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Monday, January 7, 2008

[RI] Officer Caldwell's dv reluctantly reported by fellow employee, ex

..."Reporting this type of crime, it's very difficult for some people. It appeared to be difficult at first for her. We have people who specialize in this and who have a lot of experience who spoke with her and were able to obtain the information needed," said Capt. Todd Patalano of the Cranston 

Police Department...

Police Officer Accused Of Assaulting Woman
Turn to 10.com, RI
Monday, Jan 07, 2008
A West Warwick police officer is accused of beating his ex-girlfriend, who is also a co-worker. West Warwick police officer Jonathan Caldwell was charged with domestic simple assault after an alleged incident... Caldwell 's ex-girlfriend claimed that Caldwell was very drunk and that she tried to stop him from leaving his Cranston house because she was worried about his safety. She said she stepped in front of Caldwell and, according to the police report, that he pushed her into the wall and onto the floor, and then punched and kicked her before exiting the house. The accuser said she had torn cartilage in her knee and several bruises. The ex-girlfriend was at first reluctant to come forward. She initially told her brother that she tripped over a cat, but she eventually went to Cranston police. "Reporting this type of crime, it's very difficult for some people. It appeared to be difficult at first for her. We have people who specialize in this and who have a lot of experience who spoke with her and were able to obtain the information needed," said Capt. Todd Patalano of the Cranston Police Department. The alleged victim also works for West Warwick police, where she is a civilian employee. She told Cranston police she did not want to get Caldwell into trouble, but that she wanted to get him help...
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  1. I can tell you from personal experience that this is one of the bad ones at west warwick p.d. Officer Caldwell and his partner Mike Payette (who's brother is now in prison for murder) assaulted me outside my home due to a confrontation Mike payette and I had when these two showed up at my home,pounding on my door at midnight.When they told me they would remember my face,they weren't kidding,a few months after that they showed up at my new apartment and turned a simple call of a woman screaming in the street(who was the chief's secretary's daughter)into a full assault on me.I was hit in the face with a flashlight 3x by mike payette and sprayed with an entire container of mace by caldwell,and after that,when they had the cuffs on me,they tried pushing their fingers in behind my ears,which i had to point out to officer payette that the pressure point was about 2 inches higher.The day after,the harassment started by Mike payette's friend and fellow officer,Steve Vaninni.This guy actually used the Station fire(the one that killed 100 people)as an excuse to come to my house(the day AFTER I went to the chief and made a complaint of harassment by Steve Vaninni)and tell me that my grandmother reported me missing in the station fire,who never made such a call.It's really sad that good officers like Chris Ianitti,Anthony Rozerro,Brian Aroujo,have guys like these ruining the police's reputation.It just makes the job that much harder for them,who could run across people that have dealt with these thugs and end up paying a price because of their actions.Good cops need to take a stand and not be afraid to break the blue wall of silence when they know something isnt right with one of their own.

  2. AnonymousJune 25, 2008

    First of all, let me start by saying that blogger, "tippingjustice" has no idea what he is talking about and is obviously attempting to stir up an already fabricated incident. If "tippingjustice" had such an insight on the WWPD, he would have known that every call for service or incident is documented and kept on file in the department's database. Every call and officer initiated transmission is recorded onto a disc and logged into a central computer system. Every report that is completed and also stored into the same system. With that being said, no such call or incident has ever taken place. Furthermore, if this person claims to have been brutally beaten and than later harassed by these officers, why wasn't there a formal complaint made? This would have obviously led to an I.A. investigation which would have also been documented no matter the outcome. There is no existing documentation to substantiate this person's account of such a rediculous allegation. In addition, If "tippingjustice" possesses a self-proclaimed expertice in said pressure points, defense and police tactics, he would know that he would have required treatment at a hospital or nearby medical facility afer being "struck in the face three times with a flashlight" and exposure to an "entire can of mace". Where is the documentation or treatment records to validate "tippingjustice's" injuries? Exactly! They don't exist, because it never happened. Oh, and by the way,for someone who claims to have such a rapport with the six officers that he mentioned in his blog, five of their names were mispelled by quite a margin. I happen to know all six officers that were mentioned and can proudly attest to the fact that not only are they highly decorated members of the police department, but all perform or for the two retired officers, performed their duties with honesty and integrity. If you would stop wasting your time with silly computer blogs and step out into the real world for once in your pathetic life, you would realize that the law enforcement community is probably one of the most backstabbing career fields within. Time to wake up "tippingjustice" and realize that this is 2008 and not 1970. The Blue Wall of Silence" does not exist. It is sad enough that the newspapers, media and websites produce 95% of exaggerated B.S. The world does not need another idiot like yourself making desperate attempts to discredit or slander the names of good police officers, just because you saw an opportunity on a page regarding a sorry case that hasn't even been proven to be valid. Spend some constructive time educating yourself with fact rather than posting your ficticious garbage.

  3. AnonymousJuly 07, 2008

    I dont understand why you, anonymous, are so quick to say there is no blue wall...you are obviously on a web page FULL of stories that are proof. I can understand that it is easier to say that and turn a blind eye, but just know that it is still true and does happen everyday. As far as what you said in the caldwell case that tippingjustice was "obviously attempting to stir up an already fabricated incident", if it was fabricated why would he take a plea?? oh yeah he plead to DOMESTIC SIMPLE ASSAULT. why would he plea if it was a fabricated incident?? I do understand that not all cops are woman beaters, bad or out to get the public but unfortunately some do have personal issues they can not deal with with out professional help, which is hard to do because you are thought of as week or damaged if you seek help. I know that the wwpd is full of great men and women, they just need to know when one of their own is in trouble and not just say its not their problem but just reach out a hand and help them before they ruin their lives.

  4. AnonymousJuly 07, 2008

    Some people make it their job to act like they don't understand, no matter what you say or present.

    It's good for insight into how the blue wall and it's bricks think though.

  5. hi,this is travis mcadams,i wrote the original blog. If anyone would like to look up the police report you can get a copy from the west warwick police department.Kent County Hospital will have records on my hospital visit the following morning,where my blood alcohol content was 0.0(i paid for the blood test myself,caldwell,payette,and vaninni didnt think it would be good evidence apparently to have my b.a.c. on record,or maybe that's just bad police work.) I can understand the anger in anonymous' response.I can almost guarantee it's one of these guys responding.I was told by another w.w.cop(who's a good friend of mine)that there is an A team,and a B team at this particular department,and that i just happened to run into the B team.Joe Gemma,if that's you,you saw what they did,you saw me in the cell,and you know i was denied an ambulance..remember? when john caldwell said.."fuck him." I remember it clearly.It was really disappointing to see joe gemma walk away especially since we grew up together and you never really saw me in trouble or starting trouble.There was over 10 witnesses to this event but NO statements were taken,except by my neighbors,who I already had problems with.If i was guilty of assaulting a police officer,why was i only convicted of simple assault? Doesn't that seem odd to you? im not saying the entire ww police force are thugs like these guys,but there are a few guys on that force that make the good ones look bad.Anonymous,are you sure about my spelling,you might want to check,you really make yourself look foolish when all you can do is insult my spelling...let's stick to the facts.

  6. forgot to mention that I told chief brousseu<--or whatever,being a marine,i have more integrity and honor in my pinky than these three have in all their bodies.The anger from anonymous comes from these three hammering on me and never being able to get me off my feet,the only reason i was arrested,was because i let you arrest me...ask the witnesses,its pretty sad when three of you cant get someone down after hitting them with a flashlight and spraying them with mace.What you witnessed was not alcohol,or drugs,which mike tried to convince the chief's secretary i was on,probably a desperation move after he found out i had my own blood test done.What you witnessed was right vs. wrong.If you guys continually let her go,knowing she's drunk,who's gonna raise her son when she hits a pole? you? no,the alcoholic pile of shit father,which after meeting,would never let that happen while i was around.Just look at what happened two weeks after this incident,when she got into an accident and went to the hospital,why no drunk driving charges,do you think youre doing her a favor by not arresting her? All you're doing is enabling her behavior which is detrimental to her son,which at the time,was my top priority.if this situation happened again,i would handle it the same way,except this time,i would actually assault someone,since you'll be charged with it anyway. believe it.

  7. oh and anonymous,i didnt say i had relationships with the 6 officers,thats the problem with you guys,you dont read or see very clearly,you seem to see only what you want to see,like i said,feel free to call kent county hospital and ask about my visit the next day,the two nurses that helped me and i had a looong conversation about the west warwick police,i guarantee they'll remember me.ill gladly have them release the reports to you.When i did call to have an internal affairs investigation,i was told i would have to fill out a report with Al Desrosia<-or whatever,call him and ask him if i ever came to see him,then ask him how shocked i was that i had to file a complaint against a west warwick cop to one of his buddies. I cant think of anything more absurd,like something would actually be done.And by the way anonymous is talking about this,is there really any doubt that he's one of their buddies too? You also might want to spend a little more time with us here in the 20th century,you see,we have this thing called the internet now,where victims of police brutality can go and voice what REALLY happened,but youre probably right,95% of all these people,on the hundreds of websites dedicated to police brutality,are probably liars.

  8. POLICE FAMILY VIOLENCE FACT SHEET - from The National Center for Women and Policing - "Two studies have found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of families in the general population...."

  9. Police officers called to a liquor store Friday say Jackson refused to take his hands out of his pockets. They doused him with pepper spray and struck him with batons. Authorities say Jackson was speaking when he was placed into a police cruiser.

    But a couple who witnessed the incident says a police officer kneed Jackson in the face. They say Jackson appeared limp and lifeless when he was carried into a police car.

  10. WEST WARWICK POLICE, Rhode Island

    In June 2008 a 47 year old man died in custody after being imporoperly restrained. The man stopped breathing after being cuffed and thrown in a cruiser, having stopped breathing which was discovered upon arrival at the police station. The man was most likely cuffed with his hands behind his back, and placed prone. Any trained cop or psychiatric nurse knows this cripples the diaphragm, causing suffocation. This is gross negligence at the very least.

    This is one department having a long history of false arrest, brutality and racism

  11. Payette’s brother, Michael, a former West Warwick police officer, helped him find an apartment and set up the utilities, McDermott said. Payette scoured the community looking for jobs before finding one at a local Burger King restaurant, she said. Shortly after taking the job, Payette broke his foot as he was walking across the parking lot of his complex, forcing him to quit his job. He became depressed, McDermott said. Her brother was depressed and cried when they spoke on the day of the murder, said McDermott, who spoke to Payette almost daily.

    just wanted to put this up so you could see what i was dealing with that night,besides dating a drunk...a murderer's brother,and a drunken woman beater...and these are the guys judging me.

  12. here's a story about the ex police chief's wife....STEALING POLITICAL SIGNS..can you get any cheesier?

    WEST WARWICK — The trouble began when someone swiped a “Vote for Anybody But Alves” sign from Alan Palazzo’s lawn on Robin Lane.

    About a week later, somebody egged his wife’s BMW, as well as another political sign on his property.

    Three hours later, shortly before midnight on Aug. 11, according to the police report, Palazzo was working at his computer when he heard the bang of a door and looked outside to see someone steal a political sign from his yard and jump into a Toyota Camry.

    Palazzo, a longtime political critic of eight-term Sen. Stephen D. Alves, gave chase in his car. The Camry got away, but not before Palazzo got the license plate.

    The car turned out to be registered to Joan Brousseau, wife of recently retired Police Chief Peter T. Brousseau, according to the police report.

    The West Warwick police investigated and, according to a spokesman for the state attorney general, identified two of the people in the Camry as the daughter of the ex-chief and Alves’ son, William.

    why no charges? its at LEAST trespassing and burgalary....nope,protect your own.

  13. Hey Mcadams, I don't understand why you were so quick to jump on this blog and discredit Caldwell. Having an opinion is one thing, but to slander a name is another. If you look closely at the report that you mention, Officer Caldwell wasn't even present on the night you feel that you were treated poorly outside of your home. Type all you want if it makes you feel better, but don't drag people into an incident that were not there. Take a close look at the police report and you will realize that you are mistaken. As for the other issue (Caldwell arrest), did it ever dawn on you that the corrupt legal system may have failed him, like you feel that it failed you?

  14. How could "the corrupt legal system have failed him" if Caldwell took a plea? he didnt give it a chance, he took a plea of domestic simple assault

  15. Isnt one of those so called wonderful officers out on stress leave?

  16. his story as seen here is a complete lie >In June 2008 a 47 year old man died in custody after being imporoperly restrained. The man stopped breathing after being cuffed and thrown in a cruiser, having stopped breathing which was discovered upon arrival at the police station. The man was most likely cuffed with his hands behind his back, and placed prone. Any trained cop or psychiatric nurse knows this cripples the diaphragm, causing suffocation. This is gross negligence at the very least.

    the truth> he was repeatedly beaten with knight sticks kicked several times and his lifeless body tossed cuffed in the back of the police car
    the couple that witnessed it did not come forward because they were threatened !

  17. the same police that murdered the man outside joyals liquor store threatened me when i asked if they were going to beat me to death too . they beat kids and adults often in that town i was talking to a 19 year old man when i asked how many people you know who were beaten by police in west warwick he said alot i then asked more than 10 he replied like 50

  18. Caldwell was arrested again in Feb, 2012. Same crime(s). Beating his wife up. Currently on paid leave from the WWPD.

  19. [RI] Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence Issues Statement on West Warwick Police Officer Jonathan Caldwell


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