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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

[NY] Do we fear Officer Curley most, or the systems that keep him an officer?

...The New Jersey police officers found rifles, ammunition, scopes, a ski mask and a bulletproof vest in the 2007 Chevrolet Malibu...

(Who are his victims? Where are they?)

Fugitive Ramapo officer arrested in N.J.
The Journal News
Steve Lieberman
January 29, 2008
A Ramapo police officer out on paid injury leave for nearly 17 years has been arrested in New Jersey. Police said yesterday that James Curley, 43, was apprehended in a rental car, which was reported to be stolen, on arrest warrants on domestic-related and other charges in Ramapo and New Jersey communities. The New Jersey police officers found rifles, ammunition, scopes, a ski mask and a bulletproof vest in the 2007 Chevrolet Malibu... Ramapo police had been looking for Curley for several weeks because of the arrest warrants... Curley faces two counts of second-degree criminal contempt and two counts of bail jumping in Airmont Justice Court, Lynch said. A bench warrant also was issued for Curley's arrest in Suffern Justice Court on a charge of second-degree aggravated harassment. Curley, who is married with children but estranged from his wife, also faces criminal charges in New Jersey as a result of his arrest there Friday night... Curley was charged in New Jersey with aggravated assault on a police officer, receiving stolen property and hindering apprehension or prosecution. He also was charged as a fugitive from justice based on the New York arrest warrants. Before Friday's arrest, Curley also was wanted in New Milford, N.J., on a property crime charge and with failing to show up in court... He also had been charged in Emerson, N.J., with bail jumping after not showing up for court on a stalking charge and an accusation of violating a court order of protection... The department declined to hire Curley after his probation ended because of alleged bad behavior in the the Rockland Police Academy during training. Curley filed a lawsuit to get hired and the court ordered him reinstated with back pay in 1989. In the fall of 1990, Curley told the department that he hurt his ankle when he fell 8 inches from a plank used as a temporary walkway from the parking lot to the police station during construction. He went on disability leave under the New York State 207-c rules for police officers, which guaranteed him full pay tax free and benefits until he returned to duty or retired...

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  1. American enterprise....Good job Curly.....


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