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Sunday, January 20, 2008

[NJ] Police Chief Mark Steets has been disarmed and restricted

..."The surrendering of the chief's weapons was effectuated in a peaceful manner, pursuant to standard operating procedures promulgated by the State Attorney General's Office, which govern situations where law enforcement officers are accused of an act(s) of domestic violence"...

Police chief surrenders his weapons
Steets restricted to administrative duty after alleged domestic violence incident

Asbury Park Press
By Brian O'Keefe
Friday, Jan. 18,2008
Spring Lake Heights - Police Chief Mark Steets has been disarmed and restricted to administrative duties, as his alleged involvement in an incident of domestic violence is investigated, the borough confirmed this week. "On Jan. 3, 2008, the Borough of Spring Lake Heights was notified in person and in writing by representatives of the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office that our police chief, Mark A. Steets, has been administratively disarmed following the issuance of a temporary restraining order against Chief Steets, which came as the result of an alleged incident of domestic violence," a statement issued by the borough on Tuesday reads, in part. The statement does not indicate when or where the incident took place, or if Chief Steets was arrested. First Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Peter Warshaw said on Tuesday that the directive to place Chief Steets on administrative duty had come from his office, but he declined to state the reason, or provide any other information. Spring Lake Heights Borough Administrator Theresa Casagrande, however, said Thursday, that the mayor and council that made the decision to place the chief on administrative duty. "The surrendering of the chief's weapons was effectuated in a peaceful manner, pursuant to standard operating procedures promulgated by the State Attorney General's Office, which govern situations where law enforcement officers are accused of an act(s) of domestic violence," the borough's statement reads. The attorney general's office directives require that law enforcement officers accused of domestic violence acts surrender both personal and department-issued weapons immediately after the allegation is made... Until the matter is resolved, Chief Steets will continue to serve as the head of the police department, although his duties will be limited solely to administrative tasks...


  1. It is sad to hear this happening to another human being....."false claims of domestic violence during a divorce for positioning", however it is a good thing because more "officials" who are part of the domestic violence industry need to be unfairly proscecuted and have their careers /lives destroyed.

    In Nj there are over 65 thousand claims of domestic violence made each year and most all are based on subjective claims that are issued at the coaching of the complaintants lawyer in order to win a favorable position in family court.

    Every day thousand of good upstanding men are forcefully criminalized by the system in order to rake in the money from the family and put in the pockets of lawyers.

    Its just a sad fact.

    Unfortunately, these cases NEVER hit the mass media or local papers and are written off and coverup by family court profiteers.

    Maybe...just maybe this police officer being put on restrictive duty will wake up our populas as to how good people are financially and emotionally destroyed by no fault of their own.

    Sorry Mr policeman, maybe you will be more sympathetic to the parents who are criminalized without cause in your police department.

    Maybe as a police chief you will reject the free grant money to adapt pro arrest policies when a dv claim is made.

    Just maybe you will spread the word to all police officer that by taking the descression out of the hands of our well trained police personal who operste in the field just hurts good families and children for no reason.

    Just maybe our legislators will step up to the plate and read our Constitution and repeal these needless domestic violence laws which serve no one except the profiteers surrounding the family court system.

  2. Is it false because it is a claim against a man?

  3. No it is not false because it is against a man. The gender battle has been created by the system designers to keep the populas at odds with each other. They want to keep the peoples attention on a made up war between man and women.
    This is not a gender issue. False claims of domestic violence are used by some men as well against women.

    Sad fact is that most of the claims are made against men because local battered women centers promote this in order to keep their massive funding coming in.

    Additionally, the operatives in the system ie. Lawyers, Judges, Social sercices , Phycholigists etc all capitalize on the destruction of the family and it is just politically correct to lambaste the man and downplay a womens adverse actions.

  4. Mr. Steets is NOT going through a divorce. The article specifically mentioned "a dating relationship." Please come up with an alternative Big Brother-esque conspiracy theory.

  5. What was described is the genisis of the domestic violence industry , why these laws have been created and what they are used for today.

    Only recently they included dating relationships in the frey.

    By making any claim of DV it creates numbers which feed this monster of a system. It keeps the billions of funding (our tax dollars) going to the local women Centers.

    It does not matter to them what the outcome is or how many lives are destroyed by false alligations.

    Mr. Ferris believes this is a conspiracy theory then go visit your local domestic violence court. See for yourself.

    Do you know how many women make false claims of DV, false claims of rape or harrassment at the workplace and then the system just carries the case as it runs over the defendants life with a steamroller?

    Its all about the money....follow the funding.

  6. If you are dating and divorcing at the same time bad things can happen......Why when someone sees a DV case does it mean it was all about the money or getting back at someone. Couldn't the lifestyle and stress cause bad things to happen?

    Anonymous....are you a scorned person?

  7. The domestic violence claims are just statisticly impossible. Every year the NJ State Police put out statictics on what makes up the 70 thousand plus claims of DV across the state.
    Real violent acts are actually a very small percentage (< 5%)of the actual convictions.

    Most all the claims are based on subjective fear under harrassment.

    Once harrassment was included in the statue for DV crimes the numbers shot. What this did is increase the cases that case be used to aquire more funding. What these claims do is drag more innecent families into the divorce industry and the extraction of the family units net worth begins.

    Case in point : If one looks at the statistics on types of DV claims "Stalking" is almost non existent. There is a Bill in the NJ legislature to change the stalking laws to mainly include subjective claims of fear, even by a third party. Based on emotional distress that does not have to be verified by a professional.

    Once this passes the domestic violence claims will expload again.

    Its all a game to drive money into the pockets of the lawyers.

    Domestic violence laws help no one, especially the "victim".

    In fact it puts the accuser in more danger.

  8. When an investgation by the Prosecutors Office has concluded that there was not factual basis and has rearmed the Chief AND the TRO has been DROPPED before the court proceeding, why is this Officer still being tortured by this Website ? !!

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