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Saturday, January 19, 2008

[VA] Officer Streeter acquitted of domestic assault and burglary

About 6:30 the next morning, Streeter "broke into my house and stormed upstairs," Mavica wrote....Montgomery police said Streeter physically assaulted her when he returned... he was wearing part of his uniform and had his firearm strapped on... avica said she found Streeter sitting in front of her car. When she attempted to leave, he began to follow her. She called 911 and drove to a police station...

Fairfax Police Officer Acquitted of Harassment
Washington Post, United States
Jan 17, 2008
A Montgomery County jury acquitted a Fairfax County police officer this week of harassment and other charges, finding that his reaction to discovering a former girlfriend in bed with another man was not unlawful. "I'm happy to move on with my life and start a new chapter," said Richard L. Streeter, 25, who has been on leave from the police department since his arrest in July. "I'm hoping to get back to work." During a two-day trial that ended Wednesday, jurors were asked to settle two disputes: Whether Streeter had a right last June to walk into Laurie M. Mavica's house in Bethesda, where he found her in bed with an ex-boyfriend; and whether Streeter's repeated attempts to reach and question her during the next two days violated the law. Streeter was charged with fourth-degree burglary, harassment and misuse of the telephone...

Officer charged with beating ex-girlfriend in Bethesda

Business Gazette, MD
by Bradford Pearson

July 11, 2007

Police have charged a Virginia police officer with assault and burglary following an altercation with his ex-girlfriend in Bethesda... Streeter entered the victim’s residence and found her to be in the company of another man.
Police are unsure how Streeter got into the residence. Streeter berated his ex-girlfriend, then left, only to re-enter a short time later and verbally and physically assault her, police said... Streeter left numerous text and voice messages to the victim, from his phone and from others, police said... Streeter was spotted sitting in his car as the victim was being dropped off at her car by a friend near her home. He proceeded to follow the victim and her friend by car.

Fairfax Officer Accused of Threatening Ex-Girlfriend

By Ernesto LondoƱo
Washington Post
Tuesday, July 3, 2007
A Fairfax County police officer was charged yesterday with assault and burglary for allegedly breaking into an ex-girlfriend's house AND THREATENING HER... His ex-girlfriend, Laurie M. Mavica, 21, walked into a Montgomery police station after he pursued her relentlessly following their breakup after a four-month relationship, according to a complaint Mavica wrote in a petition for a restraining order... Streeter "broke into my house and stormed upstairs..." Streeter physically assaulted her when he returned. Mavica wrote in the complaint that she "kept telling him to get out and that he was acting crazy," and he responded, "If I were crazy I would have shot you both." "At this point I feel it is important to state that Rick is a police officer [with] Fairfax County," Mavica wrote, adding that he was wearing part of his uniform and had his firearm strapped on. He didn't have keys to the house, she said. Streeter left but attempted to contact her by calling her cellphone and sending a flurry of text messages. Mavica said one of the text messages said: "pick up your phone. 25 cent texts add up quick and I'll send 1,000 today." On Friday, Mavica said, she found Streeter sitting in front of her car. When she attempted to leave, he began to follow her. She called 911 and drove to a police station, she said...

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