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Sunday, January 13, 2008

[MO] Police Lt McKee killed in wife Lorie's murder-suicide

Fulton Police Lt. Rich McKee

...Fulton mayor Charlie Latham - who worked with both Rich and Lorie McKee at the Fulton Police Department when he was still the police chief - said "it's a huge loss. We've lost two of our coworkers"...

Fulton police officer, wife found dead in home
The Fulton Sun
Jan 11, 2008
Callaway County Sheriff's officials are investigating a homicide/suicide that resulted in the death of a Fulton police officer and his wife early Thursday... Callaway County Emergency Operations Center received a 911 hang-up call from the home of FPD Lt. Rich McKee and his wife, Lori... When deputies received no response at the scene, they entered the home and found the husband and wife dead... Rich and Lori - who also worked for the city of Fulton as a receptionist at City Hall - McKee were married for almost four years. He said McKee's daughter from a previous relationship was not home at the time of the incident... McKee was best known for his thoughtful disposition because he "really cared about people"...
[Full article here]

Autopsy Reveals Wife Pulled Trigger in Fulton Murder-Suicide
Missourinet.com, MO
By Steve Walsh
January 12, 2008
...Autopsy results released Friday night show it was Lorie Rentschler McKee who shot and killed her husband, Fulton Police Lieutenant Richard McKee, before turning the gun on herself. The autopsy report indicates she shot him as he slept. She was found next to her husband with the gun in her hand... it is believed the McKees were having marital and financial problems.
[Full article here]

Lorie McKee described as 'gentle, kind'
The Fulton Sun
By Katherine Cummins
Jan 13, 2008
...According to Central Christian Church pastor Bill Nigus - spokesperson for the Rentschler family - that is the best way to describe Lorie (Rentschler) McKee. "She was a very sweet lady - she had a very calm demeanor," Nigus said. "She was the type of person you could learn from how to quietly change the world." McKee's coworkers also described her as a kind person... Fulton mayor Charlie Latham - described her as shy...
[Full article here]

Details released in McKee deaths
The Fulton Sun
Jan 13, 2008
More information regarding the Thursday morning murder/suicide of Fulton police Lt. Rich McKee and his wife, Lorie McKee, came to light this weekend as the Callaway County Sheriff's Department continued its investigation into the incident... "There's things at the house and over the last week it had been revealed to some family and friends that there were issues," [Sheriff Dennis Crane] said... Crane said his deputies will continue to investigate, including a ballistics test "just to make sure," but said he does not expect to find anything new over the coming days... Fulton mayor Charlie Latham - who worked with both Rich and Lorie McKee at the Fulton Police Department when he was still the police chief - said "it's a huge loss. We've lost two of our coworkers"... Central Christian Church pastor Bill Nigus, the spokesperson for Lorie (Rentschler) McKee's family [said] "There's so many unanswered questions, and so much both families are dealing with." He said both sides of the family have pulled together. "It's beautiful to watch them - they're really supporting each other," Nigus said. "None of them are pointing fingers or trying to say 'it was their fault.' "They're really, really focusing on being there (for each other) - especially for Morganne."
[Full article here]

Loss of 'true blue' McKee leaves hole in FPD family
The Fulton Sun
Jan 13, 2008
A loving father, a dedicated police officer, a good friend, a leader. Those are just a few of the glowing terms friends have used to describe Fulton police Lt. Rich McKee. "I just can't say enough nice things about him," said FPD Lt. Bill Pruitt, a former supervisor. "He truly was a good person"... According to his friends and coworkers, McKee's most important role was that of dedicated father to his 12-year-old daughter, Morganne. FPD Lt. Lyla Robbins said Morganne McKee and her mother visited the department Friday morning. "We've pledged to her we will always be there to tell her about her dad"...
[Full article here]
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  1. Rich McKee was a ggod person and a good cop This is coming from someone who has to ndeal with him from both sides of the law may God welcome into his grace with loving and open arms

  2. We feel for Morganne's loss and the loss suffered by Richard's elder daughter, Bre, who is 19 years old. May God be with both of these girls.

  3. Department Mourns Loss
    Reported by: Kate Springer
    Edited by: Kathryn Lucchesi
    Published: Friday, January 11, 2008 at 6:16 PM
    Last Updated: Friday, January 11, 2008 at 8:45 PM

    FULTON - Callaway County authorities identified a Fulton police officer as the victim of a murder-suicide.

    Police identified the two as Richard McKee and his wife Lorie. He's a 13 year veteran of the Fulton Police Department. She worked as a receptionist at the Fulton City Hall. As the investigation into the deaths continued Friday, city leaders paused to remember the two city employees.

    "Wednesday Rich McKee was with us. Starting Thursday Rich McKee was not around. That's a major loss for the department," said Bob Sterner, Callaway County prosecutor.

    The loss hung over the heads of the Fulton Police Department.

    "It's a deep loss. The loss of Richard McKee in the Fulton Police Department's a huge loss just like Lorie McKee here in city hall is a loss. We're all feeling it," said Fulton Mayor Charlie Latham.

    Thursday morning, deputies in Callaway County found the husband and wife dead inside a home south of Fulton. The deputies arrived at 7691 County Road 407 after a woman called 911 and hung up a short time later.

    KOMU talked to several of the McKee's neighbors. They wouldn't go on camera but said the death's came as a shock.

    "I think everyone in the city is just shocked and saddened by the loss of two of our co-workers. There's not much you can really say other than our thoughts and prayers go out to their families," said Latham.

    Around the corner from city hall, County Prosecutor Bob Sterner also feels McKee's absence. Mckee worked as Fulton's lead detective and testified in many cases. Prosecutor Sterner must now move forward without his key witness.

    "Because of his involvement in so many cases, obviously we'll have to look at the cases and see where he was a crucial witness to see what can fill in the gap that's left by Lieutenant McKee's absence," said Sterner.

    Police Chief Steve Myers told KOMU the department is devastated and McKee leaves big shoes to fill.

    The medical examiner in Columbia performed autopsies on the bodies Friday. It appears Lorie McKee shot her husband, Richard McKee, and then killed herself.

    The Callaway County Sheriff's Department says it appears Lorie McKee shot her husband while he was asleep in bed before turning the gun on herself. Deputies found the McKees' bodies inside their home south of Fulton Thursday. Lorie McKee was holding a gun as well as a telephone. Investigators believe she called 911 and then hung up.


  4. Rich excluded Bre his entire life and the media excluded her throughout the reporting of this sad occurrence. The news accounts quote people saying they are there for Morganne, they set up an education fund for Morganne, they tout Rich’s most important role as father to Morganne, they vow to tell Morganne about her father, they say Morganne had him wrapped around her finger, etc. What about Bre? Has anyone stopped to think how the over zealous reporting of Rich’s love and devotion to Morganne might stab at Bre’s heart every time she reads it?

  5. AnonymousJune 30, 2009

    Bre wasn't even KNOWN of until the very end....

  6. Rich McKee was truly a good friend. I will miss him greatly.

  7. Lorie was a great woman. She was not the kind of lady to do this. Sometimes the wrapping is so pretty we don't see the box is empty. He never told anyone about Bre, including his wife. Yes, there may have been issues with their marriage but Lorie would NEVER have done this to Morganne or to her own parents. I'm sorry but there is no real investigations done when it involves one of their own especially if it puts that person in a negative light.

  8. Ignorant comment, Anonymous from Dec. 17, 2012.

    1. People go into denial because life doesn't make sense unless they come up with another way to explain things.


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