rights on top of these dispicable monsterous police atrocities!

  2. Thank you for sharing so much, and just wanted to let you know that you're not talking to the air.

  3. The first anonymous user is correct, I myself live in Thomaston, CT and I too have been harassed over the almost 10 years I have lived here by "law enforcement". It has gotten to the point where I am afraid to take a walk downtown because of the good possibility of being harassed by police. One time, while taking a walk at night I was told by Officer Gallo to "Go home" and when I ask why I had to go home I was told "It's either you go home or I'll find you a place to sleep tonight" meaning I will be taken to jail simply for taking a walk downtown. Then when I went to get the report from the police station it was filled with complete lies about me, saying I was walking in the middle of the road. He also went as far as saying that I was selling drugs in a parking lot! If that were the case why was I not arrested? He made up lies to cover up harassing me and to make me look like the bad guy! I’ve heard of the saying about “one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch” but this is not the only officer who has done this to me. Most of the Thomaston Police Officers are awful human beings, and needless to say awful people make awful, criminal Police.

  4. Very true. A lot of corruption in Thomaston. I think the Chief needs to clean house. He needs to hold his men accountable. I know one officer who loves to get hammered at Rafs on the weekend and drive home. He also loves to engage in stereotyping. I also know the past history of other officers. This would include blowing lines, beating wives, etc. Protect and serve my ass. They think they are above the law. It must be nice. If only they had a brain.

  5. AnonymousJuly 23, 2009

    He and his 1st wife divorced and the 'different woman' well, they are suppost to be are getting married....

  6. Thank God his wife filed and got a divorce or annulment. How sick that he gets married and then he threatens to scare his spouse with knives? Liked the 1st comment. Wonder what happened to this cop.

    BTW, "different" woman. good adjective.

  7. can you get married with a restraining order in effect??

  8. christopher keniston palm beach floridaJune 17, 2010

    thomaston police have no shame thier families must be ashamed


  10. Michael Gagne has slandered and defamated me to.

  11. You people really need to cut the crap of slandering all these cops. What the hell is wrong with you. To the person with the lawsuit filed that was practicly the whole Thomaston police force.. Some of the people listed are and were some of the best offices/people that I know. If you filed against that many people I think I see the problem.. Take a look in the mirror. We are all human and make mistakes and sometimes were wrong. So just admit it then you can like yourself so everyone else can like you

  12. Hi just read all the stupid comments from people who wont say who they are, or maybe dont know who they are? I know who I am and I think you guys are sad. The police department is great. just sayin!!!!


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