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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

[FL] DOC Officer Shiver gets life for killing estranged wife Felisia

Mrs. Shiver worked at Department of Corrections Calhoun Correctional Institution as a secretary specialist and had once been a correctional officer for the state.
I couldn't find any personal information about her as a woman - beyond being a victim, and no family members were listed in any of the news articles.

Florida - Former guard gets life in prison
Jackson County Floridan
By Deborah Buckhalter
January 29, 2008

A former local correctional officer will spend the rest of his life on the other side of the bars, sentenced to life in prison Tuesday for shooting his wife to death at the home of a Cottondale man.

Calhoun County resident Julian "Jack" Shiver was sentenced shortly after pleading guilty to second-degree murder in the death of his long-estranged wife, Felisia Shiver, and to other charges.

Mrs. Shiver was fatally shot at the home of her friend Paul Barber Jr. on April 14, 2007.

According to authorities, Mr. Shiver kicked in the front door and forced his way into the house on Omaha Trail just before midnight that evening and shot his wife twice after a brief argument, the bullets striking her in the head.

He then turned the 9 mm handgun on Barber, who grabbed a 12-gauge shotgun and returned fire, authorities said.

Mr. Shiver was shot twice in the torso, and Barber was not injured.

Mrs. Shiver died of her injuries the following Friday at Flowers Hospital in Dothan.

Shiver was arrested on April 21 as he was released from the hospital and was initially indicted on a first-degree murder charge in August.

As part of Tuesday's negotiated plea, the charge was reduced from first to second degree.

He additionally pleaded guilty to second-degree attempted murder for firing at Barber, burglary while armed, and shooting into an occupied dwelling in the case. He was sentenced to life without parole on the first three charges and to 15 years on the last one.

Both the Shivers and Mr. Barber were employed by the Florida Department of Corrections at the time of the shooting.

Both men were correctional officers, Shiver working at Liberty Correctional Institution and Barber at Calhoun Correctional Institution. Mrs. Shiver worked at Calhoun CI as a secretary specialist and had once been a correctional officer for the state.

At his sentencing, Shiver's defense attorney Bob Sombathy asked the judge to recommend that his client be housed in federal custody rather than in a state facility like the one where he once worked.

Presiding Judge Michael Miller, who was filling in for Circuit Judge Bill Wright, agreed to make the recommendation but a final decision on that matter will be up to the federal prison system.
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  1. Correctional officer shoots wife
    April 17, 2007
    By Tony Bridges

    COTTONDALE - A Department of Corrections lieutenant shot his estranged wife in the head and then was gunned down by another correctional officer at a Jackson County home over the weekend.

    Julian “Jack” Shiver, 44, and Felisia Shiver, 45, both were in intensive care Monday at a hospital in Dothan, Ala., according to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

    This is what deputies said happened at about 11:30 p.m. on Saturday:

    Felisia Shiver was visiting co-worker Paul Barber Jr., 52, at his home in Cottondale when her husband — from whom she’d separated in January — showed up at the front door.

    Jack Shiver demanded that his wife and Barber let him into the house. When they refused, he kicked in the door and confronted his wife.

    They argued, then Shiver pulled out a pistol and shot her in the head.

    Barber grabbed a shotgun, and Shiver fired at least one round at him. Barber fired back, hitting Shiver twice in the upper body.

    When the shooting was over, Barber called 9-1-1. Emergency workers rushed the husband and wife to Flowers Hospital in Dothan.

    Felisia Shiver was listed in “extremely critical” condition Monday, while Jack Shiver’s condition was improving, said Maj. John Dennis.

    Barber was not injured in the shooting.

    Dennis said charges of attempted murder and armed burglary were pending against Jack Shiver. He’s under 24-hour guard in the hospital.

    All three worked for DOC, a spokeswoman confirmed Monday.

    Barber is a captain at Calhoun Correctional Institution, where Felisia Shiver is a secretary, and Jack Shiver is a lieutenant at Liberty Correctional Institution, according to DOC.

    Meanwhile, the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office said Monday that there had been no prior reports of domestic violence at the Shiver’s home in Altha.


    Shooting suspect dies; murder charge follows
    The Jackson County Floridan
    Jackson County Floridan
    April 22, 2007

    The woman who was shot at the home of a friend in Cottondale last week has died, and authorities say the charges against her husband, the suspected gunman, will be upgraded to murder.

    Felisia Shiver was shot in the head on April 14, and authorities initially charged her estranged husband, Julian "Jack" Shiver, with attempted murder and armed burglary in the case.

    Officials say Mr. Shiver allegedly drove to the Cottondale-area home of Paul Barber Jr. around 11:40 p.m. on April 14 and broke down the door of the residence on Omaha Trial, located just outside the city limits.

    Investigators say he then shot Mrs. Shiver in the temple with a handgun and then turned the weapon on Barber, who grabbed a shotgun and returned fire.

    Mr. Shiver was shot twice in the torso, and as of Friday was still being treated for his injuries at a Dothan hospital. On Saturday, he was released from the hospital and initially taken to the Houston County Sheriff's Office in that city. He subsequently signed a waiver of extradition rights and was brought to the Jackson County jail.

    Jackson County authorities said in a Saturday press release that Shiver will be officially charged with an open count of murder in court Monday.

    Mrs. Shiver's condition continued to deteriorate after she was hospitalized, and she died during the night Friday, authorities reported.

    Mr. and Mrs. Shiver and Barber all worked for the Department of Corrections at the tim e of the shooting.

    Barber is not facing any charges or any disciplinary actions by his employer. He works at Calhoun Correctional Institution and holds the rank of captain.

    DOC has initiated steps to fire Mr. Shiver. He was a correctional officer with the rank of lieutenant at Liberty CI at the time of the shooting.

    Mrs. Shiver was a secretary specialist at Calhoun CI.


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