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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

[NY] Officer Montanaro's wife taken to hospital after domestic assault

(In my choosing of excerpts from the article I left out the accolades for Officer Montanaro because - as always in police dv articles - there was no mention of anything kind or good that his wife Jamie ever did in her life. She ended up in the hospital, yet I read only the redemptive social value of her husband. )

Walden cop, wife, mother all charged with assault
Times Herald-Record, NY
By Meghan E. Murphy mmurphy@th-record.com
January 29, 2008
[Excerpts] A Walden police officer, his wife and mother were all charged with assault Saturday after a domestic dispute turned violent. State police said Officer Robert "Bobby" Montanaro, 29, visited his wife, Jamie, 27, at her Walden home Saturday and an altercation ensued. The two are legally married but living separately. Montanaro's mother, Deborah Robb, 53, accompanied her son and was also involved in the fight. Investigators said they couldn't determine that any one person involved started the physical altercation, so all three were charged. No one was seriously injured but Jamie Montanaro was taken to the hospital... Walden Chief Jeffry Holmes called the incident unfortunate and said Montanaro was put on paid administrative leave. State police were asked to handle the investigation since it involved a department officer... All three involved were issued court appearance tickets for third-degree assault, a misdemeanor.

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  1. Walden cop's case to be reassigned
    By Meghan E. Murphy
    Times Herald-Record
    February 15, 2008

    WALDEN — Walden police Officer Bobby Montanaro says his estranged wife, Jamie, hit him after he tried to get his keys back.

    His mother, Deborah Robb, says Jamie Montanaro hit her first. The way Jamie, 27, tells it, the fight started when Bobby grabbed her by the neck and forced her to the ground, according to court records.

    All three are charged with assault in a Jan. 26 incident and appeared in Walden Village Court Wednesday. Both Walden justices recused themselves from hearing the cases.

    Bobby Montanaro has worked for the police department for about four years, serving as youth officer and community liaison. Since being charged, he's been on administrative leave from his position.

    According to court statements released, all those involved agree upon a few facts: Bobby, 29, drove to his estranged wife's house that day with his mother and two friends, Catherine Lynch, 20, and Carrie Gingras, 18.

    He asked Gingras to serve Jamie with child custody papers, saying in his statement that he thought it would be less problematic that way.

    After Gingras went to the door, Jamie asked about Bobby and made her way to his truck, taking the keys. She stated she wanted the keys because her name is also on the loan for the truck.

    All five gave different accounts of what happened next. Lynch, who stayed inside the truck, stated Jamie hit Bobby when he pursued her to get the keys back. Then, Robb, 53, held Jamie's arms, telling her to calm down, according to Lynch's statement.

    Gingras, who was standing outside, said Bobby grabbed Jamie to get the keys and, before she knew it, Jamie and Bobby were on the ground, with Bobby holding Jamie's arms down with his knees.

    Once Jamie got up, Gingras stated, Robb began yelling in Jamie's face and those two ended up on the ground with Robb on top, punching Jamie in the face.

    In Robb's account, she protected herself and Bobby pulled Jamie away before everyone but Jamie got back in the truck and drove to the Walden Police Department. The case will be reassigned to a new court in coming weeks. Both Bobby and Jamie requested orders of protection against each other.




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