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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

[NM] Ex-Chief Baca's dv restraining orders dismissed

[So where can victims turn for help?]

Two temporary restraining orders filed against former Albuquerque Police Chief Sam Baca by his wife and daughter have been dismissed....

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[NM] Ex Chief accused of 40 years of domestic abuse

Orders Against Ex-Chief Dismissed
Albuquerque Journal (NM)
January 15, 2008
Two temporary restraining orders filed against former Albuquerque Police Chief Sam Baca by his wife and daughter have been dismissed. In November, Baca's wife and daughter filed for restraining orders, citing an alleged history of abuse dating back 40 years... After a series of hearings, Reed Sheppard, a District Court hearing officer, dismissed the women's restraining orders and their petitions seeking a permanent one last week, saying they "failed to meet burden of proof." "I stand by my innocence," Baca said Monday... He has also filed for a restraining order against his wife, claiming she had attacked him in the past. A hearing has yet to be held on that request.

Baca Restraining Orders Dismissed
The Ledger
January 13, 2008
Two temporary domestic violence restraining orders against former Lakeland police chief Sam Baca filed by his wife and daughter were dismissed Wednesday in an Albuquerque, N.M., court, according to a news release from his lawyer... Domestic violence accusations by Baca's wife, Vera Baca, were determined to be unfounded, and his daughter, Jennifer Baca, failed to meet a minimum standard of proof in her petition for a restraining order... Vera Baca had submitted photographs of injuries she said were inflicted by her husband during a Nov. 15 cruise, but upon further investigation, it was revealed that the photographs were taken in December and that the appearance of injuries had been created using eye makeup...

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  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2015

    Just a little Correction on the statement above where it states that the daughter which is "Me" didn't have enough Proof...that actually was NOT the case on my restraining order. A typical restraining order would normally take 10 minutes with a Judge....this happened to be with a Commissioner and took TWO Full days...On my second DAY....I was Not ALLOWED to be heard or show any proof or even finish up what we had started on the First Full DAY...I was actually treated as if I were under age like a child which I am clearly not...it is public record so I believe if anyone interested that would pull up the first DAY of only MY filing of the Restraining Order - I really believe I would have achieved Protection... (December of 2007) but as we returned weeks later in (January of 2008) - Jennie went first & because of the way she handled it on her own...I was denied my rights to finish what I had started...almost as if we did a joint filing which we did not...I do believe in the Justice System even though it did Not serve me any Justice... I have NOT let it harden my heart...it may be deeply scared but it has not stopped me to keep moving on with my life....This is all Old News now, I just stumbled across this site & read it & I stand Tall in my Shoes & for what is the Truth & I felt I needed to correct the comment of me Not having enough proof. I have NO Title of Ex- "Police Chief" or a Politician Title where I can throw my weight around or pursue & alter the decision of the Courts to favor me ...but as an Individual the courts took away my given rights & left me as a Victim.. but having the EYES of the Media & Spotlight - that placed Sam Baca in the Hot Seat - that is what protected me.... I have been around Officers all my life & I do bow down to all those Women & Men that sacrifice their lives to protect us with Justice in mind...It's ashame that it takes a few bad ones to give Officers a bad name. I believe each one starts out with Good intentions & the ones that stay on that Hard straight narrow road we should recognize them & give them thanks.. it just is NOT fair when the Justice System is influenced by those with higher rank...we the people elect them & we Trust them that they will do Justice... and Two Wrongs do not make it Right - that my fellow citizens is called NOT SERVING JUSTICE -when you ask for Protection & your Rights are Denied...so God Help Us All...by all means the World is not PERFECT so we must continue to move on like I have. I just felt the FULL & HONEST TRUTH needed to be heard since i was silenced with no choice. JENNIE & I, are our own individuals - her actions shouldn't reflect on me as mine shouldn't reflect on hers. I will close this by saying at least I can sleep with a clean conscious & always stay Positive & live the Best that I can ...~Jennifer Baca


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